Is Jesus better than any superhero (is Jesus the strongest)?

Christians have been exposed to superhero movies; some have their favorite characters. From superman to hulk, the movies have depicted these superheroes as having special powers that they utilize to ward off danger and eliminate their enemies through death. Their strength is special, and they have always caused destruction whenever they fight. Watching superheroes has made some Christians compare them with Jesus, who possessed much power while alive and is considered a real-life superhero by some people. They have asked, “Is Jesus better than any superhero?”

Jesus Christ is better than all the superheroes since his power is real and much better than what the superheroes depict. The power of Jesus Christ was real and could do much more than what the superheroes could co. since he possesses all the power; even an assembled team of superheroes will look powerless compared to Jesus Christ.

Christian lovers of superhero comics and movies would like to know how Jesus Christ compares to their favorite superheroes. Why is Jesus considered a superhero? Why is Jesus better than other superheroes? These are some of the questions they have been asking as they try to discover how Jesus compares to other superheroes. These and more questions have been answered in the article below.

Why is Jesus considered a superhero?

Some Christians have considered Jesus a superhero because of some of the deeds he performed during his lifetime. His miracles were extraordinary to the point that some Christians have figuratively referred to him as a superhero.

Jesus Christ walked on water at the sea while his disciples were on the boat, as recorded in Matthew 14:22-33. One of the disciples, Peter, tried to emulate him and made a few steps before starting to sink. The act of Jesus Christ walking on water ranks as one of his most astonishing miracles. Since ordinary humans cannot walk on water, some Christians have labelled Jesus a superhero for this miracle.

In Matthew 8:22-25 Jesus was traveling in a boat with his disciples when a storm suddenly started. He was asleep then, and the disciples were frightened by the massive storm threatening to overturn their boat. They cried out to Jesus Christ to save them, and he woke up. He spoke to the storm, and it calmed down at once. Calming a massive storm with a mere command has made some Christians consider Jesus Christ a superhero.

In John 11:1-45, Jesus is informed that his friend Lazarus was very sick. Since Jesus had some businesses to run, he did that before heading to his friend’s place in Bethany. There he finds that he has already died and is buried. With a command, his friend wakes up from the tomb and gets a resurrection. This miracle has earned Jesus Christ the title of a superhero.

In Luke 22:47-53, Jesus is approached by the soldiers and his disciple Judas betrays him. As the soldiers get hold of Jesus, Peter gets infuriated and takes out his knife. Immediately he chops off the ear of one of the soldiers. Jesus picked up the ear immediately and fixed it back. This occurrence has warranted Jesus Christ the title of a superhero from some Christians.

The resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ have also played a crucial role in giving him the title of a superhero. Resurrection is a phenomenon that is considered almost impossible, and the ascension of Jesus is also considered an extraordinary deed.

Five reasons why Jesus is better than any superhero

Is Jesus better than any superhero?
Jesus is better than any superhero. Source: Pinterest

Jesus is real, unlike superheroes who are created characters. The likes of Batman and Spiderman are characters who were made out of human thought. They were then given some powers to perform some functions that fascinate humans. Jesus was born and performed real miracles that were recorded in the Bible.

Jesus Christ only uses his power positively. No single time was Jesus recorded using his powers to harm people and cause destruction. Some superheroes have been depicted as using their power for war and destruction while dealing with other characters cunningly. Jesus only used his powers to impact the lives of people positively.

Superheroes only use their powers to save the people they love. Those who are not in their good books will suffer as they watch. Jesus used his power to save the whole world, including those who had persecuted him.

Jesus died to save the world from sin. He sacrificed himself to save the whole world from sin and selflessly ensured that the world was safe from Satan. Superheroes have never made such a sacrifice for the world, and being fictional characters, they can never play the role Jesus played in the world.

Does Jesus have any weaknesses like other superheroes?

Jesus was God and therefore did not have any weaknesses like the superheroes. Finding a superhero who is all-around and can do everything is rare. In most movies, superheroes have watched their loved ones die without having the power to do anything. This reveals that the superheroes have their weaknesses.

Jesus proved perfect in his doings by showing power over everything. He showed power over nature, science, death, and even gravity when he ascended to heaven. Jesus could do absolutely everything and could not watch people suffering without doing anything. Jesus was perfect in everything he did, unlike the superheroes.


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