Miracle Prayers for St. Joseph to Sell a House (Novena prayer to St. Joseph)

As a devout Christian and a realtor, I understand the power and importance of this prayer too well. Reciting the Novena prayer to St. Joseph at least nine days in a row has become a habit that I wouldn’t trade for any other. I want to believe that this is the prayer that’s guided my path before making any big life changes, including starting my business, moving to a new home, and selling homes. I regard this prayer as why I am blessed with genuine clients and how I can tell if a potential buyer is a good fit. To understand the impact of prayers in life for anyone planning to sell their home or make any other kind of big change, I recommend the Miracle Prayers for St. Joseph to Sell a House.

Oh, St Joseph, ye whose protection is great, strong, and quick before God’s throne. I put in you my desires and interests. Oh, St. Joseph, I earnestly please, by your powerful intercession, help me receive spiritual blessings from your divine Son. I beseech you to help me find a reliable, trustworthy, and honest buyer for this house. I pray that you obtain all spiritual blessings from your divine son, Jesus Christ. St Joseph, Patron of the departed souls, Pray for me. Inspired by the original St. Joseph Novena Prayer from 1505. This prayer asks God, through St. Joseph, to bless the person praying and to guide them to successfully sell a house to a trustworthy buyer who will not back down from the deal.

In this post, I’ll share prayers and insights into the Novena Prayer to St. Joseph, what it means, how to recite the prayer, when to recite it, and why I believe that it’s crucial to pray to St. Joseph, who is the patron for the departing souls before a significant undertaking like selling a house. So, keep reading to learn more about this prayer.

Does the Novena prayer to St. Joseph work?

According to believers, the Novena prayer to St. Joseph works. Many people who’ve recited the prayer after feeling dejected and desperate, especially when they felt as if God had abandoned them, suggest that this prayer saved them.

For most believers, the Novena Prayer to St. Joseph was their only option, and they started by praying about smaller things like getting into their college program of choice. After some time, they started reciting this prayer when asking God for bigger things, and they were surprised by how effective the prayer was.

It’s worth noting that in addition to the St. Joseph Novena for selling a house, there are several other Novenas to Saint Joseph, all with different intentions and purposes. The 9-day prayer recitation is said to be used to communicate a specific request or intention, but the underlying goal is asking God to instill in you the diligence and patience associated with Saint Joseph, Patron of the Departed Souls.

That said, novenas could be the most powerful prayer tools, but they are not magic spells, so they do not come with guarantees of specific outcomes. And so, how effective a Novena prayer is will depend on your willingness to put your complete trust and Faith in God’s plan for your life.

Why do people pray to St. Joseph?

Miracle Prayers for St. Joseph to Sell a House 
Why do people pray to St. Joseph? Image source: Pixabay

People pray to St. Joseph because he is the Patron Saint of the dead, and as Jesus’ step father, St. Joseph can intercede on behalf of anyone who prays to God through Him. St. Joseph is also the patron saint of families, the Universal Church, immigrants, pregnant mothers, house sellers/ buyers, travelers, engineers, craftsmen, and all workers.

According to Christian believers, specifically the believers of the Catholic Faith, St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ, was a devout and obedient man of Faith who followed God’s wishes, even without knowing what the outcome would be. And when God sent the angel Gabriel to Galilee in a dream, the angel also told him the whole truth regarding the child Mary was carrying – Luke 1:26-35. Without any concerns for gossip, concern, or doubt, Joseph took Mary as his wife full-heartedly. Later, when the angel appeared to him again, warning him about the danger the family faced, he immediately fled to a strange country alongside his young wife, leaving behind all that he owned and his friends and family without question. Matthew 2:13.

As Jesus’ earthly father, the Roman Catholic Church regards Saint Joseph as the most efficacious saint up in heaven and also the protector and guardian of the Church of Christ.

Through his Faith and devotion to God, the Pope, Saint John Paul II, named St. Joseph the Guardian of the Redeemer, the Terror of the Demons, Protector of the Church, and the Comfort of the grieving and Hope for the Sick. Although Joseph isn’t mentioned much in the Bible, he’s also revered as the Patron of the Universal Church.

Additionally, as the church remembers the mysterious beginnings of human salvation in Jesus Christ, they observe the solemnity of the prayer for Saint Joseph’s Solemnity on March 19. This opening prayer, or the Collect for Solemnity for Saint Joseph, also commemorates the salvation of humankind in Jesus Christ. Saint Joseph is considered an important part of the mysterious beginnings, and the mysteries are believed to be perpetuated in homes, hearts, and communities. With this in mind, the Catholic Church composed the 9-day prayer recitation that’s prayed annually from March 10th to 18th to precede the Saint Joseph’s Solemnity on the 19th day of March.

Given the power and protection of Saint Joseph, which is deemed so strong and prompt before God’s throne, the Novena to Saint Joseph makes it possible for all believers to pray for and attain whatever they desire.

