What to do in Amish country Ohio (8 activities to do in Amish country Ohio)

As a Theologian, I have always wanted to get first-hand information about different denominations. So last year, as I was studying about Amish, I planned a trip to Amish Country, Ohio. I wanted to learn about Amish by interacting with them and also engaging in activities around their community. I discovered that there were so many things that I never thought could be existing in such a community. To be honest, I visited the place with a mental preparation for the ‘fact’ that it would be as boring as some people always suggest. However, I was proved wrong. So last month, in our online interdenominational forum, one member said he was planning to go on a trip to Amish country Ohio, and he did not know what to do apart from interacting with Amish and buying local food. Some members suggested that the trip was not worth it because Amish are generally boring, meaning visiting their places is equally boring. I noticed that so many people with negative attitudes had yet to gain experience with the place. So I decided to fix their ignorance by writing a detailed article about what to do in Amish country Ohio.

The first thing that you must do is visit the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Centre if you want to learn about the community. You can also visit Historic Millersburg to shop, eat and experience a serene historic environment. You can also choose to play axe throwing at the hatchet club and for those who love shopping, you can visit the Walnut Creek Flea Market.

Join me in this article, where I write about the best time to visit Amish Country. I will also write about the best things to do in Amish Country, Ohio. Keep reading to learn this and more.

What is the best time to Visit Amish Country, Ohio?

What to do in Amish country Ohio
What is the best time to Visit Amish Country, Ohio? Image source: Pixabay

Any time of the year is the best time to visit Amish Country, Ohio. There are four different seasons in Ohio, and all of them are the best for visiting, depending on the kinds of activities you want to participate in while in Ohio. So there is warm summer, rainy Spring, autumns that are crispy and snowy winter. Each season will offer you the best experience because there are many activities to be done each season.


If you want to participate in many outdoor activities and you intend to visit early in the year, then April and May are the best months to visit Ohio. However, during this time, you must carry light jackets and an umbrella. When you visit Ohio in the spring months, you will experience traveling on a buggy under the sun. You will use the buggy to tour Yoder Amish homes. Also, you can hop on a horse-drawn buggy on your way to the flea market, an experience that you want to experience, especially if you love shopping. In addition, there is a spring festival called Dandelion May Festival, which is a must-attend if you are in Ohio during Spring. It is a two-day event where participants taste different wines, go on tours, and get entertained.


Ohio’s summer is hot; therefore, you will participate in more outdoor than indoor activities. For example, you can experience shopping downtown, ride, or stroll on the Kokosing Gap trail. You can dig in some Amish Cuisine at Dutchman. Also, during this time of the year, there is a chance to grab vintage items from the Walnut Creek Vintage Fair event.


It is considered the most scenic season in Ohio, and you can start packing in late September to get to the place. The community’s favorite festival is the Farm at Walnut Creek festival. You will enjoy wagon rides through the farm as you see pumpkin slingshots. Also, a must-do activity during Fall is hiking, so if you like hiking, then the best time for you to visit Ohio is during Fall. You will enjoy hiking at Hun Run Park, where you will see Sandstone cliffs and the 25-foot Waterfall.


This is the best time for indoor people to visit Ohio and experience Christmas with the Amish community. It is the best for those who enjoy Theatre because many will be heading to Amish Country Theatre.

What is the best place to stay when visiting Amish country in Ohio?

Activities to do in Amish country Ohio
Best place to stay when visiting Amish country in Ohio. Image source: Pinterest

Amish Door Village & Inn

It is a comfortable place for group travelers, families, and romantic getaways. They provide a very serene and comfortable ambiance through their perfect Amish handmade furniture. The inn has 52 rooms, and some are suite rooms that have fireplaces and Jacuzzis. Also, the rooms have hot tubs, Kitchenettes, and comfortable laundry places. Each room has large windows that allow you to view the country’s beauty. Also, after a long day touring the country, you can swim in their hot water swimming pool that is indoor.

Carlisle Inn

They all say if you want to recharge, you will have to stay at Carlisle Inn. They have three locations, and in each of the locations, Carlisle gives the best relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The Carlisle Inn at Walnut Creek will offer you a very good view over the village, Spa services, and a sweeping staircase. You can spend nights in one of their 52 rooms.

There is another Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek which is the largest. It has up to 69 comfortable and cozy rooms that have a porch or balcony. You can view the beautiful Amish houses and environment from these balconies. You can also enjoy your access and use the indoor pool and the whirlpool. In addition, you can also play the piano in the library or read or get a spa treatment.

