How was Satan created (who made Satan)?

Having been a Christian for a long time with 15 years of experience in Christianity ministry, I have read the Bible and taught churches about Satan’s evil plan and how they can overcome them through Jesus Christ and our Lord Savior. Recently, I attended a mission and was put in charge of teaching the Sunday school the basics of the Bible. As I was teaching about the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by Satan, one little girl rose out of curiosity and asked, “How was Satan created?”.

The Bible does not exclusively reveal how Satan was created. However, religious scholars have suggested that Satan made himself the ‘Satan’ he is now and that God only created the ‘angel’ version of him. Additionally, Genesis 1:31 implies that God saw everything he had created as very good, meaning that there is no way he would have created such a cunning creature like Satan.

So, join me as we look into whether God created Satan and how Lucifer became so evil, among other topics.

Did God create Satan?

The Bible does not tell us if God created Satan. However, several religious scholars like Don Stewart from Blue Letter Bible suggest that God did not create the Satan we now know of but created a beautiful angel called Lucifer, who was in charge of the Cherub. When God was creating the world, including the angels, among them Lucifer, he only had his will at heart as suggested in Revelations 4:11. However, the beautiful angel Lucifer out of his own will, decided to go against God and his plans, a thing that led God to throw him out of heaven and became the ‘Satan’ the world knows of.

When God created Lucifer, did he know he would be evil?

who made Satan?
When God created Lucifer, did he know he would be evil? Image source: Pixabay

There is no definite answer to these questions, as several bible scholars have speculated two things. One group of scholars believe that God created Lucifer, an angel at that time, knowing he would become evil to fulfill his purpose and plan. In contrast, the other group of scholars speculates that when God created the angels, including Lucifer, he only had one will for the universe, as suggested in Revelations 4:11, and evil was not in his will.

Theologians from got question organization also suggest that while God may have known that Satan would one day rebel against him, he was not the one that caused or pushed Satan to do so, as he did out of his free will, of choosing to do evil and not good. Don, a bible scholar, further suggests that God only created Lucifer, his angel, and not the Satan we know today.

How did Lucifer become evil?

Lucifer became evil because of his pride. Two books in the Bible provide details on what aspired before Satan was thrown out of heaven and became evil. Isaiah 14:12-13 implies that Satan had become so prideful that he wanted to be greater than God, who had created him. He became so evil that he wanted to ascend into heaven, raise his throne above all the stars of God, and sit on the throne on Mount Zaphon.

The book of Ezekiel 28:11-19 also suggests that Lucifer became evil after wickedness was found in him. Before becoming the evil Satan, who knows of, Lucifer was the most loved angel of God and had been anointed as a guardian cherub. He was blameless in his ways from the day God created him and was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. However, Lucifer was filled with violence, became proud because of how highly God had created him, and wanted to overthrow the kingdom of God. This resulted in God throwing him to the earth.

If God created everything that exists, did he also create evil?

The Bible acknowledges that evil exists. However, Religious scholars have suggested that God did not create evil, as his creation consisted of everything good, and there was no evil in it. Scholars further suggest that evil was brought into the world by the first man Adam, out of disobedience.

When God had created Adam and put him in the garden of Eden, as seen in Genesis 2:17, he commanded him not to eat from the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, lest he dies from it. Adam chose to eat the fruit when Eve presented him with it, knowing very well the consequences that were to come with it. Therefore, it is fair to say that even though God is the creator of everything, he did not create evil or Satan, as these were decisions made by two creatures who were not God.

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