Is Lucifer an Archangel (was Lucifer an Archangel before he fell)?

When I think of Lucifer many times, I think of him as an evil and cunning creature, always seeking to bring the fall of man in one way or another. However, after studying the Bible in-depth, I realized this wasn’t always the case. Lucifer was once an angel in heaven, and some scholars speculate that he was among the highest-ranking angels known as archangels. This got me wondering, is Lucifer an Archangel?

The Bible doesn’t clearly state whether Lucifer was an Archangel. An Archangel is a high-ranking angel, usually higher than the rest. Many biblical scholars believe that Lucifer was an Archangel because of how he is portrayed in the book of Ezekiel. He is seen as an angel of immense physical beauty and great intellectual abilities. The Bible also suggests that when Satan was banished from heaven, other angels were banished alongside him. This implies that he had a great influence which makes many scholars conclude that he was an Archangel.

The nature of Lucifer’s character has always intrigued me since I was young. When I got born again, I decided to study him and find out what led him to become Satan as we know him. In this article, I go into detail about Lucifer’s past before he became Satan and the position he held in heaven. Read on to find out more about Lucifer.

Does the Bible mention that Lucifer was an Archangel before he fell?

The Bible does not mention that Lucifer was an Archangel before he fell from heaven. However, the way he is described in the Bible implies that he was one. An Archangel is a high-ranking angel in heaven and usually has more power than most other angels. According to the book of Ezekiel 28:12-15, Lucifer is described as an angel of great wisdom and beauty before his fall. He is seen as the seal of perfection. This is among the reasons why scholars believe that Lucifer was an Archangel.

Also, in Ezekiel 28:14, the Bible refers to Lucifer as an “anointed cherub.” A cherub translates to an angelic being, and in one of Ezekiel’s visions, they are seen as beings that uphold the will of God. This suggests that he was one of the Archangels.

The Bible in the book of Revelation 12:4 suggests that when Lucifer was cast out of heaven to earth, he was not cast out to earth alone. He was cast out together with a significant number of angels who joined in the rebellion against God as well as sin in the eyes of God. No ordinary angel would have had the influence that was needed to convince other angels to go against God. This suggests that Lucifer was a high-ranking angel of Archangel status.

What kind of angel was Lucifer before he rebelled against God?

was Lucifer an Archangel before he fell?
Lucifer as angel. Image source: Pinterest

Just like all other angels created by God, Lucifer was meant to serve God, and before his all, he was a good angel, and he did the will of God. As stated above, even the Bible, in the book of Ezekiel 28:14, describes Lucifer as an anointed cherub. A cherub held a high rank among the angels and was seen as a guardian of the things of God. This also means that he had the duty to protect all of God’s creations.

The Bible also describes Lucifer as the bringer of light, which means that Lucifer was once used for good before he rebelled against God (Isaiah 14:12-15). He is described in the book of Ezekiel 28:15 as a righteous angel till unrighteousness got to his heart. Because of his beauty and intense desire to be God’s equal, Lucifer allowed pride to take the best of Him, and he started rebelling against God, which led to his fall.

What was Lucifer’s position as an Archangel before he fell?

According to Ezekiel 24:14, Lucifer held the position of a guardian cherub in heaven before he fell. Additionally, when Ezekiel describes why Lucifer was cast out from heaven in the book of Ezekiel 28:16, he again refers to Lucifer’s role/position as a guardian cherub. Lucifer was an honored guard in heaven, and he proclaimed God’s holiness and glorious presence before unrighteousness got to his heart.

Due to the nature of his position, Lucifer had much power and much wisdom. Ezekiel 28:12-19 comments on the nature of Satan’s position. This passage notes that Satan was perfectly beautiful and full of wisdom. Satan corrupted his wisdom and lost his position as a guardian cherub in heaven.

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