17 Prayers for a Positive Outcome and Good News (Positivity Prayers)

Last week in our monthly meet-up with friends, we shared some of the positive experiences of that month. I shared with my friends that I was waiting for test results during that week. I needed God’s intervention and reassurance during the waiting period, which I sought through prayer. We realized that different situations call for prayers for a positive outcome and good news.

The scripture implies that God watches over us and protects us from all we cannot see. The Bible assures us that we will receive good news and positive outcomes through prayer. One of the most common positive outcome and good news prayer is “Heavenly Father, I worship you and praise your mighty name. I humbly ask that You calm my heart as I go on with my day. Let Your blessings overflow in my life. Fill my heart with contentment and good outcome. I ask this through Your son Jesus Christ, Amen.”

In the article below, learn the different prayers we can present to God for a positive outcome and good news. Get access to prayers for positive health test results, good exam results, positive court case, and aversion to disaster or even attract positive energy and attitude. Read on to find the best time for prayer and learn how many prayers you need to say to get a positive outcome.

What is a good prayer for a positive day?

Prayers for a Positive Outcome and Good News 
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When You seek blessings on the set of a new day, a prayer will guide you through achieving it, just as in Psalms 25:5.

Prayer for a positive day

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with your word. I yield my whole life to you and declare that your perfect will is fulfilled in me today. Lord, I rely on you alone for a better day, I believe you have a better plan for me, and that’s why I have a positive expectation. All things work together for those that love you, I love you, Lord and I rely only on you for a positive result in all I do today. Amen. – inspired by Prayer Journal

How many prayers can you say for a positive outcome?

There is no limit to how many times one can pray to God. Ephesians 6:18 Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints. In this verse, the scripture reminds us to pray at all times. God accepts prayer at any time; through Him, we get strength Philippians 4:13.

What is the best time to pray for a positive result?

From characters in the Bible, we learn that there is no specific time for prayer to receive a positive result. Psalm 55:17 Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan, and he will hear my voice. David presents his prayers to God any time of the day, and he says God answers him. You can run to God with your heart’s desires anytime; He will surely hear you.

17 prayers for a positive outcome and good news

Positivity Prayers
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Prayer for a positive outcome

God our Lord, I am nervous, I am scared, I am very scared. I am waiting for important news that can change my life, and I don’t know how to handle it. I am not able to control how I feel and think about the situation. I know You are an able God. You can do more than what is humanly possible. I hope for the best and know You can deliver the best. But I know sometimes that it may not go as I hope for. That’s why I pray to You, God Our Lord, to help me get lucky on this waiting day. To help me have more faith and trust in the future for what might happen. Our Lord God, help my day to have a positive outcome. Help me receive good news and have a very happy day. God our Lord, go before me and see me through the day. Don’t let anything wrong happen in my life. I trust this into Your able hands, Amen. – Inspired by Guardian Angel

Trust in God for positive outcome in your life. Say this prayer to Him, and He will hear you in whatever situation you are in.

Prayer for good news

Our Heavenly Father, I come to You this day. I await good news about my life that will change my future. I am scared but trust in Your provision and protection over my life. I will wait on You to turn my anxiety into joy. Help me remove all the bad luck from my life and to attract only positivity. Help me bring good things into my life. And help me attract only happiness and peace. Please intercede on my behalf with positivity, stability, and calm. I ask for this through Your son Jesus Christ, Amen. – Inspired by Kenneth Garcia

Receiving good news fuels the heart, body and mind Jeremiah 29:11. Take your plea through this prayer to God to receive blessings.

Prayer for a positive outcome at work

Heavenly Father, I come to You this day to present my career to Your hands. As I continue to further my situation at my workplace, please bless me with the opportunity to have a higher position. It is you that blesses one with better positions, I know You will remain faithful to your promise. Allow me to accept any outcome and not feel ill about others’ success. In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen. – Inspired by Kenneth Garcia

God is a just God, and He rewards fairly. Pray to Him to receive promotion at work. With this prayer, He will surely hear You.

