A deep prayer for revival (A Holy Spirit prayer for revival and awakening)

Our spiritual lives need refreshment, and our minds as Christians need renewal everyday. When we pray to God to revive us and our community, revival happens.

So that we who already know God can go back to Him and those that don’t know Him can turn their lives to Him. Prepare your heart for what God will do, and let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

You tell us to seek Your kingdom first, and all the other wants in life will be added to us. We have come to seek You, not to petition our needs but to know You more.

To drink from You and get the eternal life You give. And to fellowship with You. Revive us, Oh Lord, so that we may rejoice in You.

That may we regain the joy of our salvation. Lord, You say that You are coming back for a spotless church. We want to be holy just as You are holy that we may qualify for heaven.

Holy Spirit, revive us so that we may win souls. We need an awakening in our community. Take control in this revival we pray for, that we may bring people to the knowledge of Christ.

That people will confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. You say that He who wins souls is wise, and we desire to win souls.

And it is Your will that none should perish but all should come to repentance.

We repent of where we have gone astray. Where, we have relied on our ourselves and not sought You. We want to go back to the love we had at first.

Where we would yearn and burn for things concerning Your kingdom. Where we would fast and pray without ceasing. We acknowledge that sin has separated us from You, Oh God, and now, we want to be free from sinful nature.

We cannot live holy by ourselves because it is not by might nor by power but by Your Spirit. Pour out Your Spirit on us, and we shall prophesy, and as we call upon Your name, Lord, we will be saved.

We thank You, Lord, for You, who has begun this good work in us will bring it to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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