Is The Jesus Bible Accurate (The Jesus Bible Review)?

The Jesus Bible is a guide about Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. It was launched in 2017, and the Jesus Bible is one of the most popular versions of ESV bibles today. But is the Jesus Bible accurate?

Yes, the Jesus Bible is accurate, albeit with some historical accounts missing. The Jesus Bible is a simplified study Bible that lays out the details about the life and the story of Jesus Christ. The Bible features texts from the New and Old Testament and teachings by individuals like Randy Alcorn, Ravi Zacharias, Max Lucado, Louie Giglio, and John Piper. 

However, many teachings are added to The Jesus Bible, and it has a journaling and note-taking section, making it ideal for Bible studies. This article shares details about The Jesus Bible. So, keep reading.

Who wrote the Jesus Bible?

The Jesus Bible’s ESV Edition is a version of the Holy Bible that captures different aspects of Jesus in the Scripture. It was written by the Passion Movement (Passion Publishing). The main teachers included in this bible version include Randy Alcorn, Ravi Zacharias, Max Lucado, Louie Giglio, and John Piper. 

This version of the Bible aims to uplift and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the main character of the Bible while teaching and encouraging believers to grow their faith in Jesus. Throughout the Bible, the scriptures and the summarized teachings allow readers to meet Jesus in different ways, all through the Scripture. In many ways, the creators of this Bible intended to create a Bible that would make believers know and understand Jesus Christ intimately while walking faithfully with him and loving Jesus with a lot more passion.

The Jesus Bible represents a complete ESV version of the Bible, with 66 books and 6 rather compelling essays regarding the Scripture’s grand narrative and guides about Jesus and his importance.

Note that a version of the Jesus Bible, The Artists Edition, created by Joshua Noom, also exists. This Bible version is an ESV translated Bible.

Is the Jesus Bible a good study Bible?

The Jesus Bible is considered one of the detailed Bible Study Bibles, especially for adults or young adults. It contains the books of the Bible from the Old and the New Testaments. But in addition to the Scripture, Jesus Bible also features notes, thoughts, and teachings about the different aspects of the Bible.

Jesus Bible is written as a story and features a series of stories about Jesus. For instance, a look at the Gospels reveals that they are essentially about one main story, but they come off as 4 stories that begin in radically different ways. According to one of the writers, who also wrote the introduction for the Jesus Bible, the stories in the Bible are ideally about one story woven deep into humanity’s fabric, especially because the Bible represents a story about humans that were created in the Image of God.

The Jesus Bible focuses on different scriptures about eternal life, as suggested in John 5:39. The Jesus Bible is, therefore, a new type of study Bible that focuses on the quality of the storied and the reality that Jesus Christ represents a fundamental, but also an organizing principle of the whole Bible story.

The Jesus Bible also represents a version of the Bible that centers on Jesus Christ. In other words, the intention of coming up with the Jesus Bible was to find Jesus Christ in every book of the Bible, every page, chapter, or verse. This bible story is primarily based on the conviction that Jesus exists throughout the Bible, from the first to the last page, and that there existed no BC where the Bible is concerned.

Besides the detailed focus on Jesus Christ and the comprehensive teachings, The Jesus Bible also makes for excellent bible study sessions because it features book introductions for all the books, highlighting certain Bible sections about Jesus. 

Besides the highlights, Jesus Bible also features 300 short articles plus 700 marginal notes pointing to Jesus. There also are main themes and specifics highlighted throughout the text.

Additionally, Jesus Bible contains 7 Essays outlining the primary narratives of Biblical stories.

And lastly, this version of the Bible features wide margins that give adequate space for journaling and taking notes.

So, as a type of Bible designed to help its readers find Jesus in pretty much all Scripture, the Jesus Bible represents a study bible aiming to offer devotional and spiritual guidance.

What kind of Bible is the Jesus Bible?

Is The Jesus Bible Accurate
Jesus Bible. Source: Pixabay

The Jesus Bible is more of a bible-study Bible. The teachings in this version of the Bible are rooted in Isaiah’s confessions suggested in Isaiah 26:8. And through the creators of this Bible, Passion, the Bible not only acknowledges the existence of Jesus, but it also glorifies God. In this way, the Jesus Bible unites God’s children and students through prayer, worship, and justice needed for the generation’s spiritual awakening. 

How much of the Jesus Bible is historically accurate?

While the Jesus Bible features multiple lessons and accounts about Jesus and the fact that he exists from Genesis to Revelation, The Jesus Bible doesn’t have any historical accounts or explanations, doctrinal expositions, cross-references, archeological attestations, Maps, or commentary done verse-to-verse. And so, with many sections of the traditional Bible left out in this modern Jesus Bible, its historical accuracy is questioned. All the information left out of this Bible means many unmet needs, meaning that people intending to study the Bible in full detail would have to find additional aids for a deeper understanding of the Bible and many of the past accounts. Even so, the absence of historical accounts isn’t considered a deal-breaker.

The historical references aside, information about Jesus and His True Nature is accurate as he’s seen as the Light and the Messiah in many parts of the Bible from its beginning. 

What is special about the Jesus Bible? 

One of the things that make the Jesus Bible special is the fact that this Bible focuses on Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, and the pages of this Bible give different accounts of the role of Jesus and what he meant. On different pages of the Jesus Bible, Jesus is described as the Light, The Ark, the Promise Offspring, the Messiah, The Servant, and the King of Kings, among others.

This Bible demonstrates the meaning and importance of Jesus in Every Book, and all the teachings or interpretations of Jesus are accurate. Most importantly, The Jesus Bible allows for an easy and a, detailed, well-thought-out design for understanding the Bible, especially for people wishing to take time to learn all about the Bible and Jesus.

Is the Jesus Bible a translation of the NIV bible?

The Jesus Bible is essentially a translation of the ESV bible, although it also comes in an NIV version. Note that the main difference between the NIV and the ESV bibles is that while the NIV bible represents a bible version whose translations offer a balance between the Bible’s readability and literal translation, the ESV bible is essentially a bible version that is translated quite literally, but it relatively easy to read and understand. The ESV bible version sounds much more intellectual than the NIV version.

A different version of The Jesus Bible also exists, an NIV version alongside the ESV version. The NIV version is called The Jesus Bible; Artists Edition, created by Joshua Noom.

Where can I buy the Jesus bible?

Is The Jesus Bible Accurate?
Buying the Jesus Bible. Source: Pinterest

There are different sites where you could buy the Jesus Bible. Still, you should ideally buy the Bible from an online site like The Jesus Bible website, which features different versions of the Bible belonging to The Jesus Bible Study Series. Through this series, the Jesus Bible versions have been designed to help different readers understand the role played by Jesus Christ throughout the Bible.

When purchasing The Jesus Bible, there are different versions to choose from, including the NIV and ESV versions and the newly launched Artists Edition of The Jesus Bible. The Bibles come with the Books of the Bible, a section for studying the Bible and for Journaling.

Can a Christian only read the Jesus Bible?

No, anyone can read the Jesus Bible. This is essentially a simplified version of the Bible which gives thoughtful and detailed teachings about The Bible and Jesus Christ. With the added notes, detailed accounts about Jesus in different Books of the Bible and the journaling option, anyone hoping to learn more about the Bible and to understand the life of Jesus will learn a great deal from the Jesus Bible. As a result, the Jesus Bible is ideal for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of the Bible and spiritual enlightenment. Besides The Jesus Bible, Christians can also read and learn from other versions of the Bible.


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