Is Jesus Melchizedek (how are they related)?

Is Jesus Melchizedek?

As a Christian passionate about reading the scripture, I understand the similar attributesbetween Melchizedek and Jesus. Though Melchizedek, King of Salem, is mentioned just a littlein the Bible, He is compared to Jesus in so many ways. The Bible tells us that Melchizedek was arighteous king and the priest of the Highest. As a teacher … Read more

Is Jesus wisdom (the wisdom of God)?

Is Jesus wisdom?

When I was in university pursuing Theology, I learned that God has different character traits;one being wisdom. I also discovered that even though many people desire to attain wisdom,some confuse it with knowledge. As a student of the Bible, I learned that the scripture uses thepronoun “she” to refer to wisdom. The question I often … Read more

Is Jesus a Jojo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)?

Is Jesus a Jojo?

If you enjoy an action-packed anime with horror and action in every episode, you will enjoy Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s well-written and leaves you wanting more with each new series. Many people have questioned Jesus’ role in the recent series released, and many wonder, “Is Jesus a Jojo?” It is commonly assumed that Jesus is … Read more

Did Jesus Die in Walking Dead(What Really Happened)?

Did Jesus Die in Walking Dead?

Although The Walking Dead series ended a few months ago, the fandom still lives on, and some fans were left devastated, disappointed, and shocked regarding the fate of some of their favorite characters. ‘Jesus’ is a character whose fate left many shocked and with endless questions, one being, “Did Jesus die in Walking Dead?” Jesus, … Read more