What is the meaning of birthmarks on the buttocks? (An insight into the symbolism of birthmarks)

As a theologian associate professor, I’m continually intrigued and interested in the spiritual symbolism of birthmarks on various body parts. I did some research on birthmarks for both males and females to get more insight into the matter.

I interacted with various theologian professors and later used various mythology-based articles to acquire this knowledge. Recently, I got a query from an ardent reader of my online forum.

He was concerned and conflicted about whether birthmarks on the buttocks have any significant meanings and, more so, from a spiritual perspective. Based on the various online articles I extensively researched, and the many conversations I had with individuals with knowledge of history, I was able to give him a good perspective.

So, what is the meaning of birthmarks on the buttocks?

While there is no direct mention of the word birthmark in its literal form in the Bible, some people believe that birthmarks on the buttocks symbolize various things. Many meanings are tied to how a person shall lead their life, either positively or negatively. They believe birthmarks speak a lot about a person’s character and how they relate to society. Others believe that birthmarks on a specific side of the buttock or its color speaks to the level of luck or its absence in their life journey. Some even have certain superstitions about moles or growths on the buttocks.

I urge you to read on and join me as we dive deeper into this topic in deciphering the various meanings of these birthmarks.

We will look at what they mean for both males and females, what it means to have it on either side of the buttock, superstitions surrounding moles on buttocks, what different colors mean, and lastly, if they should be a matter of concern to you.

Meaning of birthmark on buttocks for males

What is the meaning of birthmarks on the buttocks? 
Meaning of birthmark on buttocks for males. Image source: Pixabay

Different people have varying meanings of a male having a birthmark on his buttocks, depending on which side of the buttock it is located and even its coloration. Many cultures believe that a man with a birthmark on his buttock has a high sense of perspective.

They believe that he has a high potential to succeed in life and is dependable by society. People interpret them as symbolizing ability in swift decision-making which comes naturally.

As mentioned before, they believe that the birthmark’s placement, whether on the left or right buttock, will have a variation of meaning.

In many societies worldwide, birthmarks on a male are a sign of strength and are viewed as an indication of high standards of moral appeal and an inborn spirit of resilience.

They view them as having a luxurious and fulfilling life in the future. Some parents that bear a son with a birthmark expect the child to become a pillar for the family’s legacy and the society at large.

Some cultures imply that these males make good leaders because of their charisma. They believe that they easily drive a point home to their audience while capturing their full attention.

They also believe that this ability can be detrimental if used in the wrong way.

Meaning of birthmarks on buttocks for females

Most cultures, as well as people, have common symbolism of birthmarks in females as a sign of fertility; they view these marks as a representation of beauty and femininity.

They also believe it means females with these birthmarks have high sexual energy. Just as with males, people believe they tend to lead a comfortable luxurious life.

A common belief amongst some people is that the birthmarks represent a high sign of favor in her life. They believe that females with these birthmarks are ever curious in their lifetime, always wanting to do self-discovery.

Some will place a profound spiritual significance on these marks to mean that these females will tend to achieve their life’s objectives with ease.

Certain people believe that females with these strong attributes may find it difficult to find a mate that fully appreciates them. They believe that they could be privately struggling while at the same time putting on a brave face in public.

Some societies believe that just like their male counterparts, they make good orators in public speaking and are easily accepted in public spaces.

What is the meaning of having a birthmark on the left buttock

Some cultures globally believe a birthmark on the left buttock for a male points to his charming capabilities towards people. They interpret it as his ability to attract attention, especially from females, easily.

They believe he has a very captivating personality and is a relatable person with the energy of an extrovert.

It is believed that females with this same mark will have a high status and position in their life as relates to their career or position in society. It is also interpreted as an indication of immense luck and fortune, she’s very attractive to men and is the center of attention in any setting.

Some people believe this birthmark symbolizes an individual’s warm and receptive characteristics.

Most societies tend to have a common belief that this side of the buttock is the favored part of the birthmark to reside. They believe that this specific mark makes very good public figures, politicians, and people of influence in general.

What is the meaning of having a birthmark on the right buttock?

An insight into the symbolism of birthmarks
Meaning of having a birthmark on the right buttock. Image source: Pixabay

Some cultures place the meaning of this birthmark as the complete opposite in both genders. They believe a man with this birthmark will tend to luck in love and in standing.

They believe he will lead a lonely life without a life partner and, in extreme cases, never get to leave his birthplace (at his parents’ house). Some cultures believe that a male with this birthmark seems to have negative energy, always following him wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

Some have a belief that he is regarded as unattractive. They, however, view him as a very diligent person to his close family members.

Other cultures believe that this specific birthmark in females means that she is driven by material things in their life. They interpret it to mean that she’s always chasing after the in-thing that is trending.

Some people believe that she is lazy and very self-centered, not a keeper, and moves from one man to the next in search of that ever-elusive perfect fit for her. They have a belief that she, therefore, can’t hold down a marriage.

