What does Devil mean (where did the word Devil come from)?

As Christians, one of the most common names we hear in sermons or come across in the Bible is the Devil. We know that the Devil is an embodiment of evil, but I’m pretty sure not many of us know what exactly it means or where it originates from. This thought struck me as I was reading the Bible a while back, and one of the questions I raised in my following Bible study was, “What does devil mean?”

Devil is a supreme evil power whose name originates from the Greek diabolos, meaning “accuser” or “slanderer.” The Devil, also known as Satan in Christianity, is essentially the power that tempts and deceives humanity in an attempt to ruin God’s purposes.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of the Devil and uncover questions such as what does Devil mean and where did the term devil come from. Read on to also learn the definition of Devil in the Bible and how to pronounce the word Devil.

What does the Devil mean?

The Devil is a supreme evil spirit or power in Jewish and Christian beliefs. This spirit is viewed as the objectification of a destructive and hostile force. The Devil is used in various traditions and religions to mean different things.

For example, in Christianity, the Devil is viewed as a prosecutor of Yahweh’s court and as the “Prince of devils” in postbiblical Judaism. However, the similarity in all cultures and religions is that the Devil is essentially the personification of evil.

Where did the term devil come from?

where did the word Devil come from?
Devil origin. Image source: Pinterest

The term devil is derived from the Greek diabolos, representing “accuser” or “slanderer.” He is known as a slanderer because he slanders God, humanity, and God’s character, as seen in the Garden of Eden. On the other hand, he is known as an “accuser” since he accuses believers, as seen in Revelation 12:10.

The Jewish and Christians came up with this word to describe the spirit that aims to oppose the will of God. In other traditions, such as Zoroastrian, the Devil has a different name but still represents a god of evil and darkness whose mission is to oppose the god of goodness and light.

What is the full meaning of Devil?

The Devil is the supreme spirit of evil at enmity with God. The word commonly refers to the prince of evil spirits. The word devil also refers to the ruler of hell and leader of the apostate angels. The Devil takes various forms in different religions. In Christianity, the Devil used to be an angel of God but is now an adversary.

What is the definition of Devil in the Bible?

What does Devil mean?
Definition of Devil in the Bible. Image source: Pinterest

The Bible defines the Devil as an angelic being who was cast out of heaven after trying to usurp God’s position due to pride. The Devil is now used as a representative of evil wholly opposed to God and whose mission is to thwart God’s purposes.

He achieves this by tempting and deceiving human beings whom he hopes will eventually reject God’s way of life and accept his way of life, which is the way of death and destruction.

How do you pronounce the word Devil?

Although the word devil has the word ‘evil’ in it, the pronunciation is different. One should break down the word into two sounds: “Deh + vl.” This applies to both the American and British pronunciations.

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