Why did Satan choose Eve (what does the Bible say)?

If you love reading the Bible as I do, you must have come across the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. We see that after God created Adam and put him in charge of the Garden of Eden, he created him a helper, Eve. However, “after their stay in the garden of Eden, the serpent comes and deceives Eve to eat from the tree that God had prohibited them from. Eve, then shares the apple with Adam, making them both sin before God. With this story, you may be curious to ask, “Why did Satan choose Eve?”

There are a few speculations as to why Satan chose Eve. First, bible scholars from got question suggest that Satan might have chosen Eve because he knew that she was not in charge or superior to Adam and that she would have been swayed easily. In Genesis 2:18, we see that Eve is created for Adam to be his helper. This only means that Adam was the leader and was supposed to lead Eve in their decision-making. Another reason the serpent might have chosen Eve is that he knew the idea would easily convince Eve, as she did not hear the warning from God in person, and it was only passed to her by Adam, as suggested in Genesis 2:15-17.

So, join me until the end as we delve further into this topic. We will discuss what it means that Eve was deceived. At the same time, Adam sinned, and what apostle Paul implied when he said it was easier for Eve to be deceived than Adam in 1 Timothy 2:14. We will also explain what the serpent promised Eve that made her fall for the temptation and many more.

What does it mean that Eve was deceived while Adam sinned?

1 Timothy 2:13-14 suggests that Adam was created first and then Eve and that Adam was not the one who was deceived, as it was Eve. Don Stewart from the Blue Letter Bible suggests that Eve was deceived as the serpent first approached her. When you read the book of Genesis, you will realize that when God instructed the tree not to be eaten, Eve was not present as she was yet to be created. With this, Eve did not honestly know if God prohibited them from eating the fruit from the tree or if it was Adams’s sentiments. With Eve not being sure if the words were true, she was easily deceived and believed what Satan himself told her.

On the other hand, Don suggests that Adam was not deceived but sinned, as he knew that by eating the fruit of the tree, he was sinning against God. Adam was with God in the Garden of Eden when God commanded him not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, lest he die. Adam had first-hand information, and he committed an intentional sin by choosing to eat the fruit.

Does Paul imply that Eve was easier to deceive than Adam in 1 Timothy 2:14?

what does the Bible say?
Eve’s deception. Image source: Pixabay

Most religious scholars have agreed that Paul was suggesting that Eve was easier to be deceived than Adam, as he had implied in the previous verses that a woman should not be above the man or have authority over him. By Satan going to Eve and not Adam, he might have known that Eve as a woman was not a person to rule and make rational decisions and would therefore be easily deceived without thinking twice. Paul also implies that Eve was easier to be deceived than Adam, as he notes in 1 Timothy 2:13-14 that Adam was formed first and then Eve and that he would have known better not to follow whatever the serpent said.

What Did the Serpent Promise Eve?

The serpent promised three major things to Eve while in the Garden of Heaven. First, Satan promised Eve that if she ate the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden, her eyes would be opened. Eve was also promised that she would be equal to God if she only ate the fruit that God had warned them from. The last promise that the serpent gave to Eve was that she would then know the difference between good and evil after eating the fruit. Eve saw these promises were fulfilled as suggested in Genesis 3:1-6 and she took it and ate it.

Was Eve predestined to lead man into sin?

The Bible does not exclusively reveal if Eve was predestined to lead man into sin. However, theologians believe that what happened between Eve and the serpent in the garden of Eden had been predestined, as God had foreknowledge of it as implied in Acts 2:23. The book suggests that it was God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge of how Jesus died while he was on earth, just as he knew what was to happen in the Garden of Eden.

God had a plan before he created the earth, and we see it through the order that he used to create all the creations, to sending his son Jesus to die for our sins, and for him dying and going back to heaven to prepare a dwelling place for all the righteous once his second coming is done. If God had not predestined Eve to lead man into sin, none which has happened and which is yet to come would have been a success.

Why did God hold Adam accountable for disobeying him even though Eve was the first to sin?

what does the Bible say?
Why did God hold Adam accountable? Image source: Freepik

It is implied that God held Adam accountable for disobeying him even though Eve was the first to sin because God had put Adam in charge of all the creations and failed to fulfil his purpose. After God had created Adam, he put him in the Garden of Eden and commanded him to work and take care of it. God did not put Eve in charge of anything and held Adam accountable for the sin and not Eve.

It is also speculated that God held Adam accountable as he did not warn anyone else not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle except Adam. God was sure that he gave clear commands to Adam and that he may have failed in his leadership over Eve and was therefore responsible for the sin. This is suggested in Genesis 2:15-19.

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