How many Jesus shoes were made (How much is a pair of Jesus shoes)?

There were mixed feelings from both Christians and non-believers when the Jesus shoes were launched in 2019, claiming to have holy water injected in them. Some believers termed it blasphemy, while others had no problem with it. The Nike Air Max 97s had been the talk of the town for quite a while before they sold out in a blink of an eye. Many have always wondered how many Jesus shoes were made.

According to Fox News, the Jesus shoes sold out less than minutes after their official launch. However, don’t be too surprised, as being a limited series, the brand had only made two dozen shoes. However, it has been hinted by the founder of the brand Gabriel Whaley that there might be a ‘second coming.’

The Jesus shoes debate was a heated debate that hit the headlines and dried up after they were sold out. However, many people still have numerous questions about these shoes, like, who made the Jesus shoes? How much were the Jesus shoes worth? What sizes of Jesus shoes are available? Are Jesus’ shoes filled with holy water still available? This article attempts to answer these questions. Read on to find out more about the Jesus shoes!

Who made the Jesus shoes?

The limited edition of sneakers that hit the headlines in October 2019, named Jesus shoes, sure made an impact, as they were the talk of the town for quite a while. According to Fox News, these shows were produced by a Brooklyn-based company MSCHF. The Jesus shoes were a work of art made with pure frankincense wool and an added crucifix to the laces. This made the impression that the shoes were ‘holy,’ which caused an uproar from the Christian community, who saw this as an act of blasphemy.

The Jesus shoes were named Nike Air Max 97 and were said to be filled with holy water on their soles. The holy water wad added color, which made it visible on the colorless soles of the shoes. In all honesty, the Jesus shoes did look the part.

How many Jesus shoes were made?
How much were the Jesus shoes worth? See below

How much were the Jesus shoes worth?

How much money would you pay to have the feeling of wearing ‘holy shoes ‘? Well, whichever your answer is, the cost of the Jesus shoes is not something you have in mind. For the limited edition of these ‘holy shoes,’ the Brooklyn-based company went way overboard.

Each pair of the ‘Jesus shoes ‘ took you back a whopping $3000. This is enough money to buy you a whole collection of shoes, only that they wouldn’t be as ‘holy.’ The Jesus shoes sold minutes after they were launched, as People couldn’t wait to feel holiness on their feet.

The release was only limited to 24 pairs of sneakers hence the price. Also, seeing that it was a rare and holy shoe, the stakes would not have been lower!

What size of Jesus shoes are available?

The Jesus shoes were available in different sizes, from 11 to 11.5. Since the shoes were only made in a limited edition of 24 pairs, they did not have a wide range of sizes. Only the lucky ones with the right to the shoe purchased these rare ‘ holy shoes. However, there is still hope that the shoes will be released again, as the brand owner said. The Jesus shoes, however, may still be available on platforms like eBay for sale by those who purchased them during their launch.

How much is a pair of Jesus shoes?
Are Jesus’ shoes filled with holy water still available? See below

Are Jesus’ shoes filled with holy water still available?

The liquid in Jesus shoes was said to be water from the river Jordan that was blessed by a priest and added to them. To make it visible, color was added to this water and then injected into the soles of these shoes. The limited edition of the Jesus shoes was truly special, with meticulous production and attention given to every detail of these shoes.

The shoes had a cross on the laces, which made them feel ‘holy’ just by the look. Additionally, they had the sides of the shoes imprinted MT.14:25, which refers to the verse where Jesus walked on water. The producer said that these shoes could literally ‘ walk on water ‘ Also, the shoes were imprinted ‘Inri,’ meaning king of Nazareth.

The production of these shoes was only limited to 24 pairs of shoes. Hence, they lasted minutes before they were all sold out. The manufacturing company hence does not have this shoe for sale as of now. However, they may be available on platforms like eBay, where the shoes owners are willing to sell them out.


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