Tender prayer for a marriage (A prayer to speak blessings and prosperity over your marriage)

God is always available to bless and prosper a marriage that He has ordained. Our part is to open our hearts and pray in faith continually for his guidance so that we can see the manifestation of these blessings over our marriage.

So, with this in mind, open your heart to your Father in heaven, and let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

We humble ourselves before You, acknowledging the sacred covenant of marriage You designed. We thank You for the oneness and unity that marriage brings, for when a man leaves his Father and mother and cleaves to his wife, they become one flesh.

Lord, come and abide in our marriage because we know we can do nothing without You. Father, we refuse to lean on our own understanding and human wisdom, but we choose to trust You so that You make our paths straight.

May the joy of our marriage be a testimony of Your guidance and wisdom. Lord, teach us to have Your kind of love so that we are patient, never boastful, and rude towards each other.

Let us be kind to one another and do not keep any record of wrong done. Generous Father, lavish Your blessings of prosperity upon our marriage because we know You have a welfare plan for us.

Let us not have the reproach of lack but rather the testimony of provision in our household. May our home be saturated with the fullness of your grace and the fruit of the Spirit.

Grant us the strength to face the trials of life, knowing that we can overcome them through You.

Lord, bless our fruits of the womb. Let us raise children who are full of health and love for You. We pray for wisdom in raising them in the Lord’s way so that they may never depart from it when they grow up.

We surrender everything that touches our marriage to You because we acknowledge that once You begin something, you always see it to completion.

Every day, we will declare that our lot is indeed of the Lord.

We pray all this in Jesus’ name.


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