Prayer for aversion from disaster

Heavenly Father, I need You every hour of my being. There is a disaster approaching me unless You intervene for me. You have protected me up to this point, and I do not take any of that for granted. Father, please do not destroy what has been worked so hard for. Grant us news of safety and that I may escape this threat. While danger seems inevitable, I will run to You for protection and guidance. Knowing You are a strong tower, I run to You for refuge. Protect me, take away this danger. Whatever the outcome, I know that You remain supreme and are good to me. Amen. – Inspired by Natalie Regoli

Disasters are prone to happen in our daily lives. However, as in Proverbs 3:25-26, God promises to avert you from danger; do not be afraid to take it to Him in prayer.

Prayers for a positive health test outcome

Dear Lord, I come to You hoping to receive positive health test results. Provide me with a calm heart, protect me from anxious thoughts that may doubt Your ability to provide me with positive results. Please provide me with comforting words that will rest my thoughts as I wait for the test results. Bless my health so that I can be more resilient and accept to go through all tests to affirm that, indeed, I am healed from all manner of illnesses. Fill me with gratitude Lord, and bless me with positive test outcomes. Amen.- Inspired by Kenneth Garcia

If you are undoing a health test, take it to God in prayer. Remember, with long life, you will be able to sing and shower him with praises; Psalms 91:16.

Prayers for positive results after surgery

Oh Lord, I come to You as I go into surgery today. Thank You for watching over me all through the years. Thank You for providing me with the gift of life and good health. I choose to rest in You and hold all things together. Please protect my heart, mind, and body during the surgery. Guide the decisions, skills, and hands of the surgeons. Cover the nurses with the Holy Spirit to work together to bring healing. May You watch over this operation. I pray this through Christ, Your son, Amen. – Inspired by Natalie Regoli

This prayer requests for God’s watch and protection during and after surgery. He promises to give strength and life for those who believe in Him; Romans 8:11.

Prayer for a positive outcome for a friend going through a difficult situation

Heavenly Father, I bring my dear friends into Your hands. They are currently going through a difficult time; guide and protect them. Take away all feelings of anxiety. Despite what they are going through, they fill their hearts with a hopeful outlook. Remind them of Your unwavering strength and control over the unseen. Help them remain positive for better days ahead. I ask for this through Christ, Amen.- Inspired by Natalie Regoli

As in Isaiah 41:10, God promises to protect all His Children. He will surely watch over your friends, take it to Him in prayer.

Prayer for loved ones’ safety

Lord, my God, and refuge, I am kneeling for your protection over my loved ones. Keep them safe. I do not know their condition right now, but You do. Father, protect them from harm and be their shield. Assure me of their safety, and bring news to me of their safety for my comfort. Do not let anyone endanger them, but instead, give them security. Cover them with the Holy Spirit. Let good news get to me of their safety and protection. Please provide them with their daily needs. I place them in your able hands and pray all this through Christ. Amen. – Inspired by Christ Win

Go to God with this prayer seeking protection for your loved ones. He will watch over them and grant their hearts desires.

Prayer for positive energy and emotions in emergencies

Merciful God, I humbly seek You to hear our plea during this need. We come to You seeking positive outcomes in this dire period. Help us see the beauty in life beyond this situation. Fill our hearts with positive thoughts and emotions so that we may get through this situation with a hopeful belief. Guide and help us navigate these issues with a strong heart like yours. Amen. – Inspired by Guardian Angel

David reminds us of God’s power and strength in all situations; Psalm 9:9-10. Say this prayer requesting for his protection during emergencies.

Prayer for positive outcomes during the college application

Oh Lord, as I wait for positive news on my college applications, bring me peace, and let me be reassured in your beautiful sanctuary. Calm my heart and nerves, do not let negativity devour my spirit. Guide me to have trust and faith in You and the promises. To remain calm as I await the uncertainty of tomorrow. Protect my thoughts and give me the strength to accept my application results. Please remind me of humility with whatever application response I receive. Let me not forget the greatest gift of all is the blessing of life. I pray for a positive response in college application through Christ. Amen. – Inspired by Kenneth Garcia

As you await the response after your college application, say this prayer to God. Ask Him to grant you positive responses.

