Is Cuphead evil? (Is Cuphead safe for kids?)

Last week, I hung out with my nieces and nephews, which I admit was fun. As we were hanging out, one of my nephews could not stop talking about ‘Cuphead’ a show on Netflix.

At one point, he mentioned how he disliked the devil in the show and wished he was out of the show. I was intrigued to find out more about the evil character in the show, so I watched it entirely.

As a theologian and long-term Christian, certain aspects of the show captured my attention. I decided to research whether it is a good fit for kids.

As I progressed, I found the topic interesting and consulted a close-by church leader for guidance. I also read reviews on Christian sites regarding the show.

After getting extensive information through proper research, I shared it with a Sunday school I teach and their parents.

So, Is Cuphead evil?

Cuphead is not necessarily an evil show. However, it features certain imagery that viewers associate with evil. The show has a devil character who sways the main characters into his evil ways. Also, the show features horror-themed imagery such as skeletons, monsters and ghosts. With such traits, some have distanced the show, suggesting it promotes evil.

Please join me in the article below to discuss whether Cuphead is evil. We will deliberate on whether the devil tricked Cuphead into becoming evil. Also, we find out whether the show is safe for kids to watch. Read on to find out more about the topic.

Was Cuphead always evil?

In the beginning, Cuphead was not as evil. However, as the show progresses, the devil turns him into an evil character.

Initially, Cuphead had an impulsive character, while his brother Mugman followed Cuphead’s lead. The devil transforms Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, into more intense evil characters.

Unlike before, Cuphead becomes more mischievous while Mugman becomes anarchic. The devil makes them his minions.

Was Cuphead tricked into becoming evil?

Is Cuphead safe for kids?
Was Cuphead tricked into becoming evil? Image source: Pixabay

The devil character in Cuphead show uses tricks to turn Cuphead and his brother into his evil servants. Cuphead and Mugman participate in a game where they make a deal with the devil.

Unfortunately, they lost to the devil who liaised with them. He gave them a deal to collect souls in exchange for their freedom.

After collecting souls, the devil had a twist where he changed them into his minions.

Is Cuphead a safe game for kids to watch?

The show recommends that children above seven years old are eligible to watch. Parents should regulate their kids to prevent those below eight years from watching.

According to analysts, the show may be more appealing to a wider audience. However, it does not seclude kids from watching.

The show spells out that the devil is bad and should be shunned. Despite including its character in the show, it does not fail to point out the devil’s character.

It would be best if you watched out for certain features that may fail to be as appealing for kids. They include the devil’s character, rude humor, animated violence, and horror-themed imagery such as skeletons, monsters, and ghosts.

Should Christians allow their kids to watch Cuphead?

Is Cuphead evil? 
Should Christians allow their kids to watch Cuphead? Image source: Pixabay

As Christians, we should remember what the scripture says in James 1:5, that we should seek God’s guidance when we feel we lack wisdom.

A person’s understanding of the scripture’s teachings and values will determine whether the show is viable for their kids.

Dependence on scripture is paramount since there are contradicting evaluations from people; some advocate for the show while others condemn it.

Episode seven of the show may concern some Christian parents as it features drunkenness among some characters. It is a controversial topic among Christians, which may have a negative imagery, especially on kids.

Therefore, as a Christian, you may take this opportunity to discuss with your child against certain values portrayed in the show that may stray them away from the faith.

In this way, they should refer to the scripture for guidance on teachings.

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