What do nuns do for fun? (relaxation and recreational activities for nuns)

As a devoted Christian and theologian, I have always wanted to learn more about various Christian doctrines. I took an interest in the fascinating lifestyle of nuns, and my curiosity led me to visit a convent. I was so lucky that they let me shadow them for three days and got to see, first-hand, their daily lives and routine. Last week during a study in my online interdenominational forum, one of the members wanted to know what nuns do for fun. Having closely interacted with them, I was excited to share all I knew with the rest of the members. So, what do nuns do for fun?

Nuns engage in various activities for fun, like playing games, dancing, and watching soccer. They also enjoy sharing stories, making jokes, and laughing.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we dig deeper into what nuns do for fun. You will also discover what time nuns relax, whether they are allowed to have hobbies outside the church, and so much more, so keep reading to find out.

What are the recreational activities that nuns do?

Nuns participate in various recreational activities, from talking and joking to more vigorous ones like playing basketball.

Nuns enjoy sharing stories and making jokes. Some people even wonder if you have to be funny to become a nun. They sit together and share their hopes and dreams to connect and unwind. Nuns also enjoy fun games like playing cards and Scrabble. Others, especially the younger ones, enjoy more vigorous games like playing basketball, volleyball and sledding in the snow during winter. They also take walks to relax, run, and hike. Nuns engage in handiwork activities like knitting and crocheting. They enjoy watching soccer and dancing.

What time do nuns relax?

What do nuns do for fun?
What time do nuns relax? Image source: Freepik

Nuns mostly relax over lunch and in the evenings. Recreational activities are part of their routine for a balanced life.

Nuns have set routines like morning and evening prayers. They balance prayer, ministry, study, and recreation time. Nuns usually relax after dinner, around 1 pm, by doing light activities like playing cards. They also relax in the evening, where they engage in playing basketball or taking a walk.

Are nuns allowed to have hobbies outside the church?

relaxation and recreational activities for nuns
Nuns hobbies. Image source: Pinterest

No, nuns devote themselves to a life of service away from the outside world. They engage in their hobbies within their convent.

Nuns have recreational activities and hobbies as part of their routine. During this time, they are encouraged to engage in hobbies like gardening and writing.

Can nuns have friends outside of their convent?

Yes, but interactions with friends outside their convent are restricted.

While it depends on the community guidelines, nuns have minimal physical interactions with the outside world. In some communities, there are restricted visits from family and close friends such as childhood friends. However, most nuns form deep friendships with fellow nuns because they share a common lifestyle and vision.

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