What if Jesus was not born (the world without Christ)?

Christians understand that Jesus Christ came to the world to die for our sins and bring salvation to humankind. When he died, he saved humankind from death which was the ultimate wage for the sins that had ravaged the earth. Some Christians have wondered what the world would have been like if Jesus Christ had not come. They have asked, “what if Jesus was not born?”

If Jesus were not born, it is possible that the world would be chaotic or already wiped out by the wrath of God. For Christ to come and die for the world’s sins only means that the world was unpleasant to God at the time. Sins that needed an innocent sacrifice of the son of God must have been detestable, and God had found it necessary to spare the world.

Several Christians have been asking crucial questions about how the world would have looked like had Jesus Christ never been born. How would the world look without Jesus? Would there be Christianity without Jesus? These and other questions about a world without Jesus have been discussed in this article; read on to find out.

What would the world look like today if Jesus had not been born?

To understand what the world would look like today if Jesus had not been born, we first need to know how the world was when God sent his son. For God to decide to send his son to the world, he was tired of the sin that had ravaged this place. Like in the days of Noah, people were sinning while those following the law subscribed to the false doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Christ came to correct all these but had he not been born, then the world would have been different. Like in the days of Noah, when God got tired of the sinful world, he decided to eliminate the human race. He only saved the family of one righteous man, Noah. Had Christ not been born, there could have been a possibility of God wiping out the human race save for the righteous. Since He is omnipotent, God is understood to have the power to cause any calamity, and he could have done so had Jesus not been born.

The second assumption is that the world would have been a very sinful place, much more sinful than in the olden days. If Jesus Christ failed to die for the world’s sins to be forgiven, we could have a world full of sin and chaos. All the evil and atrocities would have been the order of the day since sinning would have been normalized. Jesus’ death has reminded us that our sins were paid at a price and should never be taken for granted.

What if Jesus was not born?
Would Christianity exist today if Jesus was not born? See below

Would Christianity exist today if Jesus was not born?

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out and make disciples from all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit. He also asked them to teach the disciples all the commandments. This is where Christianity began, and as Jesus Christ had mentioned in Matthew 16:18, Simon Peter was the foundation on which the Church was set.

The Bible suggests that the idea of Christianity trickled out from Jesus Christ to his disciples, whom he gave the power to convert non-believers to Christianity. Peter was the leader of the disciples and was therefore tasked with delegating duties to the others until Christianity extended to the whole world.

There would be no Christianity today if Jesus Christ were not born. He is the one who came to debunk the false doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees while instilling the true doctrines from God. Jesus was the founder of Christianity, set the base, and laid the foundation on one of his favorite disciples, Simon Peter. From here, Christianity spread to the rest of the world.

If Jesus hadn’t been born, what year would we be in now?

The Anno Mundi calendar has estimated that Jesus was born 5500 years after the world’s creation. Since the current calendar tells us that we are 2023 years from the birth of Christ, then had Jesus not been born, we would be in the year 7523 after creation.

the world without Christ
Would we know about heaven if Jesus hadn’t been born? See below

Would we know about heaven if Jesus hadn’t been born?

If Jesus hadn’t been born, we would never have known anything about heaven. In John 4:2, Jesus describes what heaven looks like and constantly reminds his followers why securing a place in heaven is essential. Jesus came to die for our sins and reveal to us the dwelling place of the father. This revelation would never have been possible in the absence of Jesus Christ.


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