Strengthening prayer for power (Pray this prayer to release the power of God into your life

Before we get into the prayer for power, reflect upon all the moments when you experienced God’s power in your life. Remember so many times in the Bible when God’s power was seen in the lives of all who believed Him?

Now, Believe in His immense power, and let us pray.

Heavenly father,

By your power, I am alive today, and I thank you, my Powerful God. I believe I will conquer all that comes my way with your power.

Father, in your word, you remind me that I can do all things because you strengthen me. Lord, I invite your power to manifest in my life today and enable me to do everything according to your will.

Father, I thank you for all that I have accomplished by your power and still seek your power to keep me going. Your word says that you will do exceedingly and abundantly above all I can think or ask, according to your power that works within us.

Lord, I pray that your power keeps working in me, in my life, career, home, and relationship with you.

Father, I believe in your word that reminds me you did not give me any spirit of fear, but in me, you created a spirit of power and love.

Lord, even in my weakest moments, when I forget your word and get overwhelmed by fear, remind me more of your power.

Remind me that even though I’m faint, your power will be seen in my life.

Promise keeper, in the days when I run out of strength, Lord, you promised to hear my cry and answer me. Father, you promised to fill me up with strength.

So, I call unto you, Father, that you release your power into my life. Let your power win my battles and save me from self-pity and any bitterness in my heart that makes me weak.

Father, I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus that can break all the Chains in my life, and I pray that that power be seen in my life today.

I pray for your power to release me from every painful bondage and set me free. Dear Lord, I pray that your power in me strengthens me and helps me overcome all that is formed against me.

I put all my trust in you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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