What do Mennonites do on Sunday (Mennonite activities on Sunday)?

Being a devout Christian, I developed an interest in various Christian denominations. While exploring the topic of early Christianity in my lecture, my theology students were curious about how the Mennonites spent their Sundays. Having spent a summer living among the Mennonites while conducting a missionary volunteer project, I observed and recorded their way of life and had the answer at my fingertips. So, what do Mennonites do on Sunday?

Mennonites have Sunday worship where they read the scripture, sing in a four-part harmony acapella, have community prayer and sermons, and host Sunday school classes afterward. Traditionally, they observe the Sabbath and engage in leisure activities with family, loved ones, and community.

In this article, I will take you through the practices of the Mennonites on Sundays within the parameters of their tradition in this modern era. Join me as we explore the world of this Anabaptist denomination and learn how they spend their Sundays, their work culture, and many more facts about the Mennonites.

Do Mennonites do chores on Sunday?

Yes, they do. Any work not meant for profit is acceptable. Most Mennonites spend their Sundays with family and communities, so work such as doing dishes, cooking, and hosting communal meals is common. As Sunday is a day of rest, they ensure the work is not strenuous.

A lot of Mennonites live simple lives. Their daily lives involve tending to the gardens, caring for their animals, cleaning the house, etc. housework is traditionally divided between girls and boys. Women are expected to be housewives, and take care of the house, raise children, and cook while the men work outside as providers. This arrangement trickles down to the children as girls would do in-the-house chores while the boys were assigned outside.

Do Mennonites work on Sunday?

Mennonite activities on Sunday
Do Mennonites work on Sunday? Image source: Pixabay

Mennonites consider Sunday sacred and refrain from engaging in commercial practices for the day. However, certain practices regarding work may vary among different Mennonite communities. Whether one may choose to go to work could be influenced by their occupation, individual beliefs, or community practices.

Employment of Mennonites in professional occupations has been on the rise. There seems to be a trending shift from being an agricultural group to being more business oriented as times change. This change of profession from progressive groups has opened doors for women to take up jobs such as nursing and social work. Some jobs have urgency and may require some members to work on the Sabbath.

Do Mennonites open their businesses on Sunday?

Sunday is considered a holy day. They do not consider opening businesses a way of honoring God. Exodus 16:23

Mennonite-owned businesses usually close to allow their customers and employees to observe the Sabbath too. However, just like other denominations, it depends on an individual’s interpretations of the religion. They may choose to have a modernized way of life and open their business due to their convictions.

What do Mennonites do on Sunday nights?

What do Mennonites do on Sunday?
What do Mennonites do on Sunday nights? Image source: Pinterest

Mennonites may engage in various activities, such as Sunday evening worship services, including; praying, preaching, and singing hymns. Families come together and spend quality time with one another over a comforting meal or recreational activities. Some use this time to quietly reflect on their personal lives, process the day’s teachings, or seek spiritual nourishment.

Some churches offer special activities that help bring people together by hosting fun nights each Sunday for group and family bonding. Many Mennonites have embraced modern change and may engage in recreation such as motorcycling, filmmaking, camping, dancing, and more.

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