Certain cultures regard this birthmark on the right buttock negatively, especially as it pertains to love life for both males and females.

8 Superstitions about moles on buttocks

There are varying degrees of superstitions regarding moles on the buttocks. Different communities have certain fantasies regarding moles on the buttocks.

High level of SpiritualitySpirituality

Some religious beliefs interpret a mole on the buttock as an indication of God having specifically chosen you to conquer unusual situations. Some believe that is a high level of Spirituality, an almost hero-like capability, they believe people with these moles will have great riches and lead a healthy life.

Great opulence and treasures

Some Islamic beliefs view this type of mole as symbolizing opulence. They believe that a person with a mole on the left buttock will be followed by good treasures.

They further believe that specially shaped moles attract better tidings.

Spiritual Visitation

Some African mythologies believe the presence of moles on buttocks indicates that the spirits of that individual have visited them and bestowed favor and blessings. They believe that they’re chosen to attain distinctive roles in life.

Ability to communicate with animals

Some Native American communities view these moles as an ability to express themselves with a high level of fluency with animals. They believe people with these moles are naturally in touch with nature and all it has to offer.

High intelligence levels

Some Indian communities believe that the mole represents a high sense of intellect and knowledge that they can use in their day-to-day life. They imply that you will eventually acquire great success in your life.

Fertility and power

The Celtics believed that a mole on the buttock represented fertility, power, and abundance. They viewed these individuals as possessed of magical capabilities and abilities.

Poverty and strife

Some communities believe that a person will suffer from great scarcity if they happen to have a mole to the left of the buttock. If it’s at the right side of the buttocks, these communities view the individual as being quite creative and wise in their life.


Some people believe that having a mole is a sign of having a long life expectancy. They also view it to mean a person will lead a comfortable and relatively happy middle-aged life.

What do the different colors of birthmarks mean in different locations

What is the meaning of birthmarks on the buttocks? 
Image source: Pixabay

a. Lighter colored birthmarks

It is a common belief to some people that women are strongly attracted to men with light-colored birthmarks on their buttocks. They view these men as having smooth demeanor and down-to-earth people.

Some believe these marks come with a sense of commitment, good fortune, and affluence. They view persons with these marks as likely to get support or help easily without struggling when in need.

These individuals are believed by some as having a higher calling in life and don’t allow anything to come between them and that calling. They tend to be purpose-driven and tenacious. They make very good athletes or businessmen and women.

b. Darker colored birthmarks

Some cultures believe a dark birthmark means the individual will attract criticism and misfortune in many ways. They believe these individuals will suffer from friends being wary of them and will find it very hard to hold down meaningful friendships and/or relationships.

Despite these hurdles, others believe that these individuals will still be famous and will be capable of attracting people to a certain extent.

c. Birthmark on the bottom of the buttock

Some cultures and societies regard this as the most popular birthmark. They believe it signifies an assurance that you will find success in everything you engage in, with a bias to academics and financial matters.

The reasoning behind this is that the person might be brought up in an enabling environment at home.

Individuals with this mark are viewed by some people as living a life without strife and hurdles. Luxury is second nature. That they’re quite open in life and make friends easily.

d. Birthmark at the top of the buttock

This birthmark is viewed by some cultures as signifying the openness of an individual as their key nature. They also believed it meant that an individual with this mark has a carefree aspect in their day-to-day life.

Some people interpret this mark to mean a person has an open mind and an ear for anyone who is in need of attention.

Should I be concerned about the birthmark on the buttock?

As per many beliefs and cultures, you should not be concerned if you have a birthmark on the buttock, as many societies view them as symbols of positive aspects in life like success, prosperity, abundance, and blessings.

Some people strongly believe that having a birthmark on the buttock greatly symbolizes a life of affluence, fertility, beauty, order, and good tidings in one’s life. Some have a spiritual perspective on these birthmarks in a very specific manner.

Some cultures believe that birthmarks are connected with the supernatural, and chosen individuals will have certain capabilities that the rest do not have.

Some communities believe these marks are meant to provide a messaging platform as reminders of a past life and how an individual lived and died in the previous life.

They believe they are a source of good omen to the bearers of these birthmarks. There exists a myriad of different beliefs and meanings for these types of birthmarks.

In conclusion, as Christians and believers, we are not supposed to be bothered by what all other different beliefs are on any birthmarks on the buttocks or any other part of the body, for that matter. God is a caring and loving father and can’t be discriminatory to any of His children.

In fact, Gen 1:27 tells us that as His children, we are all equal before His eyes. Our God is just and favors no particular group of people over the other, as illustrated in Romans 2:11.

Additionally, Proverbs 2:6 talks of God giving wisdom and admonishes us to be wise in everything we do. Thus it is unwise to believe in superstitions.

As opposed to what these birthmarks could mean and whether it impacts negatively on us, we should rely on God-given wisdom to understand each person’s uniqueness.

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