How powerful was Jesus (what kind of power did Jesus have)?

Through reading the Bible, Christians have been exposed to the great works of Jesus Christ during his time on earth. From healing the sick to walking on water to raising the dead, among other great deeds, Christians have been amazed by how much power Jesus possessed. Some Christians have been curious about Jesus’s power, which made him perform countless great deeds. They have asked, “How powerful was Jesus?”

Jesus was as powerful as God the Father, as the Bible suggests in John 10:30. In this scripture, Jesus says, “The Father and I are one.” This is an excellent revelation that Jesus is God and therefore shares in the powers of God the Father. This suggests that in anything God the Father can do, Jesus plays an equal role. Jesus had the power to create, give back life, heal the sick calm nature, and perform other great deeds. He had the power to do anything, as the Bible suggests.

Several Christians have been asking questions regarding Jesus and his power. What kind of power did Jesus have? What made him powerful? How strong was Jesus? These and other questions regarding the power of Jesus have been answered in this article. Read to the end to find out.

What kind of power did Jesus have?

Jesus had the power of God that he possessed since the beginning of the world. In Genesis 1:26, God is quoted as saying, ‘let us make the man.’ This was about the Holy Trinity that worked together during creation and indicated that they shared power. As a core part of the trinity, Jesus Christ had the power of God he possessed since the beginning of the world.

The power of God was not only helpful during creation but also during the ministry of Jesus. This is the power that Jesus used for several great deeds to mean that the power was multipurpose. With this power, Jesus calmed the storm at sea and made the finest wine as a miracle in Cana. The same power he possessed fed a crowd of people from limited food and healed the sick from several diseases.

The same power raised the dead and was seen during the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Most scholars have found it challenging to explain the kind of power Jesus possessed but have all concluded that God’s power was able to accomplish everything.

What made Jesus powerful?

How powerful was Jesus?
Jesus’ power. Source: Pixabay

The fact that Jesus Christ is God made him powerful. In John 10:30, Jesus Christ says he is one with the Father. This is a revelation that Jesus is God and shares his divinity with God the Father. God, the Father’s power, is the same in Jesus Christ. We can agree that the divinity that Jesus Christ shares with God the Father made him powerful. He is a part of the trinity and therefore has that Godly power by default.

We are never exposed to scripture where Jesus Christ was created in the Bible. This means that he existed from the beginning of times with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. The power that existed from the beginning of creating the world was also the same power that made Jesus Christ powerful.

Being God and having no creator means that Jesus Christ had unlimited power that enabled him to perform all the great deeds during his ministry.

Is Jesus the most powerful deity in all religions?

Jesus is the most powerful deity in all religions, as the Bible seems to suggest. The Bible has depicted Jesus Christ in a way that no other deity in any other religion has been depicted in religious books. Firstly, he is said to be the most powerful deity because he was God. In John 8:58, Jesus Christ refers to himself as ‘I AM,’ the same term God used to refer to Himself while sending Moses to Egypt. He also says in John 10:30 that he is the same as the Father. This was an indication that he was indeed God.

Jesus was also human, as he was sent to minister and accomplish the will of God. He possessed the human body, lived the life of a human fully, performed Godly miracles, died, resurrected, and finally ascended to heaven. He is known as the only deity to do all those great happenings. He finally left behind a legacy that has made his religion the most followed on earth.

Is there another more powerful than Jesus?

There is no one recorded as being more powerful than Jesus in the history of the world. His deeds had never been done before and were never replicated by anyone else. Jesus Christ healed the sick by touching them or muttering words. His healings were known to be instant and permanent. Some were healed by just touching his cloak.

Jesus had control over nature, as depicted when he calmed a storm. He also walked on water, a phenomenon considered impossible for people. He raised the dead by giving life back to them and drove out demons from people. He performed miracles that no other being was ever recorded performing.

Since there is no record of any being doing more than what Jesus Christ did, we can conclude that no other being was more powerful than Jesus Christ.

Besides performing miracles, was Jesus physically more gifted than other men of his time?

Jesus Christ was not more physically gifted than other men of his time, as the Bible suggests in Isaiah 53:2. According to the scripture, Jesus Christ had no beauty or majesty and did not have a desirable appearance. This suggests that Jesus Christ had the appearance of any other ordinary man and was not physically more gifted than other men of his time.

The Bible never describes Jesus as having a better physique than other men. It was God’s will that Jesus Christ comes as a human and not to have distinct features that would make him appear as God. This was important in ensuring that only those with a keen eye for the Kingdom of God would identify him. After the beating he received, the Bible says that Jesus was completely deformed. This shows that Jesus had an average human body that could experience the same level of injury as humans.

Did Jesus Christ have a muscular physique?

what kind of power did Jesus have?
Masculine man. Source: Pixabay

The Bible does not describe Christ as having a muscular physique. As Isaiah describes him, Jesus had an ordinary appearance and was not unique to other men. He did not have a muscular physique but had the body of an average man. He beat the notion that a deity must appear muscular and instead possess the average human body size.

His followers were not attracted to him due to his appearance, as he possessed no distinct character. Since He came from an average Jewish family, he looked like one of them, and no physical feature has been recorded that made him look any unique to the men of those days.

Is Jesus Still Strong Enough for the World Today

Jesus Christ is strong enough for today’s world and would survive well. Jesus lived during the olden times when things were quite different from now. The people’s lifestyle during those years differed from the lifestyle today. However, in this modern world, Jesus would still survive well.

Since he was born with the spirit of God in him, Jesus would have adapted well to the modern world. He was a part of the creation and had been watching the world’s civilization processes. He knows the world better than any human being. He would have survived in the current conditions perfectly well.


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