How is Lucifer described (biblical description of Lucifer)?

As a born-again Christian, I have been taught that my biggest enemy is the devil, who, according to 1 Peter 5:8-10 roars like an angry lion ready to devour me. The devil has been given several names, like Lucifer, Son of the Morning, and Satan. He has no admirable attributes and is out to mess with the world and our relationship with God. While reading the Bible, you might have wondered, “how is Lucifer described?”

Lucifer is described as the son of the morning who fell from heaven in Isaiah. He has been described as the one who weakened the nations but was eventually cut down to the ground. According to the verse, Lucifer got proud and wanted to sit on the throne of God. He wanted to be like God and sit at the topmost seat in heaven. Instead, he was brought down to the pits of Sheol. This verse suggests that Lucifer was once a heavenly being whose pride led to him being thrown out of this holy place.

I welcome you to this article as we delve into the description of Lucifer in the Bible. We will also discuss the portrayal of Lucifer in both the Old and New Testaments and why he has been described as the morning star. Moreover, we will learn how Lucifer was described in Revelations. Read to the end to learn more about Lucifer.

How is Lucifer described in the Old Testament?

Lucifer is mentioned in Isaiah 14:12-14 as the morning star and son of the morning who was cast down from heaven. Some Biblical scholars have suggested that Lucifer was described as the morning star since God had created Him with His light. It is assumed that he was one of the favorite angels of God before his eventual downfall.

Lucifer is also described as the one who weakened the nations. This could mean that he has devoured and destroyed several nations through his powers of darkness since he is the master of destruction. He is further described as being proud in his thoughts and trying to overthrow God from His throne.

He is said to have been overambitious to the point where he decided to fight His creator. However, God destroyed him by throwing him down to earth since He knew how He created Lucifer.

The Old Testament has described Lucifer as the morning star, suggesting that at one point, He was serving God and illuminating His righteous light. However, his pride was the reason for His eventual downfall and downgrading from heavenly glory.

How is Lucifer described in the New Testament?

How is Lucifer described?
How is Lucifer described in the New Testament? Image source: Pixabay

The name Lucifer has not been mentioned in the New Testament. However, Lucifer, mentioned in Isaiah 14:12-14 is compared to Satan, who was mentioned by Jesus in Luke 10:18. In Luke 10:18, Jesus says that He saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning. At the same time, in Isaiah 14:12-14 Lucifer is described as having fallen from heaven.

It is assumed that the two verses discuss the fall of Satan, sometimes referred to as Lucifer. Although not directly mentioned, some scholars have assumed that both verses refer to Lucifer, who fell from heaven after trying to rebel against God.

Why was Lucifer described in the Bible as Shining Star?

Some Biblical scholars have tried to explain why Lucifer was called the Shining Star in Isaiah 14:12-14. They assumed that Lucifer was called the morning star since He was an angel created and anointed by God. He is further referred to as the anointed Cherub, one of God’s most glorious heavenly creatures.

They have assumed that the glory that Lucifer was created with is what was used to describe him as the Shining Star. Angels and heavenly creatures have always been symbolized with light to show that God loves the deeds of light. However, Lucifer’s pride led to his fall, and all his glory was taken away from him. He ended up becoming the master and destroyer of the world of darkness.

What is the most complete biblical description of Lucifer?

biblical description of Lucifer
Biblical description of Lucifer. Image source: Pixabay

Lucifer’s most complete biblical description can be assumed to be the one in Isaiah 14:12-14 since this is the verse that directly mentions him. The verse describes Lucifer as having fallen from heaven due to his pride and ambition to rule over what God created. He is further defined as the destroyer who has to weaken several nations. This verse describes Lucifer as an overambitious servant of God whose pride led to his expulsion from heaven. He is also a destroyer of nations created by God to prosper.

How do we identify Lucifer according to the Book of Revelation?

The name Lucifer has not been mentioned in Revelations; however, Revelations 12:9 is assumed to be a verse referring to him since he is regarded as Satan himself. In verse, he is identified as the dragon, the ancient serpent who lied to Adam and Eve. He is also recognized as the deceiver of the whole world.

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