Do Amish need a driver’s license (How do Amish get their driver’s license)?

I have always been intrigued by learning about the rich diversity of various Christian denominations. I was particularly fascinated by the Amish due to their unique lifestyle that is different from the normative Christians in my years in theology school. Early this year, I was delighted when a friendly Amish family invited me to be their home guest for four months to learn about their culture, and I took the golden opportunity to pursue more insights into the community. Last Sunday, a curious member of my online Christian platform posted a question on whether the Amish need a driver’s license. Due to my experience living with the Amish family, I had the answer within my grasp. Thus, this granted me the green light to address the topic, ‘Do Amish need a driver’s license?’

The Amish do not need a driver’s license. The Amish are notable for their rebuttal to participate in numerous modern luxuries. This includes refraining from driving motor vehicles due to their belief systems of being conservative and having a slower pace in life. Nevertheless, they can only operate horse-drawn carriages on roads without a driver’s license.

In this article, I will unpack the matter of the Amish regarding the driver’s license. Without further ado, welcome aboard as we embark on this subject matter together.

How do Amish youth get driver’s licenses?

The Amish youth do not get driver’s licenses, but if they do, they obtain them by adhering to the license guidelines of their respective states. The youth learn to drive via a workbook issued by the Amish communities that instructs the youngsters on the rules and guidelines of the roads. They begin learning about the roads as young as the seventh or eighth grade. According to the varying regulations from state to state, Amish youth can get a driver’s license from the age of 16 to 18. In addition, they can obtain the license themselves without having their parents involved.

Do the Amish need a license to drive a horse wagon?

How do Amish get their driver’s license?
Do the Amish need a license to drive a horse wagon? Image source: Pixabay

No, the Amish do not need a license to drive a horse wagon. Within the Amish communities, it is a normal tendency for a young Amish child to drive a horse-drawn wagon on the road, and he will not require any license. This is because the child is still below the age of accountability regarding traffic laws.

As there is no official learning curve or license to operate horse buggies, Amish children are simply trained to guide a horse with reins or blinders for traffic safety purposes and to minimize any public road accidents. Additionally, in as much as people that drive carriages have similar rights and responsibilities as the other drivers on the roads, the law still sets no mandated licenses for horse wagons.

Why are the Amish allowed to drive horse buggies on the highway road without a license?

Do Amish need a driver’s license?
Why are the Amish allowed to drive horse buggies on the highway? Image source: Pixabay

The Amish are allowed to drive horse buggies on the highway road without a license because, in general, licensure laws are not necessarily applicable to horse buggies. This does render the Amish to be intentionally exempted from obtaining any licenses. The main reason they are permitted to operate their buggies on the highway roads is because their preference for their means of travel is via non-motor horse carriages, which is not within the framework of any licensure laws.

All the Amish are required to do to be legal on the highway roads is to designate their horse buggy as a slow-moving carriage with some type of lighting on every side. They equally must conform to various road regulations, such as maintaining the required width to fit within the lanes of the common yellow line roads and modern highways. This is so that other traffic users can safely pass them without collision. Moreover, as there is no age restriction to drive a buggy, there are no licenses involved as well.

Are Amish youths with driver’s licenses insured?

No, the Amish youths with driver’s licenses are not necessarily insured. The Amish do not need to take any driving assessments, obtain a driver’s license, or acquire vehicle insurance. Therefore, the Amish youths with driver’s licenses do not procure any insurance.

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