A Joyful Prayer for Love (Pray This Prayer to Inspire and Attract Love Into Your Life)

God’s love for humanity is among our best gifts from Him. So, before we begin this prayer, reflect on whether you love as much as you receive from others.

Think of the times you have not properly shown love or when you expected love but did not get it.

Now is the time to renew your commitment and expectations about love, and let us pray.

Almighty Father,

You loved us so much that Your only Son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins. I pray that You may help me be an instrument of Your love to everyone around me.

Let no ill will, malice, or jealousy come my way, as I hope not to do the same to others. Lord, give me wisdom and courage to show love unto others, even if it is not returned to me.

Heavenly Lord, as You have told us, if we don’t love, we don’t know You. I pray You may fill my heart with abundant love, that I may never tire of loving others.

Let my presence inspire and encourage others so that they may, too, be filled with love.

God, as I go about my activities today, help me to do everything in love. Give me the strength to love everyone around me.

My family, workmates, and even strangers, may I be able to give everybody enough love. For I know in love, I can accomplish everything I set myself to do.

Lord, I ask your divine guidance on how to love others properly. For if I will get closer to You through loving others, may I never run out of love for those around me nor give up on loving others, even when my soul is weak.

God, let me be a source of happiness to other people through the love I can share, for where there is love, there is joy.

Father, I pray for those with enmity, discord, wars, hostility, or antagonism. Let Your love shine upon them today so that they may live in harmony, peace, and love.

Touch their hearts, that they may let go of all their ill feelings. For only through love can the world be a better place for all of us.

Lastly, Lord, thank You for your undying love for me and the world. May Your love continue to shine upon us through all the days of our lives.

In Jesus name, I pray.


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