It’s also important to remember that St. Joseph is regarded as the patron saint for all fathers – he was a hardworking carpenter – which is why he’s also believed to be the patron saint of the workers. Matthew 13:55, Mark 6:3.

6 Prayers to St. Joseph to sell and buy a house

Novena prayer to St. Joseph
Prayers to St. Joseph to sell and buy a house. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer when desperate to find a buyer.

Oh, St. Joseph, Protector of Homes and men, and Jesus’ foster father! I raise my heart and hearts to you, imploring your intercession. Please, through the kind heart of Jesus Christ, obtain for me the graces and help necessary for my temporal and spiritual welfare. I ask for the grace of a happy and peaceful life, and the special favor I’m now imploring is for a reliable and trustworthy home buyer to knock at my door.

Guardian of the Incarnate Word, I am confident that your prayers, on my behalf, will be heard graciously before God’s throne. O Glorious Saint Joseph, through your love for Jesus Christ and God’s glory, hear my prayer and secure my petitions.

St. Joseph, you who alone taught our Lord Jesus Christ the carpenter’s trade and kept him well and safe, hear my petition. I require your help selling my house. I trust you to help me through this challenging situation because I’m feeling hopeless. I am not receiving any offers on the house.

Please, St. Joseph, listen to my petition and show your grace. I wish to sell my house quickly and earn a profit. I beg you to find and guide a suitable buyer who will love my house just as much as my family, and I did. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen. Prayer inspired by the St. Joseph’s prayer for wisdom, courage, and wisdom.

This prayer is made to the Patron saint for guidance when trying to sell a house, especially when you are getting desperate. This is a prayer that calls for the wisdom, guidance, and the courage of the St. Joseph.

Prayer for guidance selling property for a specific amount.

St. Joseph, I come to You today because I need You to intervene in my life with the Lord. I could do it all by myself, but I find that I’m struggling to sell the house, so I am asking for your help. Hear my earnest, please, and help me to sell my house sold by 13th April for at least 898,000.

Oh, Saint Joseph, show me, your grace, your mercy, and guide me through this situation. I put all my trust in You and in God because I believe that You are powerful; can make anything possible. I have faith that you can find me the right home buyer soon.

Nothing is Impossible with You by my side, and I trust that You will find the right buyer for the home with You by my side. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Prayer inspired by Novena prayer for heavenly guidance.

This is the prayer you make when you’ve tried all else, but they’ve failed. It’s also an ideal prayer when the house you have been trying to sell has been on the market for too long, and you need guidance from God.

Prayer to St. Joseph, Patron Saint for workers and the guardian of homes

Oh, Saint Joseph, the patron saint for workers and guardian for homes, you who taught our Lord Jesus Christ the carpentry trade and saw to it that Jesus and His family were housed properly, hear my plea.

I am asking for your help, just as you helped Mary and fostered the child Conceived by the Holy Spirit without question or fear of rumors, and as you may have helped to house many others, I seek your help. I wish to sell this house easily, profitably, and quickly, and I implore you, St. Joseph, to grant my wishes and to bring me a good buyer. Grant me a faithful, compliant, honest, and eager buyer, and don’t let anything impede the quick closure of the sale.

Dear St. Joseph, you would do this for me from the goodness of your heart and your own time. However, my need is great and urgent, so I earnestly plead that you hurry on my behalf.

I promise, before God Almighty and Jesus Christ, who died for my sake on the cross, that you will receive my gratitude and honor in my home. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer inspired by daily novena prayer to St. Joseph

This is a prayer known to work every time. It is a prayer that offers spiritual benefits to all that pray to God through Saint Joseph to help them sell their home or flat. The prayer is inspired by the fact that Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint for families and workers and will help workers fulfil their hearts’ desires and make a living to support their families.

Praying for ease of selling home and finding an ideal buyer and to sell effortlessly.

Glorious, good, and Powerful Saint Joseph, you faced many tribulations as you tried to find a home for your wife, Mary and Jesus, your Foster Son. Recall how much you were worried about them, of your many undertakings and sad experience that you faced while accompanying infant Jesus during his birth.

In times of hardships, you provided material comfort, reflecting your love and concern, and your presence and full, faithful presence to Mary and Jesus Christ. Watch over my actions as I find a seller for this home. I pray that the sale process proceeds in clarity and smoothly and watch over the new clients and owners. Watch over the lease’s terms and bring me a loyal, trustworthy, and committed buyer. May the new home be peaceful, welcoming, and joyful, and may the neighbors be kind and cordial to the homebuyers. Find me a loving buyer for this home, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer inspired by Matthew 2:14-15 and Luke 2:4-5.

This prayer acknowledges the challenges that St. Joseph went through, as well as the challenges faced by the home seller. By laying the challenges faced bare, this is a prayer about courage and strength.

Prayer to St. Joseph for finding Housing

St. Joseph is trustworthy, faithful, and just; with the love of a father and a husband, you raised Jesus and faithfully shared your life with the Blessed Mother as His foster father. I fully entrust my heart and life in your care and your hand; place this request.

