Can you believe in Heaven and not God (Can there be Heaven but no God)?

Growing up in a Christian family sparked in me a desire to understand the heavens and the existence of God. As a result, I involved myself in extensive and deep research in theology school. During this journey, I came across a concept that struck me; some people believed in Heaven and not God. How? Back then, this was a hot topic, and I participated in several discussions about it. I asked my theology professors to shed light on this concept of accepting Heaven and rejecting God. I only rested after getting concrete answers. I opened an online discussion forum to enlighten people about Christian topics three years ago. During our weekly sessions, one of the members asked a question that raised concern and attracted a lot of interest from other members. They wondered whether one could believe in Heaven and not God after reading an article that Heaven and God were not related and people could still believe in Heaven without believing in God. Luckily, I was well informed about the topic and answered them comprehensively. So, can you believe in Heaven and not God?

Some people believe in Heaven and not God. The idea of Heaven is comforting to them, but they are not willing to pay the price of following God. However, the scripture clearly states that Heaven is the dwelling place of God (Psalms 113:5-6).

Kindly join me as I share with you some fascinating facts about the existence of Heaven and God. I will majorly look at if all people believe in the concept of Heaven, but few believe in God, whether one can go to Heaven if one believes in it and not God, and if there can be Heaven without God. Stick around for more information.

Do all people believe in the concept of Heaven, but few believe in God?

Can there be Heaven but no God?
Do all people believe in the concept of Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Not all people believe in the existence of Heaven; for example, atheists do not. Most people who believe in Heaven often believe in the creator (God). Christians do believe in God, and they believe Heaven is his dwelling place, as mentioned in Psalms 113:5-6.

One can ask, how can God be separated from Heaven, yet he is the creator responsible for Heaven? This can be challenging for Christians. Most likely, people do believe in the concept of Heaven because it offers a sense of peace and happiness, therefore, ending up not believing in God since it would mean submitting to God. It is much more comforting to believe in the reward of Heaven and ignore the whole journey of following God; to some believing in God is viewed as a weakness.

Can you go to Heaven if you believe in it and not God?

Christian’s salvation comes in three ways, which is through being justified, sanctified, and then being glorified. Justification simply means the free gift we are given by our sins being forgiven. Sanctification, on the other hand, is growing in Christ’s likeness, and glorification is now enjoying the eternal gift of entering Heaven. According to the scriptures, being justified (believing in Christ for the forgiveness of sin) is needed to enter Heaven. Justification is achieved through forgiveness and through the righteousness Jesus gave us (Galatians 2:16). Therefore, it is most likely that you can believe in the existence of Heaven but fail to enter Heaven.

Furthermore, in John 14:6, Jesus Christ, in his teachings, says that the only way to Heaven is through faith in him. This can mean that an individual can believe in the existence of Heaven, yes, but the only way to have access to Heaven is by having faith in Jesus Christ.

Can there be Heaven but no God?

Can you believe in Heaven and not God?
Can there be Heaven but no God? Image source: Pixabay

According to the scriptures, this is not possible. Jesus promised his disciples in John 14:3 that he would come back and take them so that they be with him where he dwells, which is Heaven. Moreover, in Philippians 1:23, the apostle Paul says he desires to depart and be with Christ; he doesn’t say that he desires to be in Heaven. This is because he understood there would be no heaven without Christ. The presence of God is the essence of Heaven, as John Milton puts it. He says that Heaven will be the physical extension of God’s goodness.

Is it possible for an atheist to believe in Heaven and hell but not God?

Well, atheists naturally do not believe in any form of existence after death; this means they disregard the idea of Heaven or hell, and so do they not believe in the creator of Heaven and earth, God. They take an example of peoples’ pets that, after death, most people would have no idea how they are in the afterlife; they do not see any difference with human beings. Many religions believe there is an afterlife, such as hell and Heaven. On the contrary, atheists do not accept that there is life after death; they believe that death ends everything. Once we die, our existence ceases.

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