Who is Lucifer (Where did Lucifer come from)?

In my 15 years in the ministry, I have encountered several verses about Satan, also called the devil. Since I was born again, I have learned that the world would have been better without Satan’s rebellion. I have also encountered several names in the Bible that I have assumed refer to Satan. One of the names that I have a keen interest in is Lucifer. I have been trying to do my Bible study and asking myself, who is Lucifer?

Lucifer is mentioned in Isaiah 14:12-14 and described as the star of the morning. The same verse says that Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven and cut down to the ground to show that he had a status that was taken away from him. He is further described as having weakened the nations and proud to the point of fighting God but losing the war. Lucifer is therefore assumed to be Satan, who tried to wage war against God with the help of other fallen angels but lost the battle.

This article will uncover who Lucifer is and where he came from, so I welcome you to join me as we delve into this topic. We will also discuss how Lucifer is described in both Testaments of the Bible and His origin. Read the article to the end to learn more about Lucifer from the Bible.

How does the Old Testament describe Lucifer?

The Old Testament is the only Bible Testament with the name Lucifer mentioned, and it happens in Isaiah 14:12-14. In this verse, Lucifer is being mocked for his failure to ascend to the throne of God despite having the ambition to do so. He is said to have fallen from Heaven and been given the title of Son of the Morning. In this verse, Lucifer is said to have been cut down to the ground to suggest that he had fallen from a place of grace to grass.

The verse also portrays the pride that Lucifer’s heart carried when he thought of trying to take over the throne from God. He was so proud that he was planning to ascend to the throne of God. Furthermore, he dreamt of lifting his throne above the God-made stars. He wanted to climb above the clouds and be like the Almighty God.

This verse exposes a proud Lucifer who dared to try and rule over the world God had made with His divine power. His ambitions were thwarted by the all-powerful God, who made sure his fall was humiliating. From the grace that he enjoyed, Satan was thrown down to earth and denied entry into the kingdom of God forever.

How does the New Testament describe Lucifer?

Who is Lucifer?
How does the New Testament describe Lucifer? Image source: Pixabay

A check in the New Testament does not reveal any verse mentioning Lucifer. However, he is assumed to be the same Satan Jesus witnessed falling from Heaven in Luke 10:18 since Lucifer is also quoted to have experienced the same fall from Heaven. The same Satan has been mentioned in the New Testament with different attributes.

In 2 Corinthians 4:4, he is described as the God of this world who has been blinding the people of God from getting His accurate word. He has been fighting hard to win over the souls of the people of God by shielding them from getting the truth from God’s holy word. This suggests he has been a deceiver feeding the world from his devious source while weakening the relationship between humans and God. Revelations 20:3 further asserts that he is indeed a deceiver of nations who will be thrown and locked into the pit for a thousand years.

Where did Lucifer come from? Did God create Lucifer?

It is assumed that as a fallen angel of God, Lucifer was created by God Himself. A few verses can shed light on the origin of Lucifer. Job 1:6 reveals that one day, the sons of God presented themselves before Him, and Lucifer was a part of the battalion. This has been loosely translated to mean that Lucifer was a product of God before he became proud and rebellious.

Ezekiel 28:14-19 reveals that Lucifer was considered an anointed cherub in the heavenly realm and was blameless from the day he was created until he was found to have pride. This verse clearly states that God made him and remained pure until he decided to fight against God.

What was Lucifer’s role in Heaven?

Where did Lucifer come from?
What was Lucifer’s role in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Lucifer was a guardian angel in the Garden of Eden, as quoted in Ezekiel 28:14-19. The verse tells us that he had been placed as the anointed cherub on God’s Holy Mountain. Therefore, his role was to serve God and follow his orders to the letter. Some biblical scholars have suggested that the anointed cherub was one of the highest-rated angels of God who worked at His Holy Mountain, as in Ezekiel 28:14-19.

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