Where does Satan live (where is Satan now)?

As a Christian, Satan has always been part of my religious beliefs. Satan is used to depict the evil that is on Earth. I believe Satan was once an angel but defied God’s rules and was banished from heaven. However, I have always wondered where Satan went after being banished from heaven. Did he come to Earth, or is he still in the heavenly realm? A common conversation starter often is, where does Satan live?

The Bible implies that Satan lives on Earth. According to the book of Job chapter one, Satan lost a battle in heaven, resulting in him being expelled from heaven and sent to Earth, where he roams freely. Job1:7. This means that Satan is confined within the borders of Earth, and he cannot leave. But unlike many people think, Satan is not restricted to a specific place on Earth; however, he can roam to the end of the Earth.

Satan’s presence in our lives has always intrigued me to some extent since, as humans, his ways are cunning and often unnoticed by many, especially those who are not spiritually aware. I have always wondered where Satan dwells and how he gets to us. In this article, I seek to find the answer to this and many more questions. Read on as we discover the answer together.

Why do bible scholars believe that Satan is in heavenly realms?

Scholars believe that Satan is in heavenly realms because there are several passages throughout the Bible that support this belief. In the book of Job, the Bible suggests that when the angels appeared before God, so did Satan. Where he says that he is from roaming the Earth, from this passage, scholars conclude that Satan indeed has access to the heavenly realms. Job 1:6-7.

The second instance that supports the scholars’ beliefs is drawn from the book of Ephesians. Which talks of the armor of God that Christians should put on to protect us in the fight against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. The force of evil that is referred to in this passage is Satan since, according to the Christian faith; he is evil. Ephesians 6:10 -12.

Can Satan go back and forth to heaven?

Where does Satan live?
Can Satan go back and forth to heaven? Image source: Freepik

There is no concrete answer to this. The Bible shows Satan appearing before God in some instances, such as in the Book of Job, where Satan appears before God with other angels. Job 1:6. However, all the instances that he appeared before God seem to have been by the will of God and not by his own free will. Hence, we can assume that he can only do so if God allows it. However, in the end, Satan will be confined and imprisoned, as is suggested by Revelations 20.

What does the Bible say about Satan’s current dwelling place?

The dwelling place of Satan has not been stated clearly in the Bible, as we see Satan having access to heaven and Earth. In the book of Job, when the angels appear before God, Satan is also seen to be among them. Job1:6. This also implies that Satan is a spiritual being who can move from place to place and is not confined to a specific physical location.

However, in the gospel of John, Satan is described as “the ruler of this world” in this context, Earth. John 12:31. Which would suggest that Satan dwells on Earth. However, this phrase is ambiguous since some biblical scholars interpret this as Satan’s influence over our daily lives, not his physical presence on Earth.

Where is Satan’s city, according to the book of Revelation?

Satan’s city is believed to be in a place called Pergamum; according to the book of Revelation, God refers to it as the city where Satan lives. Revelation 2:12-17. Pergamum was once the capital city of Asia Minor which was a province of the Roman Empire. It was known for its magnificent architecture and numerous temples dedicated to the gods that the people of the city worshiped. The governor of the city was also known for having the power to execute people who were accused, as well as prisoners.

Is Satan locked up in hell?

where is Satan now?
Is Satan locked up in hell? Image source: Freepik

No, Satan is not locked up in hell, as seen in Job 1:7, where Satan says he is from roaming Earth and not from hell. The belief that Satan is locked up in hell is a common one but is yet to be fulfilled. However, it will be fulfilled when the end of times comes when Jesus defeats Satan and throw him in a lake of fire, as illustrated in Revelations 20. Currently, Satan is free to roam freely to the end of the Earth, furthering his agenda to deceive people, as is seen in John 16:11.

Does Satan also live on Earth?

Yes, Satan lives on Earth but in spirit form; this contradicts the common thought that he is in hell. But according to chronological timelines, the time for him to be cast to hell is yet to come. However, to answer this question, you must understand that Satan is a spiritual being that can be in multiple places. Hence even if he lives on Earth, there is no one specific place where he can be found. In the book of Job, the Bible suggests that he was cast down from heaven and hence why many bible scholars believe that he lives on Earth.

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