Prayers for positive examination results

Dear Lord, I seek you to calm my heart today as I anticipate receiving positive results. I pray for Your blessings to flow and fill my life with profound contentment. Regardless of the outcome of the results, receive my prayer as a form of gratitude for the numerous times you have rewarded my efforts with positive results. I know that you will remember my request for a positive outcome. I ask this through Christ, Amen. – Inspired by Natalie Regoli

In Deuteronomy 28:13, God assures you that He will make you the head and not the tail. Remind Him in prayer to provide you with pleasing results.

Prayers to overcome anxiety

Amazing Father, thank you for watching my life and giving me the strength to go on each day. Do not let anxious thoughts and feelings cloud my head. Replace them with positive energy. Please help me to do things that give your name glory and honor. Remind me of Your love and care when anxiety takes over my thoughts. I humbly pray this through Your son, Jesus Amen. – Inspired by Kenneth Garcia

1 Peter 3:14 God asks us to not fear, for He is with us. Say this prayer in moments where you feel anxious.

Prayer for a positive response after loan approval

All-Knowing Father, I humbly seek you this day. You have been my provider throughout the years. With your guidance, I was able to apply for this loan. You know that I have been waiting for this loan’s approval. I pray that I get a positive response. That you guide the people to review my documents carefully. Please protect my mindset that I only think positive thoughts during this time. I ask that it be approved according to Your Will; if it is not, I will trust You for something better. May those responsible for approving this loan realize that I am a worthwhile investment. I entrust this into Your hands. Amen. – Inspired by Natalie Regoli

If you have applied for a loan, pray to God to receive a positive loan response. He knows the plans you have, ask Him for provision.

Prayer to find a house

Almighty and Everlasting God, my home is in You, and Your strong and able hands will always shelter me. Not a day has gone by where You have not provided for me. You know what I need and that I need to find accommodation soon. Go before me, Father, guide me to an appropriate place. May I receive news of a vacant house soon. Help me have positive thoughts as I await a positive response. You have always promised always to take care of Your children. Trusting Your provision, I will search for suitable places and leave the results to You. I pray this through Christ, Your beloved son. – Inspired by Christ Win

Place your house hunt in God’s hands. Trust in Him to provide you with a good house and that he will protect and watch over you.

Prayer when wrongfully accused

Oh God, I come to you in this point of need. I stand accused of these things that I did not do and need vindication. My reputation has been tainted, and I have lost friends. I need You to turn this situation around. Reveal the truth, Lord. May the real culprit be found. Remind them of how they viewed me before the whole encounter ensued. Restore my good to me. Do this for Your name’s sake so that I might not bring dishonor to the church as one who follows You. In the name of Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. Amen.- Inspired by Natalie Regoli

Sometimes you may get yourself wrongfully accused, say this prayer during this time. He will prove them wrong and bring light to the situation.

Prayers for a good outcome in court

Most gracious Heavenly Father, today I pray to You, laying my worries on the ongoing court case before You. I know You are a fair and just God and will watch over this court case’s proceedings. I know you see the path that has led us to this end. The obstacles and the challenges we have encountered, the battles we have risen above. I ask for Your presence in each step of this case. Let the judges be given the spirit of discernment that they may tell the truth from the false. Watch over the jury, and make their hearts and thoughts pure. No matter what happens, remind us that You are always present and with us in every step we take. Amen.- Inspired by Christ Win

If you are in court, say this prayer as a request to our Heavenly Father to watch over the case. For Him to guide the law enforcers in making a fair decision.

Prayer for a positive attitude

Oh Lord, I want to lay before you all that weighs heavy on my heart and thoughts. Reveal all that weighs heavy in my heart even though I am unaware of the Lord. I lay these at your feet and pray for your provision positively. Let me have a positive mindset and attract only good things into my life. I thank You for Your unending love for me. Help me start fresh right now, and my choices will honor You in Christ’s name, Amen. – Inspired by Guardian Angel

A positive outcome relates with a positive attitude. This prayer asks God to provide you with positive thoughts to attract good things in your life.

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