How To Be Healed By Jesus (Seeking Jesus’ Healing)

Many people have faith in God’s and Christ’s healing powers, which is why anyone in the hospital or ailing at home will always pray or ask their loved ones to pray for them. This often happens because of the many miracles Jesus performed and healed people suffering from incurable diseases. And so, for anyone looking for divine healing, learning how to pray for healing or how to be healed by Jesus is crucial.

To be healed by Jesus, one needs to have faith in Jesus and believe that despite the challenges they are going through or the severity of the illness, they can recover. One also needs to give up control and believe their troubles will be washed away by Jesus Christ.

This post shares insights on what one could do to receive healing from Jesus. So, keep reading.

What does the Bible say about Jesus’ healing?

The biggest lessons and representations of the healing powers of Jesus are presented in the New Testament, where Jesus is depicted as one of the most powerful healers of all time. The Bible perceives Jesus Christ as a miracle healer who transformed lives throughout his time on Earth and someone whose legacy remains to date.

Several verses in the New Testament, especially the four Gospels., with the Gospel according to Matthew 8:16-17 suggest that Jesus Christ healed and drove off evil spirits off a troubled, demon-possessed man, fulfilling what the Prophet Isaiah has said about the Messiah that was to come to save humanity.

His power to heal is further demonstrated in verses such as Mark 5:34, Luke 7:50, Matthew 9:35, Mark 10:52, and Luke 4:40, among others.

Bible verses about Jesus’ healing

Here is an outline of all the Bible verses that give a glimpse of the healing powers of Jesus.

Matthew 8:16-17

This Bible verse is about Jesus’ miraculous healing, where He demonstrated his might above illness and his power to banish all evil. In this account, Jesus banished demons from a man possessed by demons. He also healed many with just his words and his authoritative commands. All the miracles he performed were proof of the fact that He was the Messiah that had been prophesized by the Prophet Isaiah. The prophet had prophesized that the Messiah would come to take up humanity’s infirmities and that he’d also bear diseases that afflict people.

Luke 7:50

This verse demonstrates the healing powers of Jesus Christ and the emphasis Jesus put on the importance of faith. In this verse, it is implied that Jesus healed a sick woman who had faith in Christ by informing her that Her faith had saved her and that she may go on her way in peace. Before this verse, the Bible suggests a written account in which a sinful woman was forgiven and healed because she believed. This woman had been disgraced by society, and even Simon, one of Jesus’ disciples, is implied to have been disgusted by the woman’s decision to touch, wash, and anoint the feet of Jesus. However, Jesus told him everyone had a right to forgiveness and healing.

Mark 5:34

This Bible verse infers that a lady who’d been unwell and hemorrhaging for about 12 years received healing, and her bleeding stopped immediately; she touched the hem of Jesus’ robe, thanks to the fact that she had faith that Jesus would heal her. Interestingly, it is suggested that despite thousands following Jesus, the woman’s faith-led action to touch Jesus’ robe gently is what healed her and freed her from the many years of suffering. Once again, Jesus demonstrated that he was a powerful healer and didn’t have to command an illness out of the person needing healing physically. All anyone needs for healing is complete faith in Jesus Christ.

John 9:32-33

This is the other Bible verse about Jesus’ healing power and, most importantly, the importance of faith and confidence. The man healed in this scripture was blind, and though he didn’t know much about Jesus Christ, he still took the leap to profess the little that he knew, and by doing this, he was healed. And in Jesus’ address to the Pharisees, he made it clear that the only reason why the man born blind had his eyesight restored was able to get that gift because he believed in God.

Matthew 9:35 and Luke 4:40

In these two verses, Christ’s healing powers are implied when Jesus Christ traveled through several villages proclaiming the news of God’s Kingdom while healing many people who suffered from different sicknesses and diseases. It’s implied that Jesus was able to heal many by placing his hands on them, healing them.

The other bible verses that portray Jesus’ healing abilities include James 5:15, Mark 10:52, Isaiah 53:5, and Psalm 103:3.

seeking Jesus’ Healing
What prayer can I use to ask Jesus for healing? See below

What prayer can I use to ask Jesus for healing?

There are different ways to ask Jesus for healing, but there isn’t just one way of praying.

But whichever way you wish to pray, the order of the prayer’s words doesn’t matter as much, but what matters are your intentions and showing that you have faith in Jesus’ healing. Overall, the prayer for healing involves asking God for comfort, laying oneself bare before God, and asking for God’s blessings, guidance, and confidence. It also means committing oneself to the power of God and His Graces and trusting in him fully. One may also pray to ask for comfort, patience, Mercy, a quiet mind, and a positive, expectant heart.

An example of the prayer maybe this one:

Lord, I am here today with a complete, patient, faithful, and trusting heart, asking for your healing power. As the Son of God, I believe in your power and authority to heal all disease and sickness. I pray that you touch and heal my body from this ‘disease/ condition’ and restore my vitality and health in all my cells, organs, and organ systems. And may you also heal my emotions and mind and bring me peace, hope, and joy.

I believe in and trust your love and goodness, Mercy and compassion, and most importantly, you wish to heal me.

In Jesus’ Name, I Pray, Amen.

How can I ask Jesus for healing?

To ask for healing, it is essential to keep the following specifications in mind:

  1. First, pray in faith, believing in Jesus’s power to heal and, most importantly, that Jesus wishes to heal you. And while praying, one needs to pray with a very since heart, trusting fully in God’s goodness and love.
  2. Secondly, speak your prayer request confidently, asking Jesus to heal the specific areas of your body, mind, or soul that require healing. Always make a specific request.
  3. Third, confess your faith in God, and declare that you believe in the Son of God, Jesus, as a source of all healing.
  4. Fourth, Express gratitude for God’s healing powers and his healing powers and miracles.
  5. Fifth, read the Bible, meditating on healing verses and God’s healing promises.
  6. Sixth, seek God’s counsel, perhaps from pastors, spiritual leaders, or even spiritual friends.
  7. Finally, believe in Jesus’ healing power, give thanks, and ask God for his healing powers.

How is Jesus’ healing different from a medicinal cure?

The main difference between the healing offered by Jesus Christ and modern medicine is that while modern medicine also heals the body and just the symptoms, healing, thanks to having faith in Jesus, is holistic. It doesn’t just heal the body but also the soul, mind, and every bit of its essence. Healing from Jesus is far-reaching, and it only calls for faith.

How To Be Healed By Jesus
Why is it essential to ask Jesus for healing? See below

Why is it essential to ask Jesus for healing?

Asking for healing from Jesus Christ is important because it is far-reaching and holistic, and it not only depends on but is also proof of one’s strong belief in the healing powers of Jesus.

It is essential to as Jesus for healing powers because he is an all-powerful, faithful, and wonderful God who offers to heal all who call on Him. Asking for healing from Jesus is crucial because it offers to heal the body, mind, and soul. And calling to him is a reminder of the importance of faith in the power of Jesus Christ.

Do I command healing in Jesus’ name or ask Jesus?

The best way to receive healing from Jesus Christ is by asking for healing in Jesus’ name rather than commanding. One receives healing from God or Jesus by worshipping and praying in Jesus’ name. Note, however, that some people believe in commanding healing in Jesus’ name.

Even so, demonstrating gratitude, confessing sins, and compassionately seeking God’s healing is considered the best way to ask for healing from God.


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