Biblical meaning of python in dream (spiritual meaning of python in dreams)

I am not such a fan of snakes, and I barely watch any programs that feature them or visit any locations with them. So, I was pretty surprised when I dreamed about being strangled by a python.

Although I had a rough idea of what the dream meant, I called my pastor to get his take. After giving me a detailed answer, he prayed for me and asked me to remain steadfast in faith.

The discussion prompted me to come up with this post to enlighten someone experiencing dreams about pythons.

So, what is the biblical meaning of python in a dream?

Although the Bible doesn’t provide guidelines for interpreting the meaning of dreams, some Christians use them as metaphors for Biblical truth. They suggest these dreams represent transformation, power, suffocation, and protection. Some even believe that dreaming about pythons could indicate spiritual renewal since a python sheds off its skin occasionally. Christians base these interpretations on your dream’s content and their understanding of the Bible. It’s worth noting these interpretations are subjective and vary from person to person.

Join me in exploring the Biblical meaning of a python in a dream. I will look at the symbolic meaning of pythons and specific python dreams and their biblical interpretation.

Additionally, I will offer tips on what to do if you have such a dream. Let’s get started.

What do pythons symbolize in dreams?

Symbolism of suffocation

Since pythons kill their hunt by constricting them, some people believe that pythons in your dreams symbolize the feeling of constriction by someone or a situation in your life.

Just like a python waits for a potential hunt to kill it by constriction without the hunted animal noticing its movement, a python in your dream is believed to symbolize constriction by cold-blooded people who silently lay traps for you to fall victims so that they can leech your energy.


When you compare pythons to other snakes, they appear huge. They use much power to conquer their enemies because they are not venomous.

Therefore, dreaming about a python could symbolize that your physical strength helps you face conflicts. People suggest that when this happens, it represents another person trying to get away with something simply because they can throw their weight around you.


Some people believe that a python in your dream symbolizes internal rebirth. The rebirth is because of the ability of a python to shed off its skin.

When a python sheds off its skin, people believe it symbolizes the death of the past life and the beginning of a new one.


It is believed that as much as a python symbolizes impending danger in your dream, it can also represent the strength to overcome struggles by giving direction.

It is suggested that pythons imply a guide that protects you in life.

The spiritual meaning of seeing a python in your dreams

spiritual meaning of python in dreams
Spiritual meaning of seeing a python in your dreams. Image source: Pixabay

A period of transformation and transition

Pythons normally shed their skin, symbolizing a transformation from the old and transitioning to new beginnings. Spiritualists believe seeing a python in your dream denotes releasing things that no longer benefit you.

These could be letting people who pull you behind go, releasing negative emotions, dropping off bad habits, toxic relationships, and bad memories. They suggest allowing room for growth and positive change.

Being aware of life threats

Some people believe pythons are associated with danger since their appearance is terrifying. Spiritualists believe that pythons in dreams are tied to people who deceive and betray you, so when you see a python while dreaming, they think it’s a warning sign of impending danger.

They suggest that you should allow yourself to heed the warning signs of dangerous people that surround you.

Communication from higher powers

As predators, when pythons coil, they can squeeze life out of a living thing. Spiritualists believe that a python in your dream is a communication from a higher level that something is squeezing your spiritual life out, and they suggest you should dig deep into your faith and protect your spiritual life.

Guiding tool towards growth and success

Pythons are believed to symbolize a guide towards doing the right things that will benefit your life. Spiritualists believe that when you see a python in your dream, you should be careful in choosing between right and wrong.

They suggest you slow down to make the right decision for your growth and success.

A sign of physical and spiritual strength

The python is typically very aggressive and protective. Spiritualists believe that seeing a python in your dream is a sign of physical and spiritual strength that helps you approach things with courage.

They suggest that you should know who you are by standing firm in whatever life throws at you.

