Will Adam and Eve Be Resurrected? (What Does the Bible Say?)

Last week, as my Bible Study students and I discussed Adam and Eve’s rebellion, many brought up the notion that they might not be worthy of Heaven. Others understood that God is infinitely merciful, so, he would save their souls. With such polar opposite opinions, it was important that I first let people understand the concept of the final resurrection so that they can ultimately answer the question, “Will Adam and Eve be resurrected?”

Many believe that Adam and Eve will be resurrected because they interpret Scripture such as Genesis 3:15 as evidence that they gained God’s grace before death. God promises salvation to Adam, Eve, and their lineage, which is understood to be a sign of their imminent resurrection.

To gain a holistic understanding of this topic, I looked at Biblical evidence of Adam and Eve’s salvation. In this article, I also discussed why Adam and Eve did not immediately perish after sinning and whether their death was a sacrifice. You will thoroughly enjoy this read.

Does the Bible Say Adam And Eve Were Saved Before They Died?

The Bible is unclear about whether Adam and Eve were saved, but some Scripture implies that they gained God’s favor before death. For instance, scholars look at Genesis 3:15 as proof. In this verse, the Lord promises a Messiah who will save Adam and Eve’s generation. Further, even after sinning, God clothed them (Genesis 3:21). This is taken as a sign that He still cared for them.

Were Eve and Adam The First to be Saved After the Resurrection?

Will Adam and Eve Be Resurrected?
Eve and Adam After the Resurrection. Image source: Pixabay

According to theologians, it is unknown if Adam and Eve were the first to be saved after Jesus’ resurrection because the chronological order by which the trapped souls of Sheol ascended is a mystery. Sheol or Limbo is believed to be the place where just souls dwelled away from God’s glory until the death, descent, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. When Adam and his wife died, it is thought this is where their souls went. They were only released into Paradise when Jesus died and resurrected for our sins, but it is unknown if they were the first to be received.

Why Did Adam And Eve Not Die Right After Eating from The Forbidden Fruit?

Adam and Eve did not die immediately after eating the forbidden fruit because Biblical interpreters believe this fruit started their death process instead of instantly killing them. When Genesis 2:17 is directly translated from Hebrew, it means “they shall surely die.” Many understand this text to be an assurance from God that eating the forbidden fruit will inevitably cause death, and from the time of consumption, one will begin to die.

Should Adam’s And Eve’s Death Be Regarded as A Sacrifice?

Some Christians believe Adam and Eve’s death is not a sacrifice. It is argued that they did not have eternal life, to begin with (Revelation 22:1-9), and when they were cursed with mortality (Romans 5:19), it was punishment for their sinful act. Their death was not a sacrifice but a result of God’s judgment. For not following God’s instructions, Adam and Eve faced the consequences, redeemed by the real sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

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