There is also another Carlisle Inn in Berlin. It has seven rooms where guests spend nights and are offered breakfast in the morning. It is a bed and breakfast type of inn. It also offers a beautiful view of the country. Also, all three locations have canopy and poster beds.

Amish Country Lodging

If you want to have an Amish feeling that is unique, then you want to spend your stay at the Amish country lodging. There are cozy and spacious cabins and cottages in downtown Berlin. Also, if you are an adventurer, you can book one of the rustic tree houses for your stay. The rooms can host up to 10 people; they have Wi-Fi, flat screen tv, fireplaces, a kitchen, and jetted tubs.

Berlin Village Inn

It is almost in the middle of the country so you can get to Millersburg, Walnut Creek, Sugarcreek, and Mt. Hope in a few minutes. It has 22 comfortable rooms. They also serve guests continental breakfast dishes, including local donuts and bread.

The Inn at Walnut Creek

If you are on a budget and still want a cozy room, then The Inn at Walnut Creek is the best place for you. The inn is close to many attractive sites at Walnut creek, like the Walnut Creek Valley, Der Dutchman Restaurant, and other Antique shops. Also, if you do not want a standard room, you can book a home like suite that is large enough for a group. They also serve continental breakfast to their guests.

8 Things to do in Amish Country Ohio for the best Amish experience

8 activities to do in Amish country Ohio
Things to do in Amish Country Ohio. Image source: Pinterest

Going to the Hatchet Club

Visiting the Hatchet club could be a very fulfilling experience, especially if you are going with a group, especially if you’ve known how to throw an axe on a wooden target. You are assured of being trained by very experienced coaches in a very pleasing venue. Most important is that after you learn, you throw for fun or play their five games. Also, remember you can carry your food to the place which is located at Sugarcreek. Once you are there, you will be aside an expert coach depending on your lane. The experience at the Hatchet club is unique and lounge-like.

Have an experience at the Historic Downtown Millersburg

Visiting Historic Downtown Millersburg is a very exciting experience, especially because you will eat good food at the place, do shopping and relax in very cozy places. Shopping at the place can feel so unique because of the variety of products from local artisans and clothing & jewelry stores. You can also have a historical experience by choosing to spend nights in the historic lodges. Furthermore, you will enjoy very serene strolls on their beautiful strolling trails. You can also choose to ride a bicycle on their biking trails.

Spend time at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Centre

Going on a vacation to Amish country Ohio, especially with the intention to learn more about the community, will be fulfilling if you schedule a time to visit the Heritage Center. You have access to credible resources of information about the history, tradition, and culture of Amish and Mennonites at this place. There is a fascinating mural that is 265 feet, that gives great history of the communities. In addition, you can learn about their education system by visiting the old South Banker Hill School.

Going to Schrock’s Heritage Village

If you are looking to have a cultural experience by visiting Amish Country, Ohio, then going to Schrock’s Heritage Village should be on top of your list. If you put this on your to-do list, then allocate more time because there is so much to experience in this family-owned business. The activities in this village are seasonal, so for you to experience all of them, you will have to have seasonal visits. You will get to visit the unique shops, see the unique wooden spots, and Amish magnificent ponds. Most fulfilling is the part where you tour the Amish village on their buggies.

Going to Warther Museum

If you are going to Amish Country, Ohio, any day, you will find the Warther Museum open, be it on weekends or weekdays. The Museum is full of beautiful art that you will enjoy looking at. Most importantly is that you will be provided with tour guides to take you around and tell you the history of the art and the story of the artists. You will also experience unique sites in the Museum, like the button house. The button house is a collection of almost 73000 buttons that Warther’s wife sews into cards. They were down by hand on the boards in a nice pattern and arranged on the ceiling and the walls.

Visit the Walnut Creek Farm

For the people who love animals, this should be on top of your list because the place has over 500 animals. You will be able to see them so closely from a petting spot. There are exotic species at the place; Kangaroos, Camels, Zebra, and Giraffes. Other animals include horses, Ilamas, deer, and buffaloes. You can also experience feeding animals on a horse-drawn cargo carriage.

Visit the Amish Country Theatre

If you love anything to do with comedy and local productions, then visiting the Amish Country Theater should be on the list. You will get to watch a comedy with 324 other people, because yes, the Theatre is that big! You will also enjoy participating in some seasonal events at the theater as well as have an experience of laughing with Ken Groves.

Going to shop at Walnut Creek flea market

For shopping buddies, Walnut Creek Flea Market is the first place you should visit because it is always open. You will get furniture, food, jewelry, clothing, and so many other things at this flea market. There are also events and entertainment that you should experience at this market. Also, you shouldn’t worry about possible change in weather because the market is indoors.

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