New Beginning

According to spiritualists in Alchemy, an image of a python named Ouroboros eating its tail represents an unending life cycle. They believe things are reborn as they never disappear entirely.

They think seeing this image in your dream could symbolize a change in the eternal process of death and the rebirth of a new life.

A sign of healing and overcoming

A python can shed off its skin, indicating regeneration and growth. According to spiritualists, seeing a python in your dream could be a sign that you are healing and overcoming your ailments.

They believe that pythons, like other serpents in mythology, can heal physical and spiritual ailments.

A symbol of protection

According to some cultures around the world, they believe a female python has the strength and skills to protect itself from threats.

Metaphorically, spiritualists translate this as a form of protection you have over life threats. They suggest you should be happy about this protection when you see a python in your dreams.

Biblical meaning of seeing a python in your dreams

It’s worth noting the Bible doesn’t provide guidelines for interpreting dreams. As such, believers should rely on the Holy Spirit for wisdom when confronted with disturbing or recurrent dreams.

In the Bible, a python refers to a spirit of telling fortunes that had possessed a slave girl in Acts 16:16-18. The python spirit was trying to deceive people by giving them false hope.

Through the power of the name of Jesus, Apostle Paul was able to cast out this manipulative spirit. Therefore, the biblical meaning of seeing a python in your dreams is believed to indicate that you are under spiritual influence.

Christians also believe it symbolizes being deceived and manipulated by an evil spirit to do things, just like the slave girl was shouting at the apostles.

On the other hand, the dream can also be interpreted positively to signify you are healed from an ailment or have been delivered from bondage, just like the slave girl whom Paul cast out the python spirit using the name of Jesus.

The received deliverance, and the owner minting money from her lost hope, Acts 16:16-18.

Specific dreams about python and their biblical meanings

spiritual meaning of python in dreams
Specific dreams about python and their biblical meanings. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming about a yellow python

Some Christians believe that if you dream about a yellow python, it is a progenitor to different illnesses. People suggest that if you have such a dream, you should consult a doctor before a disease cannot be controlled.

They also believe that if the yellow python strangles you, it is a sign you have poor decision-making skills.

Dreaming of a python in your house

Dreaming about a python in your house is believed to be a wake-up call for you to focus on the people you love, such as family. Spiritualists believe this dream is a positive one since it intends to remind you of the importance of family.

Dreaming of a python attacking you

Some Christians believe that dreaming of a python attacking you is a sign Satan and his agents are attacking you. It denotes a warning sign that Satan is threatening you.

Christians suggest that you identify whether the threat is from outside or from your unconscious impulses to address it.

Dreaming about a python biting you

Dreaming about a python biting you is believed to symbolize the start of something new in your work life. It could be a project you have been working on or something else.

It is thought to motivate you not to be afraid to implement it. It is also thought that dreaming about a python biting you symbolizes betrayal from someone. Others believe it is a sign that you are insecure in a relationship.

Dream of a python in the water

A dream about a python in water is believed to symbolize something unexpected. It is a belief that you have low esteem issues to the extent of thinking that people around you will betray you.

Spiritualists suggest that you should not focus on what other people think since you have some excellent qualities.

Dreaming about being wrapped in a python

Some Christians believe that if you dream about a python wrapped around you, it implies that somebody or something is suffocating you either spiritually or emotionally.

They also think that someone is manipulating your thoughts and actions.

Dreaming of a black python

According to some spiritualists, the black python is believed to symbolize a state of confusion, pain, and loss. They suggest you avoid thinking about this situation and focus on things that make you happy.

Others believe that a dream about a black python symbolizes property loss.

Dreaming of a brown snake

Dreaming about a brown snake is believed to symbolize earthiness. It implies that you should remain focused on current and practical issues.

It is also suggested to warn against someone pulling you away from your spiritual life. Others believe that you are living in fear of losing something in your life. Spiritualists suggest that you avoid concentrating on it as it will cause stress.