As it was in quiet Nazareth thousands of years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke and guided your heart, and with His guidance, you followed the will of God and trusted Him fully. In the quiet days and through the hard choices that I must make to find a faithful and trusted buyer, help me follow the guidance of the spirit in finding a buyer. I earnestly pray that you will give me the power to believe, even in what I cannot see.

Please intercede on my behalf and provide me with a buyer that will be easy to work with and for a quick, uncomplicated sale. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Prayer inspired by Novena to Saint Joseph for finding housing.

This prayer is to be recited for nine consecutive days after which the seller can expect to find a buyer for the house on sale. It recognizes the efforts put in by Joseph to find a home for Jesus and Mary and acknowledges that the Saint Joseph can make this prayer possible for others.

Prayer for the weary home seller

O St. Joseph, whose protection is great, prompt, and strong before the Lord’s throne, I put out to you my interests and desires.

O Saint Joseph, help me through your powerful intercession and from your Divine Son, grant me all the spiritual blessings through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Having engaged here in your power, I offer my homage and thanksgiving to you, God, the Most Loving of Fathers.

O St. Joseph, I pray that I may never be weary in contemplating your will. I implore you to come to my aid. Make haste and help me, Oh precious Saint Joseph. I earnestly plea to you to bring me a reliable buyer for this house I am selling.

O saint Joseph, hear my prayers, submit my petition. O Saint Joseph, pray for me and give me the right buyer for this house I intend to sell. May the buyer have good morals and trustworthiness, and may the sale be complete quickly and profitably. Amen!

Prayer inspired by the Saint Joseph Novena for selling the house.

This prayer is considered an effective prayer to the Saint Joseph, asking for intercession on behalf of the person looking to sell the home.

Can you pray to St. Joseph to find the right buyer for your house?

Miracle Prayers for St. Joseph to Sell a House 
Praying to St. Joseph to find the right buyer for your house. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you could pray to St. Joseph to find the right prayer for the home you’re selling. As a patron saint for workers, families, and business persons, St. Joseph can intercede on our behalf to God for our prayers to be answers. Reciting Novenas is also believed to be the most effective form of prayer made by believers, and many continue to acclaim that the prayer is effective.

According to believers of the Catholic faith and even the Non-Catholics, Saint Joseph, now in heaven and the foster Father to Jesus Christ, is not only empowered with forgiveness, holiness, and reverence, but also that Patron saint of all fathers, expectant mothers, and families. He always found a home for Jesus and Mary, which is why he’s deemed the Patron Saint for finding safe homes.

You could also pray to St. Joseph to find the right buyer for your home. The reason for this is that St. Joseph is also considered the patron saint for all who wish to sell their homes, as well as house hunters. In some cultures, it is tradition to bury the Statute of St. Joseph on the property on sale because the saint’s statue would protect the house from new buyers/ occupants.

It is believed that it is essential to recite this novena because of how difficult it can be to find the right buyer for a home – it can take months or even years to get a house off the market, and it’s easy to get desperate when this happens – it’s one of the hazards of the job. In such cases, even when the market remains unpredictable, saying a short prayer to the Patron, St. Joseph, who God put in charge of keeping Mary and Jesus safe and finding them a safe place to live on earth, would mean access to heavenly assistance to help you secure a home for others.

Praying to the Holy St. Joseph, the patron Saint for guidance and protection, especially when it feels like all hope is lost, will spiritually help you as long as you have faith and trust God to fulfill your prayers or wishes.

It’s also important to note that praying to St. Joseph is the month of March because it’s the month that the Catholic Church has set aside for commemorating and praying o St. Joseph for 9 days, during which the novenas are recited.

Other Novena prayers to St. Joseph about properties

Prayer 1 – Prayer for seamless home selling

O St. Joseph, the most faithful follower of Jesus Christ. I lift my hands and heart to you today and ask that you help me and intercede in my life. I need to find a buyer for my property quickly.

I place all my trust in you to guide the right buyer. Remove any problems and obstacles so the buyer can fall in love with my property and complete the property purchase without any sudden issues.


Prayer inspired by Roman Catholic Man’s Novenas to St. Joseph

This Novena prayer is a prayer seeking God’s and St. Joseph’s guidance in ensuring a seamless home selling process without challenges or obstacles.

Prayer 2 – Prayer for finding a kind property buyer

Dear St. Joseph, I beseech you to help find me the right buyer for my property. I believe in your power and limitless kindness to all who believe in you, your faith, and your guidance.

My family has made numerous memories in this house, and I hope that the person or family that buys this property will cherish and care for it as much as my family did. Please shine your loving light and kindness on my house during visits and lead the right potential buyers to this home.

May the property buyer fall in love with this house, and you illuminate the buyer’s path from the time they set foot in the house.


This is a prayer that seeks guidance from Saint Joseph. It asks the patron saint to intercede on the property seller’s behalf, and requests that he brings forth a kind and loving buyer who will illuminate and take care of the property.

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