What do nuns eat for breakfast? (What Do Nuns Eat?)

As a theologian and foodie, I take an interest in the meal choices of different religious groups. I was especially fascinated by the nuns after hearing that some eat eggs and milk for breakfast while others do not. So, I decided to visit a Catholic church to conduct more research on this and got to interact with most of them. Last week, in my online Christian forum, one of the members asked whether nuns eat regular meals like the secular world. Another member was curious to know what meals they prefer at the beginning of the day. Having interacted with them in the church, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, what do nuns eat for breakfast?

Most nuns eat coffee and bread for breakfast. Those who do not follow specific diets add proteins like eggs and milk during breakfast. However, some nuns are vegan and therefore avoid such dairy products for breakfast.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we examine what nuns eat. Keep reading to find out how many meals they eat in a day, whether they eat healthy meals if they eat chocolate, and much more.

What do nuns eat in a day?

Since each convent has specific rules, what nuns eat daily may vary. However, all nuns have simple but delicious meals. They often have bread and coffee in the morning and vegetables, rice, or pastry meals during lunch. Some Nuns also enjoy consuming cheap meat and potatoes, while others prefer fish instead of meat.

Most nuns also like eating fruits during the day. In most convents, lunch is the main meal of the day. During supper, nuns eat something light such as a steamed bun or noodle soup. When nuns are not fasting, most include dairy products in their meals. During fasts, they try to avoid such products. Just as Jesus shared the last supper with his disciples (Matthew 26:17-29), nuns are fond of sharing their meals with guests.

How many meals a day do nuns eat?

What do nuns eat for breakfast? 
How many meals a day do nuns eat? Image source: Pixabay

Most nuns take 3 meals in a day. The first meal they take during the day is breakfast, which is usually served before or after the service of Morning Prayer. The nuns take breakfast very early, at around 6.00 am. Lunch is usually served at around 12.30. They take their last meal of the day early, at around 6.45 pm.

During the Season of Easter, some nuns only take two meals a day; lunch and supper. According to the nuns, they take the second meal in the evening to celebrate the solemnity of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Do nuns eat healthy meals?

Yes. Since good nutrition and health are essential for nuns, they are keen on their diet. Some even follow a vegetarian diet since they believe it makes them healthy. The vegetarian nuns reveal that they don’t eat meat to minimize the suffering of living creatures.

According to the nuns, most people see food as an object to desire and lack moderation in their eating. The nuns believe that diets should be moderate to keep them healthy. They practice mindful eating and believe that foods such as vegetables should be consumed as soon as they are picked since this is when they retain the most nutrients.

Can nuns eat chocolate?

Most nuns eat chocolate as an occasional treat. The ones that don’t follow a dairy-free diet enjoy milk chocolate. On the other hand, vegan nuns prefer black chocolate. Most nuns love chocolate since it makes them happy and it is healthy. Chocolate contains nutrients like antioxidants and flavonoids that enhance the production of the feel-good hormone in the body known as serotonin.

However, some orders prohibit the consumption of chocolate. They argue that chocolate is a luxury not in line with their simple living. The nuns usually take a vow of poverty. Therefore, they argue that taking chocolate is a waste of money.

Do nuns eat pork?

What Do Nuns Eat?
Do nuns eat pork? Image source: Pixabay

Some nuns eat pork, while others do not. Those who do not eat pork follow the Old Testament verse, which says that pigs are impure and should not be consumed (Leviticus 11:7). On the other hand, those who eat pork, like quoting Mark 7:18-1, where Jesus declared that every food is clean.

Such nuns often enjoy ham and sausages for breakfast. As much as some nuns enjoy pork, they always avoid gluttony. However, on specific days such as Good Friday, they avoid consuming any type of meat, including pork.

What did nuns eat in the middle ages?

The meals they ate in the Middle Ages depended on how rich a convent was and the kind of rules an order had. Most nuns in the middle ages focused on maintaining a vegetarian diet. They consumed foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese, and bread.

Instead of water, the nuns drank wine since the water was not clean enough in the Middle Ages. The nuns rarely took meat unless one was sick. There was also a group of nuns in the middle ages that avoided eating.

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