What Can You Infer about Adam and Eve’s Relationship? (Lessons from Adam and Eve’s Relationship)

Last Sunday, I was keenly interested in the sermon, which touched on Adam and Eve, the first couple created by God. As the youth spiritual leader, I guide quality relationship values. I have always believed that to build healthy relationships and marriages, we must begin by moulding our youth. Thus motivated by this sermon, I took it upon myself to look into the lessons we could learn from Adam and Eve. Based on the challenges and temptations faced in our unions today, what can you infer about Adam and Eve’s relationship?

The main lesson we infer from Adam and Eve’s relationship is that marriage is meant to last forever and should not be ended. According to Matthew 19:16, a man and his wife are one flesh, and no man should separate them. Genesis 2:18 also teaches us that just as God created a companion for Adam, He does not intend us to be alone. We should have lifetime companions for ourselves too.

In this article, we will look into what the Bible says about Adam and Eve’s relationship. We will also explore what their relationship teaches us about love and what relationship they had with their children. Read on to learn these and much more.

What Does the Bible Say about Adam and Eve’s Relationship?

The Bible implies that Adam and Eve’s relationship was for companionship and to fill the earth. According to Genesis 2:18, God saw it unfit for man to be alone and created his helper. In Genesis 1:28, God gave Adam and Eve His blessing and instructed them to multiply and fill the earth. They were to live together, have children, and care for them harmoniously.

What Adam and Eve Can Teach Us about Love?

What Can You Infer about Adam and Eve’s Relationship?
What Adam and Eve Can Teach Us about Love? Image source: Freepik

Adam and Eve teach us that love can only flourish if we live in accordance with the will of God. God intended for them to live a pure life full of love and provided everything they needed in perfect form. However, according to Genesis 3: 17-19, a simple act of disobedience separated them from God, who unleashed heavy punishment on them. The Bible implies God was unhappy with them when they ate from the Tree of Life and thus cursed them.

How Did Adam and Eve Get Along?

The Bible implies that Adam loved his wife, Eve, and got along well. The Bible does not record any disagreement between them. In Genesis 2:23, when God presented Eve to Adam, he showed his appreciation for her and referred to her as the bone of his bones, the flesh of his flesh. Even when they committed the first sin, they were in collaboration. According to Genesis 3:6, after Eve ate the fruit, she thought it was good and gave some to Adam, who was with her.

Were Adam and Eve at First Made to be A Couple or Friends?

Lessons from Adam and Eve’s Relationship
Adam and Eve relationship. Image source: Freepik

The Bible implies that God created Adam and Eve to be a couple. According to Genesis 1:27-28, God made mankind both male and female. He then instructed them to be fruitful and fill the earth with their offspring. Genesis 2:18 further implies that God intended Eve to be Adam’s companion to help each other.

What Was Adam and Eve’s Relationship with Their Children?

Adam and Eve loved and showed gratitude for their children despite their shortcomings. According to Genesis 4:1-26, when Eve conceived and gave birth to Cain, we see her giving gratitude to God for giving her a child. Although Cain later killed Abel, God blessed Eve with another child. In Genesis 4:25, we also see her being grateful to God for giving her another son Seth, after Abel’s death by Cain.

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