What Is Adam And Eve’s Last Name (Did Adam And Eve Have A Surname)?

I teach weekly Bible Study classes, and in our last session, we discussed Adam and Eve. Before we dive into a topic, I always quiz my attendees on basic information about the subject. We started with their names. Most could answer simple questions like which Biblical Book first mentions their names and what their first names are. However, I decided to make things a little challenging. One question got them completely stumped. It was, “What is Adam and Eve’s last name?”

Simply put, it is believed that Adam and Eve did not have last names. The Bible in Genesis 5:2 and Genesis 3:20 only identify the first man and woman by their first names. Possible surnames are not mentioned anywhere in Scripture.

In this article, I extensively discuss Adam and Eve’s names, how they acquired their names, and if they had a surname. I read Biblical scholars’ works and used relevant Bible references to tackle the topic. It is a good read with all the answers you need.

Who Named Adam And Eve?

According to the Bible, God named the first man and woman. In the original Hebrew version of Genesis 5:2, it says that the Lord created human beings and named them ‘hā·’ā·ḏām .’This translates to “mankind .”Scripture does not outrightly say that this is Adam’s name, but Biblical interpreters took ‘hā·’ā·ḏām’ or Adam in English to be the name of the first man. Eve was later named by Adam (Genesis 3:20). The name Adam gave to her means “mother of all the living.”

Did Adam And Eve Have A Surname?

Did Adam And Eve Have A Surname?
Did Adam And Eve Have A Surname? Image source: Freepik

Scripture and theology indicate that Adam and Eve did not have a surname. Edward D. Andrews, a renowned Biblical Studies scholar, explains that in the historical times of Adam and Eve, surnames or last names were not used. At the time, the population was low, so having one name was not a problem. According to him, high society began passing down their family names around 1500 A.D.

When Did Adam Decide to Call the First Woman, Eve?

Adam named Eve after they received punishment from God for disobeying Him (Genesis 3:20). God had just declared that they would be subject to labor, pain, and death. Thereafter, Adam gave Eve her name. He gave her the name, ‘Ḥawwāh’ (Eve), which means “the mother of all living.” It connotes her role as the first woman who gave birth to all of mankind. Adam understood that she would mother all his children. He also knew from God’s promise in Genesis 3:15 that one of her descendants would defeat Satan. Thus, Eve’s name means “living.”

What Was Eve’s Name Before God Changed Her Name?

What Is Adam And Eve’s Last Name?
What Was Eve’s Name Before God Changed Her Name? Image source: Freepik

According to Genesis 2:23, Eve’s name before it was changed was ‘Woman .’This verse explains how the first woman was formed from the flesh and bones of the first man. Her name change came later in Genesis 3:20, where Adam named her Eve. Her name was changed from “man” to “life” because she would give birth and life to the entire human race.

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