Dreaming of being swallowed by a python

Some believe that dreaming about being swallowed by a python symbolizes unresolved problems. These problems range from debts to other family issues.

Spiritualists suggest that you should not run away from these problems but instead dare to face them head-on.

Dreams of being chased by a python

It is a belief that when you dream about being chased by a python, it denotes you are avoiding confrontations. Spiritualists suggest facing this situation because it will stay in your subconscious until you stand firm and confront it.

Dream of seeing lots of pythons

Some people believe that when you dream of seeing lots of pythons, it could denote that you are not comfortable with your environment.

Spiritualists suggest you start identifying why you hate your environment to seek an alternative.

Dream of killing a python

Some Christians believe that if you kill a python in your dream, it indicates that God has made you victorious over your enemies because you trusted him to lead you towards your victory.

It also denotes that you will overcome troubling situations because you have the strength to defeat your enemies. They also suggest that this kind of dream will help you to secure wins when you overcome your struggles.

Superstitions and meanings of dreaming about a python in different cultures and religions

According to the Hindu religion and other Eastern cultures, dreaming about a python is connected to Kundalini. Hindus believe that when this energy is awakened, it rises through the body, resulting in spiritual enlightenment.

According to the Islamic religion, dreaming about an image of a python symbolizes creativity. If the python is bright, it is believed to be a symbol of success; if it is dark, it implies that you are stable at work.

Many people around the world believe that the Earth’s satellite has an impact on people’s moods and actions. This belief is also applied to python dreams of moon phases.

For example, your plans are believed to have been fulfilled if you dream about a python at night. If the dream happens on a new moon, it symbolizes that you will fulfill your most cherished desires; if it is a full moon, it symbolizes good fortune.

There are also python dream beliefs according to folk dream books. According to the Russian dream book, a dream about a python is believed to be a sign of physical and spiritual strength.

In Ukraine, it is a belief that a python dream is a sign that you will meet somebody good to you. According to the French, it is a belief that you are starting a new stage in your life, and according to Islamic dream books, it symbolizes that your family is very stable.

Should you be worried when you dream about a python?

Yes and no. Some Christians suggest that if the Python dream happens only once, something minor should not work you out. However, they indicate that you seek the guidance of God if it is a recurring dream.

You should pray and seek spiritual advice when encountering a python dream. Christians believe you should ask God for wisdom on how you will deal with this kind of dream because the Bible teaches that God controls life’s events and orders them according to His will.

Believers rest on God’s promise that He works all things for their betterment. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

What should you do when you encounter a python in your dreams?

Biblical meaning of python in dream 
What to do when you encounter a python in your dreams. Image source: Pixabay

Not all dreams about pythons are worth exploring. In most cases, it’s your brain replaying your memories. However, some are disturbing or recurring and might warrant an interpretation. Here’s what to do if you dream about pythons.

Record your dream

Interpreters recommend writing down your dream and how you felt. Doing this will help you spot patterns and themes and patterns that will help you in the next step.

Research your dream’s elements

The next step involves researching your dream. For Christians, this means praying for wisdom and studying God’s word. Non-Christians might consider a spirit guide, dream dictionary, or medium.

Meditate and take action

Finally, meditate on the implications of the information you gathered. Doing so will help you make the right decision moving forward.

For Christians, it involves prayer and meditating on God’s word to understand His will. It also helps to be patient and wait on the Lord for direction on what to do.

As a Christian, a python is believed to represent the attempts of Satan to prevent God’s plan for salvation; it is suggested that you should pray and seek spiritual guidance when you encounter a python dream.

Christians believe you should ask God for wisdom in dealing with this dream.

Furthermore, as a believer, you can also seek guidance from people who are spiritually mature so that they can offer counseling and spiritual advice about your Python dream.

As a Christian, it is also suggested that you speak out against negative feelings from dreaming about pythons because you have the power through Christ to overcome all forces of the evil spirit.

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