Lucifer vs. Satan (what is the main difference)

As a Christian, I always take it upon myself to understand the beginning of evil, which I believe is Lucifer’s pride. Lucifer and Satan are names that are often used to describe the devil. However, I believe that each of the names was used for the same entity at different places and instances. Although the names were used differently, I learned that the evil schemes stem from both Lucifer and Satan. So what is the difference between Satan and Lucifer?

It is believed that Lucifer was the perfect angel of God who lived in heaven with God and was always in the direct presence of God’s other angels before his fall. It is suggested that he was among the angels guarding the ark of testimonies, according to Ezekiel 28:14-26. On the other hand, Satan is the fallen angel who was thrown into Sheol after committing the sin of pride. Lucifer transformed into Satan after he wanted to be worshipped like God, as implied in Isaiah 14:12-15.

Join me in this article as I write about the differences between Satan and Lucifer. I will also write about their similarities. Read on to find out.

Is Satan the same as Lucifer?

Although Satan and Lucifer are both names used to refer to the devil, they are believed not to be the same. This could be because the names were used to refer to the devil in different locations—one was used in heaven, and the other was used after he had fallen. Basically, Lucifer and Satan are two different characters, but one entity plays them both, according to the Bible. The devil is believed to be playing these two different roles at different times; he is Lucifer when we talk about the perfect angel of God, while he is Satan when we talk about the fallen angel.

Lucifer is believed to have been the name of the angel of the Lord in heaven before the betrayal. It is believed that Lucifer was a Cherub that stood right in the presence of the Lord as implied in Ezekiel 28:14-16. His name means “to shine in Hebrew,” and he could be compared to archangel Michael because they are both angels that God created, and among the three angels that are mentioned in the Bible—it could imply that they are special angels.

Satan could be a role played by the same entity who was Lucifer, but how he poses, and act makes him different from Lucifer. Let’s look at who Satan really is; Satan’s name is believed to mean adversary, the accuser, a deceptive being ready to manipulate and tempt believers of the word of the Lord because he is always against believers according to 1st Chronicles 21: 1. Satan came from Lucifer; after he wanted to compare himself to God and sinned against him, he turned to Satan. Satan is not visible, but it is believed that one day he would come as a beast after trying to get himself followers in his quest to be like God.

Differences between Satan and Lucifer

Lucifer vs. Satan
Satan vs Lucifer. Image source: Pixabay

Lucifer was the perfect, most beautiful angel of God, as mentioned in Ezekiel 28:15, while Satan was the fallen angel who fell from heaven like lightning, as mentioned in Luke 10:18.

When God created his angels, it is believed that Lucifer was among the angels he created. It is suggested that each angel in heaven has a name; for instance, we know of archangel Michael, angel Gabriel, and Lucifer, who used to be an angel in heaven but is no longer in heaven. Lucifer is believed to have been the most beautiful and perfect angel of the Lord. However, his beauty and perfection made him proud and egoistic, which could have marked the beginning of his fall–transition to being Satan. On the other hand, Satan is nothing close to the perfect angel; he is the fallen angel/devil. The Bible implied that he had a very short time in heaven because he was expelled from heaven and thrown away into the earth together with other angels who wanted to be worshipped.

Their names mean different things; Lucifer is believed to mean ‘shine,’ while the name Satan could mean the enemy of God.

The name Lucifer is believed to be meaning shine because the Bible implies that God considers him as his shining star, the morning star. In the book of Isaiah 14:12-15, it is implied that Lucifer was like the star of the morning. On the hand, Satan is considered and described as the enemy of God, who is on earth. Satan is considered the adversary. The Bible implies that Satan is the father of all lies in the book of John 8:44. Satan is also believed to be the ruler of worldly things in John 12:31.

Similarities between Satan and Lucifer

According to the scriptures, one of the Similarities between Satan and Lucifer is that they are names of the same entity that was created by God—both were created by God. It is believed that God created His angel and made him so beautiful and perfect, and that angel was Lucifer. The same angel that God created is believed to have turned and wanted to be like God, then he was thrown from heaven and became God’s enemy, Satan.

Also, it is suggested that both Lucifer and Satan are prideful and egoistic. Lucifer was the first angel to commit the sin of pride and being egoistically interested in being exactly like God. Similarly, Satan is full of pride and still continues to want to compare to God by masquerading himself as an angel of light to deceive believers, as implied in 2nd Corinthians 11:14-15.

Why is Satan sometimes called Lucifer?

Satan is sometimes called Lucifer because that could have been his name when he was in heaven, and Lucifer was cast out from heaven into Sheol. Most people explain that Lucifer landed in hell, and his name was changed to Satan as he was officially against God. Also, it is because Lucifer started being egoistic and full of pride which is the perfect description of Satan.

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