What do nuns do? (duties of a catholic nun)

As a faithful Christian and theologian, I take an interest in the day-to-day activities of people in different religious groups. I was especially intrigued by the nuns after discovering that they do so many other things in their daily life apart from praying. I decided to conduct more research on them, so I visited a Catholic Church and interacted with some nuns. As I was teaching my college theology class about the duties of a catholic nun, one of my students was curious to find out whether they have other occupations apart from teaching. Another asked me if nuns ever have a fun time. Having interacted with the nuns in the Catholic Church, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, what do nuns do?

Nuns spend most of their time in prayer and serve the community in different ways. For instance, some become teachers or administrators in schools, while others become healthcare providers in hospitals. They offer people spiritual guidance and engage in charitable activities such as feeding the hungry or offering shelter to the homeless.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the duties of a catholic nun. Keep reading to find out what a typical day of a nun looks like, what they do for fun, what they do when they retire, and much more!

What does a typical day of a nun look like?

duties of a catholic nun
What does a typical day of a nun look like? Image source: Pixabay

A typical day for a nun depends on what order she belongs to. Most nuns wake up very early, at about 5.00 am. They always begin their day with a prayer and spend some time reading the Bible. They then take breakfast and spend at least 30 minutes meditating. Between 6 and 7 am, nuns conduct a service of Morning Prayer before proceeding to their regular duties. It could be study, house chores, or apostolic work.

They work until the midday prayer, which is often between 11 and 12 am. The nuns usually take their lunch early, around 12.30, and share it with visitors. They then spend some free time enjoying their hobbies before going back to their normal duties at around 2.30 pm.

4.00 pm is tea time in most monasteries. At 5.00 pm, they conduct evening prayers and then begin preparing supper. The nuns eat early, between 7 and 8.00 pm. After supper, they maintain silence in the house to avoid disturbing anyone who wishes to read or pray. Some also engage in recreation during this time. Before going to bed, the nuns also have another service of evening prayers called the Compline. After this, they rest.

What are the duties of a catholic nun?

When someone becomes a nun, they have to live an active vocation of prayer. The nuns living in an enclosure spend most of their time during the day reciting the full Liturgy of the Hours, a set of Catholic prayers.

Additionally, Catholic nuns engage in a lot of charitable work. Catholic nuns are known for running numerous schools and universities in the US. They play a significant role in both administration and teaching.

Nuns also have a duty to continue studying more about their spirituality. Their daily lives in a convent include regular chores such as cleaning, sewing, and cooking. Some also engage in other forms of manual labor, such as selling items that religious orders can sell. Some nuns also work closely with people looking for spiritual guidance.

What other occupations do nuns have besides teachers?

Besides being teachers, nuns are also social service workers. They spend much time providing shelter for the homeless and feeding the hungry, just like Jesus did in Mark 6:31-44. Others with the skills and higher education work as doctors, nurses, or administrators in hospitals and clinics. They spend much time praying for the sick in hospitals since they hold such services daily.

Others also engage in different forms of outreach, including missionary work. Some nuns involve themselves in pastoral care and find time to visit prisoners. Others work as museum curators and librarians. On the other hand, some nuns become managers of the convents.

Though nuns have different occupations, they all work in ways that they believe serve and please God.

What do nuns do for fun?

What do nuns do?
What do nuns do for fun? Image source: Pinterest

Though nuns look quite serious, they like having fun just like regular people. One thing they do for fun is hang out with friends since they enjoy people’s company. They like spending time with loved ones, catching up, sharing stories about their retreat, cracking jokes, and trying new foods. Additionally, some nuns are very fond of music and therefore listen to gospel music for fun. Some nuns also enjoy dancing.

What do nuns do in their free time?

When nuns are not praying or working, they spend their free time taking long walks or playing games. Most nuns like board games, card games, and Scrabble and play together to entertain themselves. Some nuns also try to remain more productive, even during their free time, since they knit or paint. They sometimes create embroidering robes and textiles that can be used in church services. Others also spend their free time watching interesting films and documentaries.

What do nuns do when they retire?

The work of nuns does not end when they retire. Even after retiring, they are still committed to serving God and the community. Nuns continue serving through the ministry of prayer. Though they retire from their professions, they still look for a way to remain helpful. For instance, some serve as mentors in religious community programs while others continue engaging in daily chores of their convent until they no longer have the strength to do so. Others look for creative ways to help, like making rosaries for missionaries.

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