Places where Jesus walked (sites where Jesus walked)

Jesus traveled to many places from when he was young to when he died on the cross. He used to preach and teach the will of God at these places together with his disciples. He also performed various miracles at different, and it is said that he always left the people at those places amazed. So, let’s look at the places Jesus walked.

Israel is the place where Jesus was born, lived, and crucified. It is said to be the ultimate place where he walked and spent most of his life. Many Christians go to Israel and visit the places Jesus was.

What are the Places where Jesus walked on earth? What did he do there and can you visit the places now? Read on to learn all this information and more.

Places where Jesus walked on earth

The Gospel of Luke gives a vivid description of the places that Jesus walked from when he was born in Bethlehem to when he was crucified in Golgotha. Jesus traveled to teach people how to lead a righteous life. Also, he traveled to show the world that the Messiah exists through his miracles. Let us look at the places where Jesus walked on earth from birth to when he died.


Jesus spent his childhood in a small city called Nazareth. He grew up like a normal kid and even learned carpentry from his father, Joseph. According to Luke 3:23, Jesus started his ministry at thirty.

He returned to Nazareth during this age, and he got rejected by the people who were there. Luke 4: 15-30, Mathew 13:54-58, and Mark 6:1-6 imply that Jesus went to a synagogue in Nazareth on the Sabbath day. He was given the scroll of the prophet Isaiah to read. After reading, Jesus said that the scripture had been fulfilled through him. The people at the synagogue doubted since they remembered Jesus as Joseph’s son. Jesus told them that no prophet could be recognized in his hometown and gave examples of prophets Elisha and Elijah. The people got angry and drove him out of the town to a hill in the city. They wanted to throw Jesus, but he passed through them and went away.

Today most people in Nazareth are Muslims. However, people can visit the place since there are Christian churches that have Arts that are believed to be of Jesus in them. Many people visit the site to learn about where Jesus spent his childhood.

Places where Jesus walked
Where is Jordan River? See below

Jordan River

Mathew 3:13-17 talks about the Baptism of Jesus at the Jordan River in Jericho. John the Baptist was baptizing people and teaching them about repentance and forgiveness. Jesus found him in the Jordan River, preaching that he had been sent to prepare the way for the Messiah, who would baptize people with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the river so that he could start his mission. After his Baptism in the Jordan River, the spirit of God descended like a dove and alighted upon Him. A voice was heard saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

The Jordan River is only a few minutes away drive from Jerusalem. It is visitor-friendly, and many people go for their Baptism there. The bank where Jesus was baptized is in Jordan, while most of the river is in Jericho.

Capernaum, the city of Galilee

Capernaum is where Jesus spent most of his time throughout his mission. It is the home place of Peter, Jesus’ friend and disciple. Matthew 4:13 implies that Jesus left Nazareth after he learned about the arrest of John the Baptist and went to leave in Nazareth.

According to Luke 4:31-37 and Mark 1: 21-28, the Bible implies that Jesus was at a synagogue in Capernaum when a man with unclean demons heard him. Jesus, with authority in his words, commanded the demons to come out of the man. The demons heard Jesus and came out without hurting the man. The people were amazed, and Jesus stood up and left the synagogue.

Luke 4:38–41, Matthew 8:14–16, and Mark 1:29–34 imply that Jesus went to Simon’s house where Simon’s mother-in-law was sick. They begged him to heal her. Jesus commanded the fever to leave her, and she got healed. Jesus continued to heal the people at Capernaum and rebuke demons until sunset.

Many people visit Capernaum since the synagogue where Jesus is said to have rebuked demons is still there. It is an old building that has been set up as a museum for believers to go and visit. Capernaum is in Israel, and its location is well-known by many people.

Cana of Galilee

John 2:1-12 teaches about Jesus’ first public miracle in Cana of Galilee. Jesus and his family and disciples visited a wedding in the Cana of Galilee, and Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle. When the wine ran out, His mother told him about it so that he could make wine through a miracle, but he was resistant, saying his time had not come. After a while, he told his disciples to fill six jars with water and turn the water into wine.

Also, John 4:46–54 implies that after a while, Jesus returned to Cana and performed a miracle by healing the official’s son. The Bible suggests that Jesus did not have to have physical contact with the son for him to be healed. He met the official and told him that his son had already been healed because he had believed in the healing of Jesus.

Today the most famous place in Cana is called Kafr Kana because it hosts many visitors worldwide. The reason is that there are many cathedrals in this place where people go to pray.

Sea of Galilee

Matthew 14:22-34 is the scripture that records Jesus walking on water. Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat and progress before. He went to the mountain and prayed before following them. When he had finished praying, the boat was long gone. Jesus then followed the boat by walking on water. When the disciples saw him, they thought he was a ghost, but he spoke to them and told them not to be afraid. Peter then told Jesus to call him so that he could also walk on water but after walking for a small distance, he saw a wave and got afraid and begged Jesus to save him. Jesus told him that he had little faith.

Today, people visit the Sea of Galilee to swim, fish, and sail. It is a visitor-friendly place for anyone that would like to see it.

sites where Jesus walked
Was Jesus in Garden of Gethsemane on Mount Olives? See below

Garden of Gethsemane on Mount Olives

Jesus and his disciples visited the Garden of Gethsemane often to pray. It is at this place where he was betrayed and arrested. According to Matthew 26:36-46, the Bible implies that Jesus was at the Garden of Gethsemane, while Luke 22:39-46 implies that he was at Mount Olives. However, the two Gospels record that Jesus went to this place to pray with some of his disciples. He moved away from his disciples to pray on a stone in the garden, where he cried tears in the form of blood. When he was done with the prayers, Judas, one of his disciples, came with the soldiers and betrayed him using a kiss on the cheeks. Jesus was then taken away for his crucifixion.

The Garden of Gethsemane is still on Mount Olives, which is said to be the home of olive trees. Most of the place has been split into private property though there are a few places that visitors can visit and witness the beautiful garden where Jesus used to pray.


John 11:1-45 records the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Bethany is the hometown of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. Jesus visited Bethany to raise his friend after dying for four days. Jesus’ great powers were seen at this place after he went into the Tomb where Lazarus was laid and commanded him to get up. The people were amazed and spread the news all over the area.

Luke 24:50-53 records Jesus Ascending to heaven. The Bible implies that Jesus led his disciples to a place called Bethany. He blessed them for the last time in person in this place. Later he moved away from them and ascended to heaven.

Bethany is now an Arabic city with many sites dedicated to Jesus. Many people visit this place to see where Jesus was last seen on earth.


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