A Heartfelt Prayer for Fasting (The Strongest Prayer to Pray For Breakthrough During Fasting)

Adding fasting to your Christian discipline of prayer helps you to draw closer to God and strengthen your spirit. As you go into fasting, use this prayer to strengthen your faith, and you will receive the breakthrough you have been searching for.

Now, let’s connect ourselves to the Spirit of God and pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the gift of life and health. I thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness and never-ending mercy upon my life. Today, I choose this moment to abstain from food and pleasure to focus on prayer and developing a stronger relationship with you.

You know my weakness in my Christian faith, and only you can strengthen my spirit in this time of need. I come before You today; I pray that You strengthen me with the power of Your Holy Spirit.

The temptations to overcome along the way are many, but through Your power, I can overcome them. Just as You overcame the temptations from the devil in the desert after a time of prayer and fasting, I Pray that the power of Your Spirit guides my mind to focus on You to overcome temptations.

I count worldly desires as nothing for Your sake. I offer my body as a sacrifice to You, just as You offered Yourself as a sacrifice on the cross to redeem me from sin.

Lord, I believe in the power of fasting in prayer. You answered those who called upon You in prayer and fasting. Just as Moses sought Your guidance through fasting and You heard him, I come before You with a heart full of burdens, casting them before You.

Hear the desires of my heart and open my doors of breakthrough from Your throne of mercy. Even in this difficult situation, I have faith that in fasting, my prayer will be answered. You listened to Nehemiah when he called upon You in time of need.

I call upon You in this time of despair. Please, Lord, turn this moment into a moment of victory in Your holy name. I choose not to be filled with worldly pleasures and food but to be filled by Your Holy Spirit.

Help me to grow in faith through this moment of trial and keep my faith steadfast in You in future trials. Not to my glory, but all glory and power is Yours.

I thank you, God, because I know that You are faithful, and my prayer will be answered.

In the name of my Lord Jesus, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer
  • Matthew 6:16–18
  • Nehemiah 1:4
  • Luke 4:1-2
  • Exodus 34:28

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