How do Amish make money (What do Amish people do for a living)?

During my theology study days, I was privileged to travel around the world to research various religions. When I got to Pennsylvania, I was so intrigued by the Amish, their way of life, and what they do for a living that I spent a month interacting with them. Last week, we decided to learn more about the Amish and understand their culture on our weekly interdenominational forum for religion enthusiasts. During the session, a member wondered how the Amish make money. Having lived among the Amish, I had all the answers and tackled the topic in-depth. So, how do Amish make money?

The Amish make money by farming. They are well-known for their large farms in Pennsylvania and other regions in the US, from which they get their food and trade with other consumers to earn a living. Other than that, they also operate businesses and engage in tourism.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we discover what the Amish people do for a living. We will also look at how much the Amish make, what they do with their money, and so much more, so keep reading to find out.

What do Amish people do for a living?

What do Amish people do for a living?
What do Amish people do for a living? Image source: Freepik

The Amish earn a living through agriculture, operating businesses, and engaging in tourism.

The Amish people are farmers who work hard on their land. They consume the food they grow and also sell their farm products like cereals and dairy products. Some sell at roadside stands, while others sell to consumers who visit their farms. They also sell Amish foods like bread mixes and pies at the markets.

The Amish people also operate businesses. They have shops where they sell handcrafted furniture. It is common for people from wealthy suburban areas to travel for hours to buy furniture from modest Amish businesses. Some are family-operated on the roadside, while others are multi-million dollar furniture manufacturers. The Amish also run construction businesses.

In their farms and ranches, the Amish offer lodging for tourists. There are farm stays where tourists can experience the Amish culture. The Amish people have a love-hate attitude towards tourism because it complicates their simple life by creating more road traffic. However, they benefit financially from tourism as they interact with non-Amish people.

Do Amish people have normal jobs?

Yes, the Amish have normal jobs like farming and operating businesses. However, due to technological restrictions, it is rare to find Amish people in some jobs.

The Amish people mostly earn a living through farming without modern farm machinery, handcrafted furniture, and tourism by allowing other people to explore their farms. The old-order Amish mostly stick to these jobs because they conform to their beliefs and values. However, the new order Amish may be more open to exploring other jobs that involve technology, like running companies and operating businesses that involve machinery. Nevertheless, they still strive to maintain the modest lifestyle of the Amish people. It is rare to find Amish people in jobs involving computers, IT, and other forms of modern science.

How much do Amish people make?

How do Amish make money?
How much do Amish people make? Image source: Freepik

The amount of money that Amish people make varies, but it is mostly moderate.

The Amish people are hardworking and make enough to sustain themselves and their community. Their modest lifestyle does not allow them to make a lot of money. When farming, they prefer manual labor to modern technology, which would give them more yields. Additionally, money is not a pillar of success for them. They value their homes and families, leaving behind a legacy and giving back. Therefore, they may not possess vast monetary wealth and are not concerned with accumulating wealth but rather doing God’s will and resisting worldly influence.

However, some Amish people are wealthy from their successful businesses, like construction and furniture companies. These would mostly be the new-order Amish. Nowadays, there are Amish millionaires. But for most, you will not notice because they still maintain a modest lifestyle.

What do the Amish do with all their money?

The Amish use their money to support themselves, the community, and the less fortunate. The Amish people are independent and use their money to cater to their basic needs. They do not rely on the government for support and prefer to resist outside influences. The Amish run their communities by funding school benefits, healthcare, raising money for communal needs, and contributing to community investments. Because of their strong values and sense of community, they use their money to care for the less fortunate in their community. They protect them from the negative effects of capitalism, like homelessness and starvation.

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