How Tall Is Adam And Eve (How Tall Were Adam And Eve at The Time of Creation)?

In my last youth Bible study session, we discussed Adam and Eve and what they possibly looked like. It was an exciting topic, but before diving in, I asked the attendees a few simple questions like the age of Adam and Eve, when they were created, their race, and whether they were attractive. For the most part, everyone gave reasonable answers to all those questions, but there is one that elicited a heated debate. It was, “How tall were Adam and Eve?”

The exact height of Adam and Eve is not known, but using Biblical clues such as Genesis 6:4 and science, many scholars estimate that they were very tall and possibly over 10 feet.

In this article, I look deeply at Adam and Eve’s probable heights. Expect to gain insight into what archeologists and theologists think about the topic. It is a great read that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Does the Bible Say How Tall Adam And Eve Were at The Time of Creation?

How Tall Were Adam And Eve at The Time of Creation?
How Tall were Adam And Eve? Image source: Pixabay

No, the Bible does not say how tall Adam and Eve were when they were created. Many issues and questions are not directly addressed in the Holy Book, but science can fill that gap. Christians rely on archeology to get possible answers about the first man and woman’s heights.

Do Scientists Know How Tall Adam And Eve Were?

Scientists do not precisely know how tall Adam and Eve were, but they have theories. They study fossil records to get an idea. Numerous excavated fossils point to the presence of giant animals during Biblical times. For instance, in the 1940s, a fossilized wing of Meganeuropsis Americana was found in Oklahoma, and remains of very large turtles were dug up in South America. This might indicate that humans were also giants during that time, with some believing Adam and Eve may have been 15 feet tall.

How Tall Was an Average Male in Genesis Times?

The average man during Genesis times was believed to be around 15 feet tall. Theologians look at Scripture such as Genesis 6:4. This verse first mentions Nephilim or giants. It is assumed they were very tall human beings. Additionally, Numbers 13:32 says that the Israelite spies were shocked to see how tall the people of Canaan were.

How Tall Was an Average Female in Genesis Times?

How Tall Were Adam And Eve at The Time of Creation?
How Tall Was an Average Female in Genesis Times? Image source: Pixabay

The average height of women during Genesis times is believed to be over 10 feet and very tall. This is because many Biblical facts indicate that people in the Old Testament were giants. For example, in Amos 2:9, the Amorites were described as being as tall as cedars. Deuteronomy 3:11 also says that King Bashan’s bed was very big to accommodate his large size.

Can We Know for Sure How Tall Was Adam And Eve?

Unfortunately, no. We may never accurately know Adam and Eve’s heights. Likely, people in that era did not have precise methods of measuring and recording heights. As a result, the Bible does not capture such information, so we will never precisely know. We can only theorize.

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