Miracle healing prayers for your sick dog (10 prayers that will heal your sick furry friend)

As a long-time Christian, I have always prayed for guidance and protection during difficult times. My dog fell critically sick sometime back, and I knew I needed miracle healing prayers.

I shared my situation with my pastor, who gave me healing prayers, and my dog got better in no time. Recently, a member of my online Christian forum requested that we remember her sick dog in prayers.

Later on, I shared some of the prayers I was familiar with. Having used these prayers in the past, I was certain they would also work for her.

So, do you know healing prayers for a sick dog?

You can pray for your ailing sick dog if you believe in God’s power. One such prayer goes like this: Dear Lord, I bring my sick dog in your hands today. You blessed me with a loving and compassionate pet, and I do not take it for granted. Lord, my furry friend is in pain and cannot get about his business as usual. Please, God, remember him and restore his health. I know nothing is bigger and stronger than You. I pray this trusting and believing in Your will. Amen. Inspired by Exodus 15:26.

I invite you to join me in the article below, highlighting ten powerful healing prayers for a sick dog. Find out whether a sick dog can get better through prayers. Also, learn whether you can say these prayers for other pets.

Read on to find out more.

Can your dog get better through prayers?

Like human beings, God made animals as well. He cares for and protects His creation. Therefore, He will restore your sick dog’s health.

In Philippians 4:6 the scripture tells us that we should pray to God whenever we are anxious about anything. It includes when you pray for your ailing furry friend.

God gives and takes away life. Hence, all authority comes from Him. The Bible reassures us that we should not be afraid as God will remove all our worries.

There is nothing that God cannot do if we take it to Him in prayer.

Ten healing prayers for sick dogs

prayers that will heal your sick furry friend
Ten healing prayers for sick dogs. Image source: Pixabay

A prayer for healing

Heavenly and Merciful Father, I come to you with a pleading heart. Dear Lord, my friend and companion has always been by my side. He has been with me through the hard times when I was unwell.

Right now, he cannot function properly due to the illness in his body. I seek you to help him restore his health. Take away his pain and replace it with strength.

Merciful Father, you have provided him with good health, which has kept him alive till this date, dear Lord, please restore it. In the end, all praise and honour shall come back to you. I pray this believing and trusting in your Holy name, Amen. Inspired by Psalm 41:3.

A prayer for deliverance from a disease

Loving Father, You are the giver of breath and life. Lord, everything you created is good in your eyes. I believe that my dearest dog is equal to all other animals in your eyes.

Please remember him as he fights this terrible disease that has invaded his body. Please, Lord, cover him with your blood. Watch over him with your Spirit.

Lord, I know all favour and healing come from you and that you will be able to see my friend through this trying time. In your mighty name, I pray, Amen. Inspired by Alberta Vadnais

A prayer for guidance

Heavenly Father, you have always given me all my heart’s desires. You have been my hope and refuge; where I have been lost, you have shown the way.

Dear Lord, please remember my pet during this time as he fights this illness. Please provide all the doctors and caretakers with knowledge so they know what to do and how to treat him.

I know with you, all things are possible, and you will guide us through this difficult time. I pray this trusting and believing, Amen. Inspired by Natalie Regoli.

A prayer for relief

Our Lord of strength and refuge, today I humbly seek you asking that you give my sick furry friend refuge. As the book of Psalms says, I profess that you are our help in times of trouble.

Therefore, I shall not fear, for you are with my dog during this time. Lord, this sickness has weakened my friend, but I know you will provide him strength.

Please heal, my dear friend. Protect and watch over him. Let him get back on his feet, and glory and honour shall be yours. Amen. Inspired by Psalm 46:1-3.

A prayer for protection

Dear Lord, thank you for your wonderful creation and gift of my precious dog. I thank you for giving me this gift of a friend while, at the same time, letting him be my physical shield and protection.

Lord, he has always alerted and kept me away from danger, and I do not take that for granted. Lord, as he is in need, please give him protection. Protect him from sickness and harm.

I know, Lord, you are a provider, a protector and our shield. Please remember my dear friend and be at his side during this difficult time. Inspired by Jesusful.

A prayer for strength

Merciful Father, I come before you to seek your protection and provision of strength for my dearest dog. I love him dearly because he is a faithful and loyal friend.

Please give him the strength to fight this creeping disease. Take away all the pain and give him comfort. Give him the strength to get back on his feet. I pray this believing and trusting, Amen. Inspired by Psalm 28:7.

A prayer for my companion

Merciful Father, I come before you with a grateful heart for being present in my life and continuously blessing me with different gifts. Lord, you blessed me with the gift of a companion and friend, my dearest dog.

Every morning when I wake up and each night when I lay down to sleep, my dearest dog is always beside me, Lord. He gave me support and affection when I needed it. Loving Father, please remember my small companion in his point of need.

Be there for him as he is always present in my life. Restore his health and make him rise above this situation. Amen. Inspired by Alberta Vadnais.

A prayer for comfort

Loving Father, giver of life, thank you for letting me see another day. My dearest dog is unwell and unable to get on his day as was before. Dear Lord, please see him through this tough situation.

I pray you comfort him through all the pain that he is going through. As Psalm 23:4 says, even in the darkest valleys, I will fear nothing, for you are with me. I submit that prayer to your hands; please comfort my dear furry friend. Amen. Inspired by Psalm 23:4.

A prayer for redemption

Dear Lord, I bring my pet into your hands. Please remember him during this trying time. You are powerful and almighty, and I know nothing is impossible when brought before you in prayer.

I pray for redemption that you nurse him back to good health. I know you are a merciful God, and I know you will answer my supplication.

Fight that disease, trying to weaken his body. Where he cannot, please supply him with the strength to fight for another day. Inspired by Natalie Regoli.

A prayer for Thanksgiving

I come to you, Lord, with a grateful heart. I thank you for gifting me with such a wonderful blessing in my life. He has been everything I would ever wish for in a pet.

I am grateful for having experienced such a beautiful connection with my dear dog. Lord, I know he is ailing and in pain; please ease his discomfort and make his illness disappear.

Dear Lord, let him come back to me with restored health. There is still more from life that I am looking forward to experiencing with him. I pray this with Thanksgiving and a grateful heart, amen. Inspired by 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Can I say these prayers for my other pets?

Miracle healing prayers for your sick dog
Can I say these prayers for my other pets? Image source: Pixabay

According to religious teachings, they believe it is better to be specific in prayer. They imply that having a specific prayer helps it to be answered.

Therefore, you are advised to have a different prayer for other pets. In this way, God will understand and answer your specific needs. Remember that these healing prayers are for a dog; they have not included other pets.

It would be better to have prayers that specifically mention what you seek from the Lord.

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