What is Satan’s zodiac sign (Satan’s personality type)?

I have been bombarded with several questions concerning Satan in my 15 years in the ministry. Having done a chunk of Bible study ever since I chose to get born again, I have always readily accepted challenges from people about Satan in the Bible. However, nothing would have prepared me for this question that a young Sunday school girl asked, what is Satan’s Zodiac sign?

Satan does not have a specific zodiac sign assigned to him. He is mostly assigned these zodiac signs by people who have tried to a study his behaviour and characteristics. One common characteristic of Satan is that he is a proud liar. People might compare these characteristics to those given to certain zodiac signs before placing the devil in one of them.

Join me as we delve into this article to learn more about the zodiac signs associated with Satan and the reasons why. We will also discuss the personality of Satan as portrayed in the Bible and why he is considered either a Sagittarius or a Libra. Read to the end to learn more about these topics.

Which personality type is Satan?

Satan has been given quite some personalities, specifically from the Bible. These have arisen from some of his deeds, as quoted in the Bible. His first appearance in the Bible depicts him as a sadist determined to ruin the relationship between God and humankind. In Genesis 3:1-5 he appears to Eve in the garden and uses his wit to mislead her into eating the fruit God forbids. His sadist nature leaves the relationship between God and man in ruins as every human gets born with the Adamic sin.

His sadistic nature is further proven when he tries to sway Job’s relationship with God by inflicting pain and mystery. In Job 1:6-22 God allows Satan to put Job to the test to see if his service to God was true or pegged on the blessings God had given him. Job has to endure the misery of losing his status, wealth, children, and health. Despite putting his best foot forward, Job passes this test and proves that his relationship with God is true and based on his righteousness as a man.

Satan has also been described as being proud. This is the reason for his fallout from heaven, as quoted in Ezekiel 28:17. He let his pride and beauty overshadow his judgment. He started seeing himself as a better being suited to take over the throne of God. This resulted in him being kicked out of heaven with his battalion of rebels.

Satan is also described as being selfishly ambitious. This is quoted in Isaiah 14:12-14 where the reasons for his fallout have also been described. He sees himself as the best and that none is better than him. He does not like being ruled but instead wants to be the ruler. This selfish ambition played a big role in his eventual fallout from heaven.

Satan is also exposed as being a determined creature who does not give up his fights easily. In Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus had gone for his fasting in the wilderness where Satan appeared and tempted him thrice. The first time, he asks Jesus, who is quite hungry, to turn stones into bread. Jesus rebuffs his request by telling him that man shall not live on bread alone but by every word of God. He then asks Jesus to throw himself from the highest point of the city and wait for the angels of God to save him. Jesus told him not to tempt the Lord.

Determined to prove his point, Satan finally asked Jesus to worship him and that he would give him all his worldly possessions. Jesus asked Satan to depart from him, for it was only written that God should be worshipped. Tempting Jesus at least three times while being turned down proves that Satan was a determined creature who would go any mile to prove that he could trap the people of God.

These are just some of the common personalities given to Satan and how he has been portrayed in the Bible. He comes out as a sadist, a pessimist, selfishly ambitious, and determined to ruin the good relationship that God first made between Him and humankind.

Why do some people think Satan’s zodiac sign is Libra?

What is Satan’s zodiac sign
Why do some people think Satan’s zodiac sign is Libra? Image source: Pixabay

Some people have opinions on why they think that Satan’s zodiac sign is Libra. Some have suggested that Satan is a Libra because the ruling planet of the Libra is Venus. Venus is also referred to as the morning star and is also said to be a beautiful shiny planet. In Isaiah 14:12-14 Satan is referred to as the morning star or son of the morning. With this being equated to the planet Venus, some people have assumed Satan to be a Libra.

Why is Satan considered a Sagittarius?

Little has been written about Satan being a Sagittarius. However, Satan has been assumed to be a Sagittarian by a few people who consider Sagittarians to have hidden evil intentions. The same way Satan was seen approaching people with evil intentions is the same way they assume Sagittarians are. This is just an assumption and certainly not a proven fact.

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