Are worry dolls evil? (Are worry dolls demonic?)

As a theologian, I have always been interested in learning legends from different cultures. Two years ago, I visited Guatemala and noted that many people were selling small handmade dolls on the streets.

I asked around about the dolls and learned they are called worry dolls. However, though some people highly valued the dolls, others believed they were evil.

I got interested in learning more about these dolls and what different people think about them. I extensively researched by reading various articles and even interacted with people from Guatemala to understand this better.

Last week, a fellow theologian who knew I was researching about worry dolls invited me to lead an online forum about them. A member asked whether worry dolls are evil, and some members seemed to agree with him, while others highly disagreed.

Having studied a lot about this topic, I gave them all the answers they needed. After the discussion, I decided to write this article to enlighten more people with the same question.

So, “are worry dolls evil?”

Although the Bible does not state whether worry dolls are evil or not, the Mayan legend speculates they are special gifts given to one of their princesses by the gods of the sun, while some people suggest that they are evil dolls. The Mayan culture believes that worry dolls are special dolls that children pass their worries on to help them learn how to cope with their emotions. However, some people believe these dolls are evil. For instance, a famous movie called “Dangerous Worry Doll” portrays worry dolls as evil-possessed dolls. In the film, a woman serving time in a brutal women’s prison is given a worry doll by her daughter, which soon possesses her and sends her on a rampage of revenge.

Join me in this article as we delve into worry dolls. Read until the end to learn whether these dolls are demonic, how to get rid of them safely, whether to trust them and more.

What is the spiritual meaning of a worry doll?

According to the Mayan legend, worry dolls represent a positive art therapy tool for helping with insomnia, anxiety, stress, and fear.

They believe in passing all your worries to the doll, which lets you learn how to manage your anxiety and cope with emotions.

Worry dolls originated from the indigenous people of Guatemala. A local legend about the origin of this doll refers to a Mayan Princess called Ixmucane.

It is said that the princess received an unusual gift from the sun god, which could allow her to solve human worries.

In traditional times, anxious or stressed children were given worry dolls, who told them their worries before they went to sleep to help them sleep well. They hide the dolls under their pillow, and according to the people, the dolls would take away all their sorrows by the next morning.

Today, worry dolls are sold in Mexico and Guatemala in huge quantities to tourists as souvenirs.

Are worry dolls demonic?

Are worry dolls evil? 
Are worry dolls demonic? Image source: Pixabay

It is not straightforward whether worry dolls are demonic or not. This is because some people believe that worry dolls are special dolls that one can relinquish their worries.

They trust that after telling these dolls your troubles, they help you learn how to manage them and even take them away. However, some people believe worry dolls are demonic and can even possess their owners demonically.

According to the movie, “Dangerous Worry Doll,” the doll is portrayed as a demonic doll that possesses its owner and takes on a rampage of revenge against her inmates who previously tortured her.

Therefore, there are different beliefs about worry dolls, though most people believe they are good luck dolls that help you cope with your emotions.

Can you get rid of worry dolls?

Yes, according to the Mayan legend, you can get rid of old or damaged worry dolls. However, it is believed that you should get rid of them safely to avoid bad luck.

These dolls are made of wire and clothing; hence, they may get damaged when used for too long. Also, some people believe one should not use one doll for too long.

Therefore, people speculate that when you are done using your worry doll, it is okay to get rid of it.

How to get rid of worry dolls safely?

It is said that the safest way to get rid of worry dolls is to bury them off your property. It is also believed that you should bury them at a place that is not a common path you travel.

According to the Guatemalan people, you should bury the doll at a place you will never visit again. They believe that the doll can cause bad luck or negative energy in your life when you pass where you have buried it.

Are worry dolls bad luck?

Many people do not believe worry dolls are bad luck. However, some people suggest that when you use someone else’s worry doll, it causes bad luck in your life.

In the Guatemalan and Mayan cultures, worry dolls are special dolls that represent the act of legging go. In these cultures, individuals are encouraged to release their worries to the dolls, allowing themselves to emotionally and mentally detach from their problems.

Therefore, these dolls are not believed to be of any bad luck.

However, some individuals believe that these dolls can bring bad luck and negative energy. Some people believe that they bring bad luck when shared.

One is supposed to use their doll without sharing it with another person. Also, some people suggest that the dolls can bring bad luck if not gotten rid of well.

Can you trust worry dolls?

Are worry dolls demonic?
Can you trust worry dolls? Image source: Pixabay

Whether you can trust a worry doll depends on your beliefs about the dolls. According to the Mayan people, worry dolls are to be trusted since they help in letting go of your worries.

They believe these dolls are special and help people, especially children, when worried or anxious. In ancient times, they gave these dolls to children who feared at night and could not sleep.

The children were taught to trust that the dolls would take away their fears over the night. Therefore, the children would tell their worries to the worry dolls and hide them under their pillows before they sleep.

Today, some therapists use worry dolls as psychoanalysis. In psychotherapy, one is supposed to take through their problems. Research shows that there are positive effects of talking therapy on emotional disturbance.

Therefore, some therapist give worry dolls to their clients and encourage them to trust the dolls and tell them their worries.

They tell the dolls worries that are hard to share with human, and research shows that it helps them process and manage their concerns.

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