Are dolphins evil? (Are dolphins dangerous?)

As a theologian and sea animal lover, I am fascinated by people’s beliefs concerning sea animals. Growing up, I was a sea-loving child with a painting of a child playing with a dolphin under a rainbow in my room.

However, about two years ago, I came across a documentary that portrayed dolphins as evil and dangerous animals. I got interested in learning what people from different cultures and parts of the world believe about dolphins.

Therefore, I researched why people believe dolphins are evil for eight months by reading different articles and watching more documentaries about this topic.

I even made appointments with oceanographers to learn how dolphins relate with one another, other sea animals, and human beings and whether they are ever dangerous.

Last week, I got the chance to lead an online forum discussion on sea creatures and the Bible. One of the members asked whether dolphins are as friendly as people say they are or evil.

Having in-depth research on this topic, I was happy to share my findings with the members. It led to a long-heated discussion, which made me believe that other people may also be curious about the question, “Are dolphins evil?”

The Bible does not directly say dolphins are evil. However, people have different opinions about dolphins. Some people speculate that dolphins have a friendly and lovable nature towards human beings. Some even believe that dolphins are more intelligent than human beings. On the other hand, some suggest that dolphins have a dark and evil side that most people don’t know about. They are even said to be the rapists of the sea.

Join me in this article as we delve into people’s beliefs about Dolphins. Reading on to learn whether dolphins have a dark side, why people believe they are evil and much more.

Do dolphins have a dark side?

Study shows that dolphins, though intelligent, playful, and friendly with people, have a dark side. One well-known dark side of dolphins is; they have a greedy sex drive that could lead to rape.

Dolphins are said to be aggressively horny and often resort to “rape” when they want to get their way. The most shocking thing about this dark side is that dolphins not only have an insatiable sex drive towards other dolphins but also human beings.

According to actress Demi Moore, she once had a painful encounter with a dolphin who seemed to have a sexual attraction to her during a trip to a water park in Las Vegas.

The actress, with her family, went to swim with dolphins when one of the over-sexed dolphins took a liking to her, which made her quickly vacate the pool.

Also, male bottlenose dolphins are said to gang up on one female dolphin and in-turns rape her. They kidnap the female dolphin, smack the female with their tails, threaten her, and even chase her down if she tries to escape and swim away.

Also, dolphins have prehensile penises shaped like a hook; hence, it’s difficult for a female to separate from a male dolphin during mating.

Why do people believe dolphins are evil? 5 reasons why dolphins are evil

Why do people believe dolphins are evil? Image source: Pixabay

Dolphins kill their babies

In one study, some people found five baby dolphins attacked by a male bottlenose dolphin, with fatal injuries. According to studies, infanticide by male animals is common in male dolphins and other animals because female animals immediately become ready for pregnancy after their infants die.

In addition, they rape female dolphins and do not mind having humans as their sexual partners.

Male bottlenose dolphins are said to form a gang of two or three, where they kidnap female dolphins and rape them, sometimes for weeks, without letting them go.

To keep the female dolphins in line, they make threatening movements, make aggressive noises, and even smack the female with their tails. They even chase her down when she tries to escape and swim away.

Dolphins engage in homosexuality

Experts argue that dolphins engage in homosexuality because it causes them pleasure, just like many other animals. It is yet to be proven whether there are dolphins that only engage in homosexually and note opposite sex, or whether it is just a way for them to enjoy.

Dolphins kill other species’ babies that resemble their own

On Scotland’s east coast and off the beaches of Virginia, scientists found a baby porpoise washed up with horrifying internal injuries. After researching the baby porpoise, they found tooth marks on it.

Dolphins use pulping techniques and echolocation to aim their blow at the porpoises, internally injuring and killing them.

Dolphins carry STDs

In a 2009 study published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases, dolphins can get genital warts caused by herpes virus and transmit it through sexual intercourse.

Experts also argue that a mammal as sexually active as a dolphin would be prone to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Are dolphins dangerous and aggressive to humans?

Are dolphins dangerous and aggressive to humans. Image source: Pixabay

It is unclear whether or not dolphins are dangerous and aggressive towards humans. Though dolphins are generally considered friendly, there are instances where they have shown aggressive behaviors towards people and attacked human beings, causing serious injuries.

In 2019, a woman named Valerie Ryan was attacked by a dolphin while swimming in Hawaii. The attack caused serious internal injuries, including broken ribs, spinal fractures, and a damaged lung.

However, these incidents are rare and are often the result of human interaction with animals. Sometimes, the animals may attack human beings as a form of playing and interacting with them, and due to their size and strength, it could be dangerous to human beings and even cause serious harm.

Some experts advise that we should treat dolphins cautiously because, like some tame and wild animals, they may become dangerous and attack humans when provoked or agitated.

Dolphins are always curious animals and may approach humans to investigate them and not harm or bring any danger to them.

However, if a human were to provoke them by grabbing onto their tail to try and ride them, the animal may become agitated and lash out.

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