Who is Satan’s wife (does Satan have a wife)?

In my 15 years in the ministry, I have encountered several questions from my fellow congregants. Having been born again much earlier as a teenager, I have been doing Bible study almost daily and grasped several Biblical concepts. However, a few days ago, I encountered a challenge that pushed me to research the topic more. A teenage boy who had read an article somewhere about Satan approached me and asked, who is Satan’s wife?

The Bible does not mention Satan as having a wife anywhere in its verses. The idea that Satan had a wife comes from the Christian mythology series and Enoch’s book, which is part of the Apocrypha. One mythology states that when God created Adam, He saw that he should not be alone, so He made him a woman, Lilith. Lilith wanted to be Adams’s equal and left the Garden of Eden. She was punished by being made a demon and got married to Satan. This mythology tries to prove that Satan had a wife but does not have the backing of the Bible.

I welcome you to join me as we delve into the topic of Satan and whether he was married or not. We will also discuss whether Lucifer was married before he rebelled against God. Moreover, we will learn about the relationship between Lilith and Lucifer. Read to the end to learn more about these topics.

Does the Bible mention that Satan had a wife?

The Bible does not mention that Satan had a wife—no verse from Genesis to Revelations quoted whether Satan was married. Most claims about Satan being married have come from Christian mythology, each with a unique storyline. While one claims that Satan abducted a woman and made her his wife, another claim that Satan is married to Azazel, a fallen archangel of God. Both of these are just myths without biblical backing.

Was Lucifer married before he rebelled against God?

does Satan have a wife?
Was Lucifer married before he rebelled against God? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not give scriptures stating whether Lucifer was married before he rebelled against God. What is recorded is that he was the highest angel of God and was highly favored in the heavenly realm, as mentioned in Ezekiel 28:12-17. However, pride took the better of him, and he led a group of angels in a rebellion against God. This was followed by defeat by the army of God and then being locked out of heaven.

As per Christian traditions, angels were regarded as righteous spiritual creatures of God. They were not meant to be married and had heavenly roles to play. Since Lucifer was an angel before his rebellion, it is assumed that he was not married, just like the other angels.

Why does Christian mythology suggest that Satan was married to archangel Azazel?

Since Satan and archangel Azazel are considered fallen angels, it is assumed that this could have been the meeting point of the two demonic entities and their relationship. Little has been written about this mythology, making it difficult to discern more about this alleged relationship between Satan and Azazel. They were also considered male, and little has been revealed about Azazel.

Why do some people believe that Lilith is Lucifer’s wife?

does Satan have a wife?
Why do some people believe that Lilith is Lucifer’s wife? Image source: Pinterest

Some people believe that Lilith is Lucifer’s wife based on some ancient Christian mythology that has linked the two as being husband and wife. According to one mythology, Lilith had been created as Adams’s first wife. However, she refused to be submissive to him and walked away from the Garden of Eden. God sent three angels to convince her to return to Adam, but she refused and preferred the curse to be said to her.

After disobeying God’s instructions, she was made a demon, and a curse declared that all the children she would bear would die. Lucifer is said to have been in love with Lilith and pursued her until she fell in love with him, and a relationship blossomed.

On the other hand, Adam was now given another wife in the form of Eve, ready to be submissive to Him. This event shocked Lilith, who disguised herself as the serpent and tempted Eve into starting the fall of man.

This is just a mythology that tries to explain how Lilith ended up being the wife of Lucifer. However, there is no Biblical backing to this.

How are Lilith and Lucifer related?

Some writings have tried to prove that Lilith was married to Lucifer after allegedly falling out of a relationship with Adam. The writings suggest that Lucifer fell in love with Lilith after she refused to be submissive to Adam despite being the first woman made for man. However, some Christian writers have claimed that this mythology could be misleading.

To them, Lilith never got married to Lucifer, and they are not related at all. Instead, they have recorded Lilith as a symbol of disobedient women who are not ready to be submissive to their husbands. According to their writers, she remains a demon who steals and eats babies in the darkness.

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