How much is a Jesus piece (where to buy)?

When I was a theology student, I was young and fond of fashion accessories. I noticed that one
of the common things among rappers was their love for the Jesus piece. This unique piece of
jewelry has been worn numerous times by iconic rappers such as Jay Z and Kanye West. It is considered a statement neckpiece that artists buy when they make it in the hip-hop industry. Jesus, pieces are pretty expensive. That is because they are embellished with different types of rare stones and metals. Due to the wide variety of gemstones and precious metals out there, I have often wondered, how much is a Jesus piece?

Jesus pieces vary in price range. The price largely depends on the design and materials used to create the pendant. For example, one online store currently sells a 2.5-inch Jesus piece at $6,350. The pendant is made of 10K gold, and it is diamond encrusted. The piece weighs about 16.89 Gr. The same store sells a 5.69 Gr Jesus piece at $ 1,300. In 2007, Rapper Kanye west collaborated with popular jeweler Jacob Arabo to create a unique Jesus piece for his collection. For this Piece, Arabo put clear diamonds in the crown of thorns. Small rubies were used to illustrate Jesus’ tears of blood and yellow diamonds as His hair. Kanye paid $25,000 for the pendant.

In this article, I will discuss what the Jesus piece represents and how much it costs. Join me in
this exploration and discover what it is made of and why rappers wear the Jesus piece. Read on
to know more about the Jesus piece.

Where can you buy a Jesus piece?

Today, one can buy anything online, including Jesus pieces. Several reliable online shops such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay sell Jesus pieces. They have a wide variety to choose from, and they also provide diversity in the price range. For those who prefer human interaction, visiting a brick-and-mortar store can be fun. There are many jewelry stores specializing in men’s jewelry. Some examples include Trax N.Y.C., IF & Co., and Frost N.Y.C., among others. It is worth noting that one can have their Jesus piece customized at these stores.

What is the Jesus piece made of?

While there are many precious metals, most Jesus pieces are made of gold or silver and decorated with diamonds. People with more refined tastes and deep pockets may choose to have their pendants encrusted with Rubies. Some jewelers use Aquamarines to make the eyes on the Jesus piece.

What is the weight of a Jesus piece?

How much is a Jesus piece?
Weight of a Jesus piece. Source: Freepik

The weight of a Jesus piece is not constant. Some pieces weigh up to 18 Gr while others weigh as little as 1 Gr. Again, the material used determines how much it weighs. The size of the pendant also contributes to its heaviness.

Who started wearing the Jesus piece?

Ghostface Killah was the first Hip Hop artist to wear the Jesus piece in a music video. Killah is part of the popular hip-hop group known as the Wu-Tang clan. During its peak, the Wu-Tang clan made a major impact on the hip-hop industry and African American culture. Later on, Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G., had several Jesus pieces made for himself and his colleagues. Wallace paid $10,000 for each piece. Other rappers like Jay-z adopted the culture when he wore the Jesus piece on the cover of XXL magazine in 99’.

What does a Jesus piece represent?

Hip-hop music originated from African Americans. Black people are known to be spiritual and predominantly Christian. The Jesus piece was inspired by the persona of Jesus and His death. However, it is not necessarily worn for religious purposes. The hip-hop community views the Jesus piece as a fashion statement. It is a symbol of illustrating the pinnacle of hip-hop artistry and penmanship. It is the only jewelry piece used to reference a specific music genre. Influential voices in the hip-hop industry have acknowledged the importance of the Jesus piece. The Boombox calls the Jesus piece an Iconic piece of jewelry. The Highsnobiety called it “the most popular pendant of all time.”

Why do rappers wear Jesus pieces?

Rappers wear Jesus pieces for a myriad of reasons. The most basic reason is fashion. The majority of Hip hop artists wear these pieces when making music videos or attending award shows. Others cite deeper reasons for including the Jesus piece in their wardrobes. For instance, Kanye west bought a custom-made Jesus Piece for his graduation in 2004. It cost him a whopping $200,000. Rapper jay-z was also quoted saying that the Jesus piece was an essential part of his creative process. According to Jay-z, wearing the Jesus piece in the studio is an important ritual.

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