Can Amish fly on planes? (Can Amish travel by air?)

As a devout Christian and travel enthusiast, I take an interest in the travel methods of different religious groups. I was especially intrigued by the Amish after discovering that they do not embrace modern means of transportation. I once went on a Christian mission to China, where I met and interacted with the Amish who had traveled for the same purpose. This confused me since I thought the Amish only traveled via horses and buggies, so I decided to conduct more research on them. Last month, in my online Christian forum, one of my colleagues asked whether the Amish can travel by air. Having interacted with them firsthand and done comprehensive research on this, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, can Amish fly on planes?

Most Amish groups are not allowed to fly on planes unless during emergencies. They believe flying on planes is too modern and displays a luxurious lifestyle. This goes against their values of maintaining a simple and modest life. However, one group that does not follow this rule is the New Order Amish, who fly on planes, even for business and leisure.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we look at whether Amish fly on planes. Keep reading to find out whether the Amish can travel by air, how they travel long distances and much more.

Can Amish people travel by air?

Most Amish people are not allowed to travel by air since this mode of transportation is considered too modern. The Amish, especially the Old Order Amish, avoid using modern technology and even consider it evil.

They believe that God calls them to live a simple life and therefore prohibit traveling by air since it is viewed as vanity. The only time that some Amish people travel by air is during emergencies. However, note that not all Amish communities restrict traveling by air.

Why do Amish restrict traveling by air?

Can Amish fly on planes? 
Why do Amish restrict traveling by air? Image source: Freepik

Traveling by air requires photo identification. Since the Amish are against photography, they do not permit air travel. Additionally, the Amish believe that since traveling by air is expensive, it symbolizes luxury and promotes worldliness. They believe that they should not conform to the things of this world, such as showing off a fast-paced lifestyle.

Additionally, they restrict air travel because they do not consider it essential. They argue that if one wishes to travel far and cannot use a horse and buggy, it is better to use other means of transport like a bus rather than a plane. The Amish also avoid air travel since they believe that it separates them from the rest of the community for a long time, which goes against their values. Some Amish also argue that traveling by air is individualistic and is not as communal as other travel methods, such as taking the train.

How Do the Amish Travel Long Distances?

Horses and Buggies are used for long and short-distance travel in the Amish communities. This travel method enables them to enjoy the scenery while traveling long distances. Though the Amish communities are not allowed to drive cars, a person can accept a ride from a non-Amish person when they want to travel far.

Rather than paying transport money like the rest of the world, the Amish person may offer the non-Amish driver a gift or pay for gas to express their appreciation. Alternatively, an Amish person can take the train when they want to travel long distances.

Can Amish travel by air during emergencies?

Can Amish travel by air?
Can Amish travel by air during emergencies? Image source: Pixabay

Yes. An Amish may be allowed to travel by air during emergencies. For instance, if someone is very ill and far, an Amish can take a plane to go and visit them. Also, planes are allowed when accidents need quick transportation to hospitals far away from their settlements. However, such emergencies are pretty rare. Most Amish groups prefer using other modes of transportation close to the ground, even when they need to travel far.

Do New Order Amish travel by air?

Yes. We mentioned that not all Amish restrict the use of air travel. The New Order Amish is one of the groups that travel by air. This group does not only fly during emergencies, but they also do it when taking vacations or business trips. For instance, the New Order Amish use planes when going on missions in different countries.

They also take planes whenever they need to get to different destinations fast. This group has embraced modern technology, and it is not as strict as others, such as the Old Order Amish group.

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