What Does Satan Mean in Spanish (How To Say Satan In Spanish)?

In my Sunday school class, I asked every child to say the word ‘Satan’ in a different language. There were small murmurs, then definite silence. Surprisingly, no one mentioned it in Spanish, yet it is the easiest language. When I prompted my kids, they said they didn’t know what the word was in the language. Well, having grown up in Mexico, I am quite familiar with español. Every child left my classroom knowing the evil entity’s name in Spanish. So, what does Satan mean in Spanish?

Satanás is Satan in Spanish. It is a masculine name and an alternative to Lucifer or the devil. Satanás is pronounced as /ˈzaːtanas/ and has Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Greek origins. It is also identical to the Portuguese word, Satanás, which means the same thing.

For all those that are unaware of the Spanish translation of Satan, I wrote this piece to take a deep look at the word, its meaning, and its pronunciation. After this article, you will have no problems saying the word Satan in any Spanish-speaking setting. Read on for more information.

What Is the Translation of Satan In Spanish?

How To Say Satan In Spanish?
Translation of Satan In Spanish. Image source: Pinterest

Satanás is the Spanish translation of Satan. It is the masculine name for the most powerful evil being in Christianity and Judaism. It has Greek, Latin, and Hebrew roots. Satanás is borrowed from the Greek word Σατανάς as well as the Latin word Satanas. The Hebrew word שָׂטָן also lends to it. It is synonymous with the devil.

Lucas 10:18-20 mentions Satanás and speaks of his sinful nature. In this Spanish version, Jesus Christ says he saw Satanás fall. He is describing his fall and rebellion before the world’s creation. Five times Satanás set his will against God. Isaiah 14:12-15 and Revelation 12:7-12 also talk about Satanás and his fall from grace. He fell before the preaching of the gospel. Jesus references his fall to be like “lightning from Heaven,” meaning it is so visible and irrecoverable that all will perceive it and see how the kingdom of Satanás is weak.

How Do You Write Satan In Spanish?

Satan is written as Satanás in Spanish. It is an alternative name for the devil or Lucifer within Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions. Satanás is the enemy of God and the chief spirit of evil. He is the master of Hell and the ultimate tempter of mankind.

For its entomology, Satanás is derived from the Ancient Greek word Σατανάς, the Latin word Satanas, and from Hebrew שָׂטָן. It is identical to the Portuguese word, Satanás, which means the same thing.

What Is The Correct Pronunciation Of Satan In Spanish?

Satanás is correctly pronounced as /ˈzaːtanas/. The word of Greek origin is enunciated as [ s aa t aa n AA s ]. It has an elongated ‘a’ sound and an empathized ‘t.’ Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? We hope that is not a bad thing.

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