Can Jesus beat Goku? (Who would win?)

Goku has earned a powerful name as one of the most powerful in the Dragon Ball series. Many anime fans consider him the strongest character to ever exist in the anime world. On the other hand, Jesus Christ, our Savior, conquered the grave to save us from our sins. He is omnipotent and thus all-powerful. But who will win in case the two fight? Can Jesus beat Goku?

Jesus will easily win over Goku based on His divine power. Jesus has all powers and absolute dominance over everything that is on earth. In fact, Jesus can even kill Goku with just a word of his mouth, as he drove out demons in the New Testament by just talking. Though some people argue that Goku would beat Jesus because Christ was crucified by normal human beings and died, they forget that Jesus himself allowed that to happen so that we could be saved.

So, who would win in a fight between Jesus and Goku? Is Goku as good as Jesus? How would Jesus beat Goku in a fight? Does Goku have a winning chance against Jesus in a fight? Continue reading to get more information and answers to these questions and more.

Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Goku?

Jesus! There is no doubt that Jesus would win against Goku, though Goku is a powerful anime character. The bible even says that we bow at the mention of his name. Christ is omnipotent, and he is powerful and above anything that is in the universe. Therefore, he has the power to do all that pleases him, including beating Goku.

However, some people argue that Goku would win because Jesus died at the mercy of the Romans. Such people have not comprehended the power that Jesus has. He allowed himself to be crucified and killed but did not stay dead; he rose because he had power over death.

Is Goku as good as Jesus?

Can Jesus beat Goku?
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No one is as good as Jesus, not even a powerful anime character like Goku. One thing that we should know is that even though Jesus is the son of God, he and God are one. Being the son of God just depicts his position in the trinity but does not make him less powerful. Some people note that because he is omnipotent, he can crash Goku if he wishes.

However, some people have little faith in Jesus, to the point that they believe Goku is as good as Jesus. For example, Local priest Father Samson noted that he is reluctant to admit that there is a chance Goku is as good as Jesus, as the powers Goku is depicted to have, Jesus, did not display them. However, let us not forget that in everything that happens, Christ allows happening; therefore, he allowed us to see parts of him that he wanted us to see.

How would Jesus beat Goku in a fight?

There are many ways that Jesus could beat Goku. Some say that Jesus would crush Goku with just word of mouth. He could cast out demons by words of his mouth and can do the same with Goku. He would use supernatural powers to kill Goku. He is all-knowing and knows all of Goku’s weaknesses, and he would use that to beat him in a fight.

Does Goku have a winning chance against Jesus in a fight?

Goku does not have a winning chance against Jesus unless Jesus allows him to. Though he may have the powers of a “god,” they are nowhere near the kind of power Jesus holds. The character Goku mostly fights physically, and Jesus can be fully human and fully divine; he can just destroy him with a thought.


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