Why are Jesus’ miracles important (why did Jesus perform miracles)?

Jesus performed many miracles during His Ministry. You will be amazed by the miracles that He performed if you read the four Gospels. To understand why He performed the miracles, you need to ask yourself, why are Jesus’ miracles important?

Jesus’ miracles are essential because they prove that God exists and He is a sovereign Being. Jesus did not perform miracles to gain more followers but to prove to people that God exists and has power over everything; death, illness, hunger, and many misfortunes continue to trouble the human race. Jesus’ miracles place the glory and shift people’s focus on God and away from worldly leadership, which is oppressive and ungodly.

What does the Bible say about Jesus’ miracles? Why did Jesus perform miracles on earth? What are the most important miracles of Jesus? Do Jesus’ miracles still matter today? Keep reading to learn more!

What does the Bible say about Jesus’ miracles?

The four Gospels talk in detail about Jesus’s miracles during His ministry. His drive to perform miracles was not just to amuse the people who witnessed them. For instance, when those who doubted His ability to perform miracles was God-given asked Him to show them a sign from Heaven, He did not oblige, Luke 11:16-17. 

Jesus did not perform miracles to gain a huge following but to prove His identity as the Messiah and His purposes here on earth. God the Father authenticated His Son’s mission here on earth through these miracles.

Jesus’ ability to perform great miracles places glory and focus on His Father. They are enough proof that God exists and that He is a sovereign being. Christ did not perform any miracle for His own benefit or to prove His power to people. For instance, when being beaten or hanging on the cross, Jesus did not perform any miracles to reduce the pain He felt because by doing so, He would have gone against His Father’s will. Being God, Jesus had legions of angels from whom He could have requested help. Still, He chose not to, Matthew 26:53. Also, although He had the power to multiply fish and bread to feed thousands of people when the devil tempted Him to change stones to bread and eat after fasting for 40 days and nights, Jesus refused to oblige. His answer was that man shall not live by bread alone but by the word that comes from God’s mouth (the Holy Scriptures), Matthew 4:1-4.

Also, Jesus does not show off His Supernatural power. In some cases, He even asks those that He healed not to tell anyone about their miraculous healing, Mark 1:43-44. As I mentioned, Jesus did not perform miracles to gain followers or prove Himself to non-believers. He turned down those who teased Him about performing miracles to prove He was the Son of God by telling them to desist from tempting God, Matthew 4:6-7. He only performed miracles when it was necessary. For instance, Jesus had to perform a miracle to raise Lazarus. However, He did not use His supernatural powers to push the stone away from Lazarus’ tomb because His disciples could manually do it.

The four gospels depict Jesus’ careful and purposeful use of His divine powers. Therefore, Jesus’ miracles show His humility, kindness, and mercy while at the same time declaring the existence and sovereignty of His Father.

Why did Jesus perform miracles on earth?

why did Jesus perform miracles?
Jesus and His disciples. Source: Pinterest

Jesus accompanies His words with miracles. This proves that the kingdom of God is present in Him. Also, it attests that He is, in fact, the promised Messiah, who many Prophets in the Old Testament had foretold would come to save God’s people from their sinful nature and oppression by earthly rulers.

If Jesus did not support His words with miracles, it would have been challenging to convince Christians then and now that He was the Savior. Other people during the 1st century claimed to be the Messiah; however, none of them could cast out demons, heal the sick, turn water into wine or multiply fish and bread to feed thousands as Jesus did.

Jesus knew of the existence of these characters that pretended to be Him. To differentiate Himself from them, in Matthew 9:4-7, Jesus tells the paralytic man to rise and walk. He avoids telling them the man that His sins are forgiven because He knew that everyone could say those words. He did that to prove to the people that He was God’s Son and that He had the power to forgive people of their sins. As a result, the audience was amazed by what unfolded before their eyes and started glorifying God.

Without performing miracles, Jesus would have been referred to as a preacher who spoke wise words. It could have been challenging to convince people that He was the Messiah or the Son of God sent to redeem humans from sin.

What are the most important miracles of Jesus?

Jesus performed many miracles during His Ministry. However, several are essential because they set him apart from others who claim to be the real Messiahs.

The most important miracle of Jesus was His own resurrection. This miracle proved that Jesus was, in fact, the Son of God. None of the other characters who have claimed to be the Messiah have been resurrected after dying. It is based on this miracle that many people around the world choose to believe in Christ.

Another important miracle of Jesus is walking on water. This miracle was meant to show His disciples that they could do anything if they believed in themselves.

Another great miracle is the feeding of the 5000 people. Jesus multiplied 2 fishes and 5 loaves to feed more than 5000 people. It would be impossible for any false messiah to replicate this miracle.

The fourth important miracle is raising Lazarus from the dead. By doing this, Jesus proved that He had the power over death, an ability only God possesses.

Other necessary miracles include; calming the sea, helping Simon catch more fish, and the miracle of a fish with a coin. All these miracles are important because they prove beyond doubt that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah sent to redeem humans from their sinful nature.

Do Jesus’ miracles still matter today?

Jesus’ miracles still matter today because they show that He is God. As I mentioned, only God would have the power to raise someone from the dead, which is precisely what Jesus did when He raised Lazarus.

The miracles prove that Jesus was, in fact, the Messiah that Old Testament prophets foretold would come to save God’s children from their sinful nature and oppression. For instance, Jesus’ resurrection gives Christians hope of life after death.


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