How did Jesus pray (Jesus’ prayer patterns)?

How did Jesus pray?

Without a doubt, Jesus is the pinnacle of prayer. According to many Bible passages, Jesus frequently went to secluded places to pray and be in the presence of the Father. Because of his prayer life, Jesus’ ministry was extremely successful. But what many want to know is, “How did Jesus pray?” The Bible portrays Jesus … Read more

Where is Jesus Christ now (what the Bible says)?

Where is Jesus Christ now?

Many Christians pay attention to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and forget about the ascension. This topic is worth discussing since some people wonder what the Bible means when it says that Jesus ascended to heaven and is still in the world. Where is Jesus now? According to 1st Peter 3:22, Jesus … Read more

Was Jesus An Angel (What the Bible Says)?

Was Jesus An Angel

With some Bible verses referring to Jesus Christ as the Angel of the Lord and many interpretations out there, it is easy for some Christians to get confused about whether Jesus could have been an angelic deity. So, was Jesus an angel? It is commonly believed by Christians and the Church that Jesus was not … Read more