Why do Amish have blue doors (origin and meaning of Amish blue door)?

As a theologian, I have learned about other denominations of the Christian religion and understand them. Last year, I decided to research the lifestyle and culture of the Amish group, and the best way I could do that was to visit Ohio. When I was there, I realized that most people paint their doors blue, and I had to ask about it. So last month, in our online Interdenominational forum, one member mentioned the Amish blue doors and wanted to know how the blue door is tied to Christianity. As the discussion heated up, I noticed many people were so misinformed, most of them saying it’s all about elegance. Based on my interaction with the Amish people, I had all the answers, and I decided to handle the Amish blue door in detail to help everyone understand. So, why do Amish have blue doors?

Amish have blue doors as a symbol of their simple and humble lives. They mostly like the blue doors because the blue color means holiness. In addition, it shows their commitment to their faith.

So, today, I will delve into the origin of the blue door and its meaning and symbolism. I will also look at the other colors of doors that the Amish have and let you know the meaning. Read on to find out more.

What is the origin of the Amish blue door?

The Amish blue door originates from the Amish who were settled in Pennsylvania in the 19th Century. It is said that at the time, these Amish people chose to paint their doors blue as a sign of religious commitment. According to them, the color blue is a sign of holiness. And one fact about the Amish people is that they always strive to follow the teachings of the Bible. So, here are some verses that are believed to have been used as a basis or origin of the blue doors;

Exodus 28:33-34 records the time when God instructs that Aarons’s robes should be made of pomegranates of certain colors, and blue is one of them. Other colors are purple and red. He was to wear this robe while entering God’s holy place, which is why blue is associated with holiness. It is believed that this verse was used as a basis for coming up with the blue door in the 19th Century.

Also, Exodus 24:10 records when Moses and Israelite elders experienced the presence of God in a vision, and under His foot, they saw sapphire, which is described to be as blue as the sky. This shows that blue is indeed a holy color, and the Amish practice what the Bible says, so they paint their doors blue.

Also, Ezekiel 1:26 describe Sapphire thrones that are blue and symbolize the presence of God, making the blue color Holy. There are more scriptures that describe blue, and it is believed that blue became part of their culture in the 19th Century.

What is the meaning of the Amish blue door?

Why do Amish have blue doors?
The meaning of the Amish blue door. Image source: Pixabay

Amish blue door means that they are committed to leading holy lives free from societal influences. It means that they are leading simple lives according to the Bible. Most importantly, their blue doors are compared to the blue color of the sky, meaning they are not bound by earthly things. Rather, they are ready to pursue their spirituality beyond earthly things.

Blue also means that they are welcoming and hospitable. The blue door is a sense of tradition among Amish, and they send a message of warmth and a welcoming attitude to the visitor.

Also, some old tales have led people to conclude that a blue door means that the family has a daughter ready to be married.

What does a blue door symbolize?

Why do Amish have blue doors?
What does a blue door symbolize? Image source: Pixabay

Humility and Simplicity

The blue door is a constant reminder for the Amish to stay simple and humble. The Amish people are known for their simple lifestyle that seeks to follow Biblical teachings. Therefore, painting their doors blue is an act that shows their religious commitment to lead a simple, humble life.

Spiritual growth

It is believed that the blue door also symbolizes Spiritual growth in Amish. The door is painted close to the blue of the sky, which is associated with heaven. Therefore, it shows their urge to look forward and above for Spiritual growth. According to them, Spiritual growth is only achieved beyond the earthly way of life, so they choose the blue of the sky, far away from the earth.


In many traditions, including the Amish tradition, the blue color was associated with Royalty. Therefore, Amish paint their doors blue as a symbol of acknowledging God as the highest Royalty—the only King.


The Amish use blue doors that remind them of the importance of committing to their religion so that they do not go against their rules. They are supposed to use something other than modern technology. They are committed to using traditional ways of communication. Therefore, being locked behind a blue door reminds them of their need to follow the rules of their church, which shows their commitment.

Faith and values

The blue doors symbolize their faith and unshaken values because no societal pressure can change their values and beliefs. Their blue doors are a reminder that they lead unique lives and are not pressured into trends of society. It forms a sense of tradition, which makes members proud to stick to their faith and values. Their values include strength, resilience, and courage.

Peace and Elegance

The blue door is a reminder to them that their culture is elegant and they are peaceful when they do not follow trends.


The blue door symbolizes their warmth and friendliness to each other in the community. As a community, they share goodwill as a sign that makes each household as welcoming as possible.

Is it Compulsory for Amish Homes to Have a Blue Door?

It is not a requirement among the Amish to have a blue door because there are other door colors. It all depends on personal preferences, mostly inspired by the teachings and taste. They are at liberty to paint their doors colors like red, white, and black.

Who Paints the Amish Blue Door?

origin and meaning of Amish blue door
Who Paints the Amish Blue Door? Image source: Pixabay

In most homes, the Amish men paint the Amish blue doors. The door has to be close to perfect because it has to perfectly fit the symbolism and the reminder that the Amish people look to achieve through their blue door. With the perfection needed, sometimes women also participate in painting the blue door.

Whoever chooses to paint the doors has to dedicate all their time and effort to ensure it comes out perfect because they consider it an act of service. Also, they have a choice to decorate the door or keep it plain blue, depending on how the owner wants it.

Do Amish have other colors for their doors?

Yes, Amish have other colors for their doors because they are not restricted to blue. They can paint their doors white, black, and even red. It all depends on the choice of the individual. No rule dictates doors must be painted blue.

What does a red door mean in an Amish household?

The red door in the Amish household means welcome. Most Amish people who paint their doors red are welcoming to visitors and other community members. It shows their willingness to show hospitality to visitors.

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